We Are The ONE!

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  • Lovely, Hellen... in connection is where our hearts long to be and where we can unify intentions and start weilding the Power of Love to transform our world, from a Unified perspective. So be it... We are changing the World as we speak.
  • Thanks for the beautiful image and message from Louise Hay, Hellen. I've not read any of her books, but her work seems 100% positive to me.
  • Yeah, everything meaningful is happening within us... The thoughts and words we share are just an attempt to express what is happening within. It's the internal 'language' of energies, feelings, and connectedness that we truly long for. It is within that we are all 'connected'... if we pay close attention to our internal energies, it becomes very clear... we are not separate, we are One!

    Thanks for chiming in...
  • We are the Ones we were looking for all along.....!!!   ;-)

  • Thanks Richard... Nice to see you making a 'showing' of support... much appreciated, Bro.

    Blessings All Around...
  • I see... Oops, there it goes again... : )
  • Thank you Universe... for adding your verse to this 'purse'.
    By the way... which definition of "Bess" were you indicating there? There are many... : )

  • Thanks for the support, brother... and for that particular piece of spiritual music. : ) ...Hadn't heard that before.

  •                                          Thanks for sharing your uplifting message, Tally...


    ( ( ( OneLoveEvolution247 ) ) ) 

  • Thanks for the "like" Kelly : ) It's not showing up on the update list as usual for some reason...wonder why? Anyhow, have a beautiful evening...up in the northern lights country. : )
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"It is absolutely not rubbish that I am presenting here. Since research is already being done on such methods of uploading consciousness to a computer, it is foreseeable that it will also be implemented in the future. Is this supposed to be a website…"
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"Andromeda is coming

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"A version of a sucessful japanese song done in 1968 by the brazilian musical group Os Incriveis.

Os Incriveis - Kokorono-niji


And the original japanese song:

Kokorono-Niji (original)

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"and a Wham! back to the tribe ;) but she seems not very impressed in the video LOL
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"😎Cheers Ivy....🥂🍹🍸....Yup, enjoy the sun and chill out...!! ☀️"Wham..!""
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"☀️ Free drinks for the tribe🍸🥂

🏝 Blast from the past 😎

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                                       I tell you something, beloveds. When in Egypt, at the foot of the Sphinx of the desert, I was entrusted with the solemn mission of teaching humanity this science, I was also warned about all these scandals,…
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