Why Is Spaceship Necessary?

Why Is Spaceship Necessary?

Of course UFOlogists are not, at least initially, telling us that ETs come here through witchcraft. They are telling us that they use advanced technology. Part of justification of this spaceships involves understanding this technology. Anecdotal evidences are not enough! So a sincere UFOlogist is expected to be interested with technological explanations of what looks like 'magic'. UFOlogy then is a new form of spirituality that embraces science and technology, not just 'magics'. However this original view is slowly removed and a purely 'magical' story is imposed! Things surreptitiously disappears in andromeda and reappears on earth fo reasons only gods know! Ironically, what this latter view undermines is the very UFO itself, their only objective evidence! If things happen by 'magics', UFOs are unnecessary! All a witch needs is perharps a broom!

Possible or impossible, we don't move from place to place by praying for God to whisk us like witches. We had to build our technology by studying science. The same will be the case in interstellar travel. Until we figure out the science by studies, theorizing and understanding, we will never make trips to stars! Neither will ETs do that! 

A key point in interstellar travel is overcoming the Eisteinian Barrier. So we must form a correct understanding of Einsteinian Barrier-such that it can be overcomed. We may then posit that once an entity has overcame this barrier, it moves just like an ordinary object, making a spaceship necessary. The process of overcoming the Einsteinian Barrier automatically cloaks a space-ship, as interaction with our light is what makes an object confined to Einsteinian Barrier. So it is not that 'ETs are Shy' or that there is a law that forbids ETs to deckoak, like some UFOlogists tells us! Rather cloaking is a necessary part of interstellar travel technology.

We must also form a correct understanding of quantum mechanics by adopting the most rational explanation: 'pilot wave model'. Remember that the most rational interpratation of Relativity allows for some overcomings of Einsteinian barrier. Thus only irrationalities and idiotic thinking amongst physicists that makes it appear like interstellar travel is impossible! Ironically, new age echoes only with nonsense from physics pulpits because they have, erroneously believed that when universe makes no sense, then 'everything is possible'. They don't care what the physicists are actually saying! They are talking of nonsense, and this reasonates with them! They are like flies who can only gather to a place when faeces are around, and not at any other time!

Quantum particles routinely overcomes Einsteinian barrier. In the case of 'pilot wave model', all we need is to figure out what in nature makes a tiny particle violets a 'law'. We realize there is no such a law! If we drop 'quantum magic' thinking, we know that if nothing forbids a single particle to do something, nothing can forbid an ensemble of similat particles from doing the same. All we need is synchronize that thing that is driving the single particle and make it drive a huge number of particles. Thus being rational help us to see a possibility which irrationality forbids!! Physicist are telling us 'by magics', it is impossible to move to stars. Thus magical thinking can also be used to form limited beliefs. It is not always the other way round!

A quantum wavicle, when it localizes, is a wave packet, which looks closely like a UFO. The quantum wave attains this shape when 'observed'. So if a spaceship is trying to use the quantum wayround Einsteinian Barrier, it must make sure that it is not observable throughout its journey, hence it gets cloaked. 'Observation' here is any interaction with light. So this huge UFO is able to overcome quantum decoherence by simply being a weakly interacting entity. It interacts weakly with electromagnetic field,  during its travel. In other words, the process that results in cloaking is the process that maintains the UFO in a state of Bose Einstein Condensate, enabling a macroscopic manifestation of quantum effects. So when not observed, the UFO wave behaves as if it is everywhere in the universe all at once! When observed, it collapses into a wave-packet, creating the farmiliar Ufo shape!

In pilot-wave model, wave-packets are not enough. There are classical objects that follows the waves. However they can move much faster than light. They move fast and they are stopped in places where the wave has highest amlitudes, obeying the so called Born's rule. In this case, an almost ordinary spaceraft will move to a place wherein the wave 'collapsed' into a UFO-like wave-packet. This space craft is just 'ordinary' in the sense that it uses fuel. The only difference is that it can turn its particles into a state of 'weakly interacting'. So this explains why a space-craft is necessary.

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  • Yes David Bohm gave us Bohmian Mechanics and implicate order. He also inspired Bell to help us test QM.

    Now pilot-wave model is handy unlike any other in theoretical physics, when it comes to explaining superluminal travel! In QM, we might observe a particle at time t0 to be at place x0. Then it returns to its state where its location is totaly uncertain. Latter, at t1, we may find it at x1, where x1 is anywhere in the universe! Pilot wave makes it clear that indead a point-like particle moved from x0 to x1, be it superluminarly. The Copenhagen interpretation makes it fussy and is lost in the 'something we don't know is doing who knows what' nonsense!

    However, macroscopically, large number of particles must move at synch from around x0 to x1. Pilot wave makes it clear that this is not random but follow some yet unknown physics. That is why it is called 'deterministic'. But this means that in a superfluid, particles dart back and forth with a tremendous spead, seemingly at random. So it is more like in a 'very hot' steam. To harness this property is closely similar to how we harness steam or fire to make engines or rockets. We synchronize all the motions to move in a single direction. Since they are superluminal, the resultant, macroscopic object will move superluminarly.
  • Well, I come from an Arts rather than Sciences background, in terms of fields of study and work, but if I recall rightly, the pilot-wave model is somewhat connected with David Bohm's propositions (I haven't read him since the early 1990s, but was interested in his metaphysical approach, what he called the Implicate Order - recorded in the light waves, and his view that quantum physics was overdetermined/deterministic in approach).

    The place I understand the ships, beings and other phenomena I see (and photograph), however, is in my soul, in my continuous love connection with that which is non-local in time and space, and superluminal (from the perspective of luminosity that can be measured technologically)...who can intersect with time and space however, and appear within visible and/or measurable spectra of light if so desired and focused upon, lightly and effortlessly...moment to moment...where moments are non-linear, yet cohere as an experience according to that which is focused upon....

    That at least is my personal experience...and from closely-connected higher dimensional beings and aspects of 'self', I've received information about how we exist and move/travel in superluminal states that translate into this 3-4D frame of reference as related to pilot-wave and standing wave 'formats', and others. :)
  • Relativist say the faster you move, the fatter you grow. As you move close to the speed of light, you grow so obese that the energy of the whole universe cannot get yoy even farther! They claim to have proven this magics with an experiment in particle accelerator. But when you close exermine, this experiment suffers the same idiocy as the other one! They accelerate particles using the electrostatic force and then deflect them orthogonally using a magnet. Then they watch how the particle accelerates and then use Newt's second law to infer their mass.

    But we must use Lorenz's Force Law to calculate the force diflecting the electron. This is:



    v=velocity of the elecron
    B=Magnetic field.

    The force diflects the electron in a direction perpendicular to its direction of motion, making it to move curvilinearly. To get the acelleration, (a) we must use Newt's second law:

    So putting ma into Lorentz's law, and rewritting it, we have:

    a=(q/m )vB

    So the mass sits always in the denominator of the charge! But this means that a relativist cannot use the acceleration to conclude that the mass is increasing since the same effect can be achieved by a reduce in charge. Again relativists are incompetrnt and they have not proven anything!

    As we saw, the faster the electron moves, the harder it is for the photons to catch up with it and knock it to move even faster. At the speed of light, the photons can never catch up at all, so the repelling charge cannot accelerate the electron any farther. So at this point, the electron now behaves like it has no charge since it is nolonger acted upon by the electrostatic force. So we can define 'effective charge' as the charge of a particle relative to the particle repelling it. Then as you can see, the effectve charge of sn electron reduces more and more, the faster it moves. Thus it is more reasonable to suspect that it is the charge in the numerator that is reducing rather than an icrease in the mass on the denominator.

    This simple argument demolishes Einstein's theory of relativity, together with Einsteinian barrier! It also espouses the dubious reasoning that mathematical physicists routinely use when interpreting equations. They pick one or two of the varisbles (or constants ) in the right hand side of an equation that has a junk of variables, and claims that this is the one affecting the left hand side, often in such a way as to 'prove' their theory!
  • I have considered a case where there is no usual, solid spaceship. Here we have only wave-packet or soliton. So the crew are waves that are not much seperate from the space-ship itself. But remember I am trying to use quantum wayround Einsteinian barrier in an attempt to creat a model that is easiest to understand . So I must distance myself from Copenhagen interpratation where in superluminal transfer of information is not clear. So I opt for a pilot-wave model, which is clearly superluminal. The decoherence that creates a soliton isnt enough to explain the truely superluminal 'collapse' as explained by pilot-wave model. The 'observation' on earth creats a soliton, and we behold the farmiliar UFO. So far nothing superluminal has happened. However, there is this classic object that loves places of high amplitudes, as in at the peak of solitons. This object is the one that moves superluminarly. One then immediately comes from say andromeda to our sky in a twinkle of an eye!

    So in this model, the soliton doesn't guarantee a space ship. It only increases its probability of being there.
  • To my understanding, spaceships, as in solid flying objects, are not 'needed' in states beyond physical...in higher dimensions they are simply coherently arranged frequencies...within the wind, within the wave, not separate from wind or wave....and when their frequency is slowed so as to appear visible to those in the 3-4D planes (decloaking), they appear as 'solid'....just as we appear to be solid beings interacting with a solid world...even though we and everything are simply energy and frequency holding specific arrangements in this particular range of frequency bands that give an appearance and sensory experience of solidity...

    Physics hasn't got to a stage of being able to measure or 'prove' multidimensionality beyond the 4th, but hypotheses of the 5th dimension (and beyond) have been in the consciousness field of humanity for over a century...and it's great to see some explorations of 5D possibility coming through that resonate (for me, at least)...such as the concept that both 4D and 5D solitons follow null geodesics, but 4D solitons are changeable while 5D solitons remain unchanged by wave interactions...which has deep implications, to do for instance with experiencing within transience or within non-changing states (unless desired)... and for understandings of spaceships... :)

    Everything is possible...we don't even have to think outside the box...just expand it infinitely from within... ;)
    If you are sailing in wind, then you can't move faster than the wind for straight foward reasons. To control your speed, you change the angle at which you tap the wind using your sail. Placing the sail perpendicular to the wind will tap the wind at maximum, causing the ship to move at the speed of the wind. If you put the sail parallel to the wind, the ship will not move at all. In general, if A is the angle between the sail and the wind direction, then:

    where v= the speed of the ship.
    and c=the speed of the wind.

    From Pythagoras theorem, we know that:


    So we have sinA=sqrt{1- (v/c)^2}.

    This is lorentz's factor.

    Next, now reason that for real particles, e.g. electrons in an accelerator, part of the energy that the photons imparts on the elecron will cause it to move, and then the one rushing past the electron will cause it to spin. So sinA will give the ratio between how fast the electron spins at rest and how fast it spins when moving. This will be 'time dilation' as the spinning is a 'clock' on its own. So the straight forward understanding shows just how conditional Einsteinian barrier is!

    Note that if the electron was to move at the speed of light, it won't spin at all as no photon will rush past it. (Compare electron with a wind turbine). If you see the electron spin as a 'passage of time', then 'time stops' at the speed of light. But you can now see clearly that such are idiotic explanations!!
  • Relativist tells you that he has proven Einsteinian Barrier inside a particle accelerator. But when you close exermine, you find that he accelerate particles using the electrostatic force. Then he explains to you that the electrostatic force is due to the very same photons. In other words to accelerate particles, we must chase them with photons and let the photons knock them. So is it wise to test Einsteinian barrier using electrostatic force? Is it a surprise that the pedals in a bicycle cannot move faster than the legs of the peddler?

    So there is nothing relativist have proven! They have only underscored their silliness!
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