Dear Truth seekers,



All untrained ET contactees face the dilemma of, "should I or shouldn't I present my proof to the world...!" and a few decades ago, one particular contactee, who was utterly genuine, though despised by skeptics, attempted to provide CLEAR DAYLIGHT FILM of ET craft, as he was telepathically communicating while filming, so he knew were the shots needed to be and pan the camera correctly..with his one good arm.


His contacts, the Plejaren, wanted him to go public and gave him clear photos, film shots of teleporting beamships, and beamships dancing around pine trees, parking on trees while levitating, audio tape recordings of ships, metal samples, ET personnel photos, evidence of laser gun punctures through various trees and bushes, metal samples taken to labs, a partial shot of a Lyran ET's arm, as she held a laser weapon (antique,) spiritual philosophies from the ETs and advanced earth humans, contact reports, evidence of attempts on his life by evil governments and religious fanatics, numerous interviews of his experiences, etc, etc...


AND STILL HE WAS ACCUSED OF FRAUD....and his family suffered much invasion of privacy and much ignorant abuse by the jealous and small-minded.


So currently, the GFL policy has been revised...the presentation of objective data to a low consciousness world is futile, as the establishment and ignorant members of the public WILL NEVER BELIEVE IT.


What will open people up is if they use HEART LOGIC and intuit truth themselves as they evolve to higher states of consciousness...They know a truth and seek evidence for themselves..

And they bring the reality into their lives with an open heart and clear thought process, devoid of objectivist or religious dogmas, but enhanced with higher mind intuition...


So ET policy has changed since the 1970s, at an experimental time when a concerted effort was made to glean and present objective evidence, which was nevertheless largely dismissed as fradulent, in spite of professional endorsements by individual scientists. The establishment will always suppress dissent. The same applies to airline pilots who see UFOs...They are told not to rock the boat, to keep quiet, or forefit their careers in aviation. Facts are often hated by the closed-minded and even objective proof is thrown back into the provider's face, if it challenges comfort zones.


ONLY EVOLUTION OF HUMAN CONSCIOUS WILL SUFFICE...not objective proof of ET reality...


In blessings of Love and Light, Drekx Omega

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  • Thankyou Ivy Ivy,

    Yes you are correct...and the time taken to prepare was allocated millennia ago, as one precessional half cycle of 13,000 years...from the start of the DNA limiter programmes in Atlantis during the Zep Tepi Neturu (the FIRST Time of the Gods.)

    We are now at the END TIME of the half cycle....and a return to the state of full consciousness....


    Your opinions are always most welcome on my blogs...thanks...

    Your friend, Drekx

  • Thanks for your 3 Farthings worth, Dan....Ahh yes, the old money system we once had in the UK, when money could buy a lot more...One Farthing being 1/4 of a Penny and also we had 20 Shillings in one Pound Stirling.


    Just to say, glad you understood what I meant and the objective evidence being gleaned is by multiple earth humans with cameras and videos...all around the world...But no hard evidence is being directly provided by ETs for ET contactees to make public...Data and information, yes, but not a single photo of ET personnel is being leased, nor a single metal sample, until after regime change and First Contact...something the Hatonn devotee, Steve Bercow, failed to appreciate....


    Uh, I do believe Hatonn is reputed to possess a sense of humour...?? Here's a vid for Hatonn fans:




  • Seems to me that all that's been said here is that a one on one visitation, showing or what-ever, is no longer the way and they are sticking to the (well stated in most channeled messages now) Main stream, mass and public showing, sooner than later.  It's obvious that an individual saying or stating that they have seen or been aboard an other world vehicle IS going to be put down my the governments and Main stream media.  Spiritual evolution IS growing in leaps and bounds and the PROOF is:  This country and the world as a whole is going through a deep recession, on the verge of financial depression.  No one can even attempt an argument with that.  At the same time, the crime rates are dropping.  In ALL times past when financial problems have hit the masses like now, the crime rate has gone up dramaticly. So...  Love, light, peace and so on, ARE winning and we ARE evolving spiritually and at a faster rate than any time in the past.  So, they're gonna show and sooner than later, but in or en mass, to guarantee no one misses it this time.  

    That's my 3 farthings worth of solidly held opinion.  (and a Farthing is 1/4 of a penny)     :-)


  • Hehe..!


    Ivy Ivy, this earth PC tech we have to use, eh..??  ;-)  I type too fast and never use a spellchecker...I really should, but then I'm more laid back than the Plejarens would be...

    Actually they have a specialist called "Zafenatpaneach" who fixes Meier's computing systems and is an expert in earth tech....he collects all kinds of current gadgets for reference purposes.

  • Dear sister Ivy Ivy,


    Yes, because the tem defines multiple star nations and currently includes this world, via Agartha, there is no one language to define it....Each star nations uses it's own...but they ALL accurately approximate to The Galactic Federation of Light.

    There are Confederations, lesser Federations, former Empires, Unions & Star Leagues within that umbrella term...

    If a channel describes it as a "confederation," then that would be a mistake, or possible false data...so always discernment... 

    When the words are pronounced with the supplementary symbols of deeper telepathic comms, the dominant word and signature to the meaning is the last; "LIGHT" is all pervasive in the communication of the meaning.


    Hope this explains...





  • Actually I use the term with respect for them...they are like Sirians and real experts at time travel and delve into earth history a lot...Wonderful people...our staunch allies within the Federation..
  • Thanks for your replies my friends I've been posting on the counter blog to this one, posted by Steve Beckow, so had to spend time away from here....

    OK Ivy Ivy, some good thoughts....and my personal view is that Meier is not infallible as some of his more devoted followers would have us believe....The Plejaren are experts at handling him though...

    The Plejaren Federation is part of the wider Federation and has allies across the galaxy and also in others, such as the Coma galaxy, as well as the parallel DAL universe...


    Ivy I do have to check on some of the things Meier says with my contacts and someties I find overlapse and other times misnomers..so things can also get lost in translation....I note that Meier has a team of translators (I have spoken to one of them) who have to translate and re-translate multiple times to get he jist right...

    The Plejaren are such perfectionists, especially Commander Quetzal...who has visited Kelly and also myself.


    Regards, Drekx

  • Hey sky, most people on this site believe you....you are one of us, friend...


    Love and Light, Drekx

  • 8113830463?profile=original

    As Stanton Freidman describes them, the "noisy negativists," and they know where they can take their

    analytical instruments...The sky says it all, my sentiments exactly....(thanks Drome for the pix.)  :-)

  • Dear Truthseekers,


    Currently and UNTIL AFTER FIRST CONTACT, no objective GFL evidence will be presented for scientific scrutiny and public consideration...Except video shots and photos taken by private individuals, of crafts in flight, etc...

    These video releases usefully aid in the raising of consciousness, even though rarely, if ever appearing in mainstream coverage, for reasons explained.


    You will note that unlike the renowned Meier, back in the 1970s, modern contactess, IN THE PUBLIC EYE, such as Sheldan Nidle, have not been given a role to present massive amounts of PROOFS before the world and scientific community..Sheldan has not been provided with metal samples for lab analysis, nor sound recordings of ships, nor close-ups of personnel on board ships, nor ships conducting teleport jumps and inter-dimensional jaunts, nor tree orbits, not photos of dinosaurs taken while time travelling, nor photos of laser beam weaponry effects on trees...


    Meier paid a HEAVY PRICE for these sacrifices of bringing this evidence to the world, as did his family in Swizerland, whom I have the greatest admiration for, as they have all suffered much invasion of privacy and death threats, over the years...Indeed, this data is popular and I personally am grateful that it has been gleaned, but at what a price in Mr Meier's life..?? So that primary Meier example is why the Plejaren Federation and GFL do not demand that other contactees go through similar trials and tribulations....As only a raised consciousness will allow true objectivity...and that is happening as I write.


    In Light, Drekx Omega



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