What we are and how were connected!

What we call reality is simply the wavelength or wavelengths to which we are connected. Those who can only perceive possibility within the five senses will have a dramatically different reality to those that can perceive beyond and into the Great Infinity. One who can accept only the illusions of the five senses will believe that what they see is all there is; that we are born as some kind of random accident; and that we have anything from a few seconds or 100 years in some kind of chemically created "consciousness" before we cease to exist. Others may believe that after "death" they go to some other part of this five-sense reality, some eternal paradise or eternal hell. But those that can perceive beyond the five- sense prison, however, can see that we are all one infinite consciousness; that all energy is consciousness; and that therefore all that exists in whatever form is part of one unified whole, one infinite mind-spirit. We are all one; we are each other. While the five senses present us with the illusion of division and "empty" space between us, beyond the walls of this prison of perception is all consciousness and, by definition, all energy. There is no "empty" space, between us or anything else; it is energy vibrating to a frequency outside the range of the five senses. Those who have retained or regained their higher senses, their "psychic sensitivities" you might say, can feel this energy. We sense it as "atmosphere", good and bad "vibes", and as feeling, not thought. Those who have expanded beyond the five senses will begin to understand that divine infinity is an ocean of consciousness vibrating to different wavelengths and that we are a droplet within that ocean. Our droplet manifests itself as our own unique universe within the infinite. We can choose to disconnect from the infinite and become an isolated droplet and this is what happens when we accept the five-sense illusion. Our incarnate consciousness becomes so mesmerised by the illusions of the five senses that it disconnects from the ocean and lives within an infinitesimal fraction of its infinite potential. But we can choose to open our hearts and minds to reconnect with all that we are and then we realise that we not only a droplet in the infinite ocean, we are that ocean. You can pick up a droplet of water in your hand on the seashore and you can look at it in isolation. When we do so we are looking at a symbol, a profound symbol, of most people on planet earth today and for a long time "past". They are isolated, disconnected, and with no idea that the ocean exists never mind that they are part of it, indeed they are it. These are the people manipulated to believe in the five-sense reality and that alone. If you turn your hand and let the droplet fall back into the water, it is no longer part of the ocean, it is the ocean, for it is connected to every other droplet. That is our true state. We are infinity. We are all that exists, has existed, and ever will exist. When we break free of the five-sense prison, we begin to access greater and greater levels of infinity and our point of observation changes dramatically.

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