Why are you here in this website?

I'm just observing all the different personalities in here and I thought Id ask the question .. why are you here? .. what brings you to this website ?

I am here because I like being in a Spiritual website where I can choose from a wide range of topics at my leisure, and to have the opportunity to make a blog post now and again, to make friends and to know that there are like minded people in here. I follow the guidelines set out by Ben Arion.

I'm pretty quiet, I don't contribute all that often, I occasionally do.. usually with a bit of light humor.. I enjoy being around other Spiritual people and I learn a lot.

I am here to connect with other star seeds.. people who express love.. people who are compassionate and wish to uplift others... I also love when I read something that is loaded with uplifting data and makes me feel good.

It is also great that people leave heartfelt comments and uplifting pictures on other peoples pages .. showing that even though nobody really knows anybody else, that they care about them just the same.

So, that's more or less why I am here..

why are you here in this website?

Love to you.


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  • Nicely said.

    As for me expierencing beautiful things, then yes ... I have done and I do...

    Have I expierenced pain? ... well.. without explaining in words what kind of pain and the amount of it I have expierenced, lets just say I could do without the crown of thorns thank you very much ....Lol .. but all of this, as I see it, both beauty and pain, runs far deeper than any of us can wrap our heads around amparo ...

    Did you know, some people are actually in training to become planets? ... sounds crazy, right?...

    Well anyway, thats just one facet of this incredibly deep eternal life.... and it appears to me that Its one soul at a time ... each one of us climbing the Ascension ladder ..those behind us and those before us, each one of us pulling the other up, just as we are being pulled up in turn and so on... with nobody being better or worse than another ...

    Its just that somewhere along the way, we wake up and realise that it has always been and always will be about Love ... the thing is, its not all sweetness and light.... Love is a tough task master.... its not all rainbows and warm hugs, beauty and enchanting tenderness... there are scabby wounds in everybodies hearts inflicted by Love that we may get aligned with our Christ Conciousnes, bruises that originate from putting ourselves through the gauntlet... scratches that gather over time but soothed and healed by the same Love that made them....

    Love boots us up the ass in order that we may wake up.... Love is strong and it toughens us up because we are that Love therefore we are strong ... and even though they have their place, there is no real room for flowery, romantic notions or Mills and Boon fantasies when it comes to standing in your own power ....

    Whenever you come accross vitriol in a website such as this for example, it is often nessesary at times to slam your hand down, that you stand your ground but offer a wise word, that you take no shit but still tiresely give unconditional Love to the other .... that is the way to navigate through a forum and though most souls are tender in there words, there are the exceptional few .... the obligitory flies in the ointment ... and so just like a Lioness will swipe out at her cubs, should they bite her paws more than they are welcome to, such is the nature of the Light Warrior.

    Loving others is easy when you are grounded, solid, in your own heart, allowing your higher self to do the driving and focused in the present moment continous... the glorious here and now ... to stand up in the world without any fear .... to know unconditional love for all... strangers included .. Lol ...

    Beautiful soul that you are....

    Love is strong ... thank you for showing your strenght ... I am grateful for your loving words, you are beautiful, wise, honest and a deeply knowledgeable soul ....stay as blessed as you are ...

    your brother and friend ...



  • Thank you amparo alvarez ... I do realize it and I appreciate your saying so ... I do however, like everyone from time to time, have off days as I am sure you do yourself and I would think even the wisest souls on the planet can have their down moments.... otherwise we would not be human and we do after all, live in this crazy world ... which has been referred to as extreme boot camp...

    I have of course had some shitty moments like everyone does ... hence my feeling to leave the website for reasons which are varied ... and of course I understand Bens position and I aggree and thanks but you dont need to remind me about allowing us to be ourselves ... as I am being myself and therefore however I express myself should be allowed aswell ...

    I am not one who is continually bright eyed and bushy tailed .. there is a bit of the warrior spirit in me and I do not have a thin skin by any means... remaining in peace and love is all very well and fine ... but I see your words here and no disrespect but I wonder how peacefull your are in your own life..... because try as we may, we all get our patience tested, that is all part of the Ascension process.... see how we cope out of our comfort zones..... such is life.

    I remember one member who was in another website who spoke about peace and love every day and how that person was so revered by the websites community, everyone looked up to her and wanted to be like her or at least, they loved how she expressed herself  .... then came the bombshell ... she openly admited how she needed help after a terrible fight she had with her Mother whereby it got physical and apparently was an ongoing occurence... so her private life outside of the website was anything but peacefull and all her advice to others about peace and harmony went out the window ....God love her, she got so much support but her energy had changed ... she was no longer the giver of deep spiritual advice but the seeker of personal healing and forgiveness and so that is how it goes until we all get our ass off the karmic wheel... ...

    so you never know with people ... because we are all, for the want of another way of putting it..  just words on a screen in here.. none of us really know whats going on in our private lives ... so no matter how clued in someone appears to be in this website through their words, they may be far from it on the outside...... either way, they must be allowed to be themselves ...

    I will always give people the benifit of the doubt but I also keep my shield by my side... and that is important because if I am going to be myself and wish to say something that may not aggree with another, I have to be prepared for the occasional arrow in my direction ...

    So, free to be myself.... I trust myself but trusting others takes skill because it is not wise to just trust anyone on face value, or any channel, any message etc... thats the beauty of a website like this... you learn not to cast your pearls before swine by doing exactly that, casting them before swine ...

    This is wing clippers united ... not a single soul passes through these coridors without a dressing down even if its the slightest, most minor one .. in order that each one of us learns from the other and all of us get to do an ego striptease....

    Anyway, I digress and all that ..... I understand your point ...

    thanks again ..

    Big hug to you sister, much love and all of that...

  • Luke,

    I have been an ACC member for about 10 months, like you I do not contribute often.  I joined the site after a Metaphysical workshop I felt I really wanted to attend, with an Australian Lightworker called Sandy Stevenson, (she has a site called 'Ascension', which I found a couple of years ago after reading one of her books), and after being 'awakened' by a fellow Indigo, which began my quest for knowledge.

    I feel I am one of the Ground Crew of Lord Ashtar, and I am one of the first waves of volunteers (almost 60 years of age) to ask to incarnate at this time (Dolores Cannon - Convoluted Universe - The Three Waves of Volunteers), so it was inevitable I would discover this site.

    I find that by using discernment, and being heart-led, I can 'filter' the messages, choosing only to give my attention to those that uplift, ignoring others, blocking some.  For me, discovering that there are others of my generation, in all parts of the world belonging to this site is very comforting, after many years of feeling 'alone', and not understanding why I felt so alien here. 

    We are privileged to be here at this time, however I really look forward to going 'home', as this will be my last 3D incarnation.  Enjoy the ride!

    With Love

  • I'm here because I am curious to know what others are thinking at this momentous moment in time/no time.
  • Because I'm so bored ......

    Joking !! It's so much more fun than any other square site !!

  • To connect with my dearest brothers and sisters of the Light.

    To bring knowledge of One to All at the time of Now.

    To create Unity from Duality.

    To experience Life without barriers.

    My deepest love and honoured thanks to All. 

  • Thanks again my friends..  its wonderful to see the diversity among us all, yet deep down we are all pretty much the same .. all searching for the same thing..  and we all come from the same tree .. 

    its also nice to see some new friends in here aswell, thanks all you guys for sharing.. 

    Love to you all .. always,

    and by the way, I hope 21st Dec is great for you all.. its only a day away... and whatever will be, will be..


  • Funny I would come across this today.. as I just recentlly joined an was looking around thinking to myself well why are you here? BOOM ~ I'm here to connect with like minded people ( star seeds ) who do work for the greater good..  I'm here to learn an to grow... to be of service if I can be, if that be to just bring a smile to someone, its enough for me. Blessings Light  An Love ~ Mystic 

  • Primarily to be with my Soulmate and was invited here by her...

    All is explained in my intro forum, when I first joined...."The Return of Omega."


  • to know WHY ?

This reply was deleted.

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