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  • I often wonder what my twin flame is doing .. how she spends her moments..I think she is on another planet actually .. or a craft .. thats how I see it.. and for some reason, I think I will reunite with her off world if you know what I mean .. as in not on Earth .. but I have to be here for the time being .. it kind of sucks in a way ..


  • Happiness is when you find that beautiful melodic blissful spot within. You can't help but smile. Happiness comes from inside me. I am a believer that there is nothing outside of myself that will ever generate true lasting happiness.
  • Are you happy Captin? .. have you found her yet?

  • Well I think happiness comes when we learn to enjoy the moment. When we learn to enjoy what we experience, whether it'd be talking a walk, going to the store, going on a trip, talking with people, going to work or's when we learn to enjoy the process, this I think will make us happy. It's how it works for me, at least lol


    I used to be the type of person who, no matter what I did, I never was enjoying it, and I never was happy. Even when I was in NYC, at time square, on a saturday night, partying with all my friends, I still didn't really enjoy it, because I was too much into my mind, and kind of analyzing everything, and viewing it mentally, instead of feeling it with my heart. If I had just stopped thinking, and was in the moment enjoying it, I would've been much happier. That's one example.


    Getting what you want doesn't make you happy. I remember being a basketball player and it was my goal to be the best on the team, and to win championships, and even when I became the best, and won consecutive championships, I wasn't happy. I was content, for a while...but not happy or fulfilled. Because I didn't enjoy the process, I didn't have fun, I didn't savor the moment, I was too serious, too mentally oriented.


    So I think enjoying the moment is a huge key to happiness. And it's not something that comes outside of you, it's something that comes within. Nothing out there can make you enjoy it, it's not the outside in, but inside out. With inside out, no matter what you do, it will be enjoyable. I think that's a huge key to happiness. Not everything, there is still the issue of love, and peace....but joy, to me, is the main key to happiness.

  • thanks for the opinions. ive found some more. Forgetting about yourself was one, that was interesting. the whole journey of becoming happy was one in itself. Once we've gotten what we want we get happy for a brief moment and then its gone, so then in always striving for something, or, just simply wanting nothing could bring happiness. what are your thoughts?
  • To realize that im in the right place at the right time, and so blessed to be!


    I also think it's that balance between letting go and knowing what to hold on to.

  • Thanks Semile!  

    I can definitely relate with your answer as well, a state of "Be-ing" pretty much says it all, and I do think it's a conscious choice as well, excellent answer :) <3
  • I think most importantly internal or inner happiness is important.

    But… if we feel other feelings we should observe why we are feeling that way, and experience them honestly, seek on a deeper level what can get us beyond those feelings.

    • To me, inner bliss is happiness
    • Seeing the truth being made reality in this world makes me happy
    • Healing on a deeper level and becoming more empathetic makes me happy
    • Discovering what my destiny is, and helping others see theirs makes me happy
    • Seeing people that I care about work together and get beyond their differences makes me happy
    • Forgiving the people who have wronged me makes me happy
    • Knowing true love makes me happy
    • Communing with amazing spirits makes me happy
    • Leaning all that I can makes me happy
    • Being thankful and saying thanks makes me happy
    • Being positive makes me happy

    So many more, I could go on, you get the point... :-) I hope this helps you!
  • Happiness....what a concept lol I think happiness is being in love. In love with life, in love with yourself, in love with other people. That's happiness.


    I think happiness is being at peace. At peace with life, at peace with yourself, at peace with others. That's happiness.


    I think happiness is being in joy. Enjoying life, enjoying yourself, enjoying other people. That too, is happiness.


    Happiness is made up of these three basic things, to me. Of course there are more things, but these are the basic ones. And happiness is something we find within. Happiness comes from within. We can look out there, anywhere, for happiness, like many do, but ultimately, we won't be happy unless we find our own happiness within. People can be in a paradise, with all the fame, fortune, and prestige in the world...and still be unhappy. Likewise, people can be living in squalor, and obscurity, with nothing....and still be happy. Happiness comes from finding our love, our peace, our joy..within us.

  • happiness is when I have a crazy fuzzy bee buzzing inside of me.
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