When the light go out across this country, it's over.

It seems every false flag event that takes place in the USA gun sales spike and the numbers are rising daily more and more family's are arming themselves..  

This may be intentional on there part.  Our ability to travel, ship, buy, sell, work, play, eat, communicate, basically live a normal life is tied to power.

If the power is shut down for sixty days.   Like domino's one scenario like getting gas, or food on a national scale will cascade.  Add the number of guns being bought is not a pretty picture should the power go out.  

A family with kids that need to eat when the store's are out of supplies and that family owns guns will use them in ways this country has never seen.  

We are to dependent on power,  --  not having a refrigerator or Walmart for sixty days will kill this country------- by our own hand.  

At this point i don't think there is a solution , more like what will you do.  ?  

Now with President Donald J Trump, this and many other opposition have been voiced to end his rule, and getting this great country back from the grasp of the New World Orders lock on this country's sovereignty, as world government are doing the same and pulling out, and waking up to the plot that has plegged this planet for thousands of years. 

Speaking for my own thoughts, I do see the change happening.  but seriously wondering when the other shoe may drop.  

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  • Hi all, have to agree with amparo, this thread creator is attempting to create drama where none exists.

    We could sit here all day and come up with what if scenarios, though that is all they are.

    Amparo knows we create our reality and many more are coming to realize this, that is not a good development for the ones trying to keep things as they have been.

    I'm with you amparo and many more are waking up to this and many more will continue to do so at an ever increasing rate.

    The easy control and manipulation of "reality" and the beings within it, is coming to a close.

    The mandela effect and all the people becoming aware of that is just a little clue.

    peace love light

  • amparo alvarez  fire alarm drill is not a drama it saves lives, i have no drama and intended none,  the drama you see is the drama in your head..     ignorance is not a sign of survival, a fire breaks out ,  are you a deer in the head lights or try and put it out.    or help others should you get the chance to help..   weather is not the only thing on this planet that will cause the power to go out.     guess your immunity will save you should the power go out..  good luck with that..   so you are against the first amendment too.  Sorry this is not a gated community of pure love you live in.  it is a real world.   If you didnt like it , why did you speak and send drama to my blog?

  • Please stop creating dramas!!! Don't you realize by now how powerful we all are? Everything you concentrate on you create, especially now at this point where the energies are so strong...I choose to create abundance, Peace and harmony, and to use my power to change the world to be a better place and I refuse to give any energy to drama creating doomsday.... NAMASTE TO ALL....LOVE IS THE ONLY WAY....Why would anyone choose drama, or the worst scenarios  over happiness and Love unless they do not believe in it, but prefer staying in the drama and negativity...?  If this is the case it would mean you don't believe in your own power as creators....we are creating our reality, so let us concentrate and visualize that which we wish for ourselves and for our children and their children....!!!!!

  • I now there has been an idea around to knock out the electric grid.  If this ever happens, it might only be out for a few days or only in part of the country. I agree that the time of year and where one lives is an important factor.  Each area would need to cope with this in their own ways. In my mind I see lots of people working together and many going around distributing food.  Diesel trucks work with any kind of oil...a supermarket here runs some of their trucks on old oil from the restaurants, they just filter it is all.  England even passed a law in one town that you can only buy 3 bottles of cooking oil at one time because people were using cooking oil in their diesel cars.

    I think the most important thing would be to stay calm and think clearly...then new ideas come to you..

  • cities are the worse places to live. i live in a large cities where crimes are being committed every day and not just guns but knives .. Mike Adams of Natural News has always stated to get out of the cities because they are a death trap i can see why because with the chem trials trees are look very dry and this could cause wild fires to break out and there is a lot of garbage in parks,side walks,forest areas etc.. broken class bottles one of the causes of wild fires its important not throw bottles in ditches,parks or near by forest . i remember i used to see people throwing lighted cigarettes and class bottles thrown out the windows of vehicles .Countries who depend on oil are facing food shortages and having to wait for hours in line .California's citizens made a lot of effort in curbing water uses so that farmers can grow their crops but the cost has been very high .Some countries such as China have bought large quantities of produce from this state and fresh water is shipped to other countries.We have to be aware of many kinds of problems such as pollution and GMO crops. Survival is perhaps more difficult than previous it was decades ago.

  • in some regions it would be an absolute 'disaster' ... especially in big cities ... Toronto has 2.86 million people, they will eventually abandon their homes and start to go outside to the land of the farmers ... for the food, water, roof and etc ... in some way i feel fortunate (who would even know) born in russia - not having electricity, water, heat was a normal commodity ... lol ... basically it's just like camping ... however i can see that the biggest challenge would be not having water ... our body can survive on minimum foods, but without water that could be a problem as it runs on electricity ... with this i don't know - maybe a 'gun' is not a bad thing ... but i don't have one, and don't know how to use one ... but i do have a sword ... ;) .... jee ... and i don't really want to think of using it either ...

  • Feather:  Well, I live in an apartment in Wisconsin and without electricity I think that I would FREEZE TO DEATH. 

  • Agreed, i can see you have really gave this some thought, and great idea's as well, for me it depends on were i am gps wise.   We have a RV at a seasonal camp ground up in southern Maine for the summer, and most there have or are pretty self efficient and help others in all things, and mature.    Here in SW Florida city of over 100 thousand and growing this is a problem if supply and demand become an issue and would in this scenario.  I am not against guns, but here it will make or break this city and like NY City OMG  it would be total destruction on a big scale...     

  • Guess I would cook a lot on the bar-b-que and get my food from the farmer.  Would be a good time to spend more time with the family and neighbors.  We could arrange so one person on the block goes to the farm to pick up the food each week.  I guess we could come up with lots of ideas of how we could do this easier together.  Lots of people in the world live with limited or no electric, I´ve lived in places with only an hour or two of electric each day,,,people go on holiday to places like this.  Of course, you are right...the guns in the mix are not the best idea.

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