WASHINGTON D.C. ALERT: New Moon for 11/13/23. A big D.C. surprise or accident is about to unfold with Conjunction of the Moon, Sun, and Mars (in Scorpio) forming an Opposition with Uranus (in Taurus).

The New Moon traditionally represents "new beginnings" from an astrology perspective. Unless a solar eclipse is taking place, many Renaissance era astrologers recommended the New Moon to be used for timing the start-up of events related to social gatherings of a temporary nature (such as house parties, meetings, conferences, and family reunions). Renaissance astrologers recommended that the New Moon NOT BE USED for timing the start-up of events related to social gatherings that are of a some-what permanent nature (such as a change in job, a start-up of a new company, or a marriage). Because of the recent exposure of national and international corruption taking place in Washington DC (with little mainstream media coverage to show for such corruption taking place), the Scorpio New Moon taking place in Washington DC (about one week from now) will be significant for what appears to be a major event that may resemble "an international accident or surprise" of some kind. As far as defining what type of accident or surprise may take place, I will be blunt .. THIS IS GOING TO BE A HARD CALL DUE TO THE TYPE OF HOUSING SYSTEM ONE SEEKS TO USE FOR THIS EVENT .. I stated in my book "Basic Principles of Horoscope Interpretation" that there is no best housing system (although I recommend the Equal Housing system for horoscopes taking place +/- 45 degrees latitude or greater). The problem is defining what type of accident or surprise that may take place since the type of housing system one selects changes meanings one wants to use for this New Moon event.

Chart One: Placidus (or Koch) Housing System


Placidus and Koch housing systems are two of the most popular non-equal housing systems used in astrology. These two housing systems feature the New Moon (and Mars) in the 2nd House, and these three points are forming an Opposition with Uranus in the 8th House. Because of the astrology involvement of the 2nd House ("current assets; savings accounts or credit card accounts") and the 8th House ("non-current assets; long-term finance activities" [such as pensions, mortgages, taxation, etc.]) there may be a news-worthy financial "accident" or "surprise" taking place in D.C. as 2023 closes out. This is especially true due to Mars Opposition Uranus being strong; strong Mars-Uranus aspects (such as Squares, Oppositions, and Conjunctions) are classic aspect placements for defining potential for an accident or a major surprise taking place on a mundane astrology basis. This financial "accident or surprise" making the news (in a big way) is strongly probable in lieu of the nervousness in the financial markets at this time with the saber rattling and conflicts going on in the Middle East.

Chart Two: Porphyry (or Campanus) Housing System


Porphyry and Campanus housing systems are also two non-equal housing systems used in astrology. These two housing systems are not used as much compared to the Placidus or Koch housing systems, but I have seen Porphyry and Campanus housing systems systems used on rare occasions. These two housing systems feature the New Moon (and Mars) in the 1st House, and these three points are forming an Opposition with Uranus in the 7th House. The astrology involvement of the 1st House ("competition in the environment; the physical health or appearance") and the 7th House ("one-on-one face-offs [physical or non-physical]; open legal debates or court hearings; open public debates or public conflicts") may indicate that an "accident or surprise" taking place in D.C. may be related to areas concerning the following: terrorism (since Uranus rules terrorism), military or police issues (since Mars rules these two areas AND is the natural ruler of the 1st House [and is placed in the 1st House]), areas involving "open legal or court hearings" (since these areas are ruled by the 7th House), and domestic or international relationship issues (since these two areas are also ruled by the 7th House).

SELECTION MADE: Porphyry (with important star placements below)


Highlighted in pink above, the international mainstream media (represented by Mercury in Sagittarius) is forming a very hard Square with Black Moon Lilith (in the 11th House). This represents possible international news reporting of a major conflict of some kind (represented by the Square aspect) concerning secret activities that may or may not be legal (represented by Black Moon Lilith). These areas certainly include terrorism, but with Mars in the 1st House and Uranus in the 7th House  there may be military or police activity going on that may be shocking and definitely news-worthy on an international basis (and with a major impact on Washington D.C.) The star definitions are as follows:

Mercury ("the mainstream media") Conjunction Star of Yed Posterior

Yed Posterior

Evil influence; the Man of Death; wasteful; unseen dangers; poisoning

3° Sag 31

3° Sag 50


Saturn/ Mars

ε (Epsilon) Ophiuchi
G9 (deep yellow) Mg.3.3

The Ascendant (As; "the environment of the event") Conjunction Star of Foramen

(Eta Carinæ)

Prosperity, leadership; divine teacher, creative power; peril, dignity, piety, usefulness, acquisitiveness; ear & eye trouble, indecision, shipwreck. Amazing variability of brightness, thought to be a supernova in 1843 (brighter than Sirius), yet vanished in 1900 (only to reappear in 1940).

22° Lib 09

22° Lib 28


Saturn/ Jupiter

η (Eta) Carinæ
LVB (blue) Mg.1.9 var.

The Midheaven (Mc; "the legacy of the event") Conjunction Star of Procyon

Procyon *
Behenian Star

Wealth, fame, good fortune; sharp mind, willpower, stubbornness; violence, sudden success then disaster, occult, politics, dissipation; death by drowning; love of dogs; dogbites

25° Can 47

26° Can 06

Very Fortunate

Mars/ Mercury

α (Alpha) Canis Minoris
F5 (yellow-white) Mg.0.38


With the New Moon taking place on 11/13/23, I am leaning towards news-worthy areas of terrorism or military/police activity possibly taking place in Washington D.C. (and in a big way). This appears to represent the "accident or surprise" taking place in Washington D.C. as 2023 closes out, and it may be of a significant nature. There is simply too much corruption (and avoidance of discussing such corruption) going on in Washington D.C. at this time. The mainstream media attempts to circumvent any discussion of this blatant corruption (a.k.a. "the elephant in the room") and this cannot continue. Something has to give with the mainstream media and the dishonest reporting of the news. And the response to this could be violent in nature, especially with an "accident or surprise" taking place in Washington D.C. as 2023 closes out. Pray for peace.


Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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