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We need 1000 people of the light, to meditate with us and join us on this evening to focus on ONLY "unmasking government officials"


For the awakened souls: We are off into another new year, keep in mind that the ascension process is now closer than ever, and it is now at this time and place where we must group as one to shed light on to the darker areas of the world, do not allow yourself to be dumbed down by governments, do not allow your mind to become fearful. This is a time where we must spread out our wings spreading out all light around the world with one goal in mind. To unmask government officials for whom they truly are...

We need 1000 people of the light, to meditate with us and join us on this evening to focus on ONLY "unmasking government officials"

Why 1000, it has been proven that 1000 people are needed to meditate on one specific task in order to create a change the more the better.

So please join us on this very special day of unmasking and put an end to it once and for all....


This event will be 1 hour from 6-7p.m. this sunday 30 januari 2011 Eastern time if you have crystals please lay them around you... 

Everyone please when meditating only concentrate on the topic discussed do not let yourself be distracted by concentrating on other topic...this is an event to unmask....


  • Pale Shade OfWhite Spider Web of Power: visualize everyone joined together and a web extending out from our main object or person, that is the focal point of the event. A single beam of light is imagined for each paticipant, and then pictured as extending out from the focal point to each person's forehead and onto the object. To end this method cease the visual and this will disconnect the participants from the focal point....
  • Pale Shade OfWhite To raise a sphere of power, place your hands in front of you, 6 inches apart palms facing, and begin to move back and forth very slowly. Sensing the pressure and warmth. Once your sphere has been established Pass a mental sigil onto it or project a thought form thereby giving the sphere its purpose. Mentally visualize the sphere entering the object that you wish to charge. To increase the energy use your concentration and imagination. See a glowing force of power, do not allow hands to touch, once accomplished put hands around object feeling their energy fields and projecting your visualzation onto it....

Please do the following exercises before the event date so that your chakras will become more opened than they currently are...


♥ starts in 2.15 hours♥

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Comment by Peaceful Warrior on January 31, 2011 at 1:52am
Thanks for this! I will join in the magical meditation to help remove the last remnants of fear and to unmask the tyrants in government.


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