Visitations in my bedroom


Do you see it?

Please read for explanation.

I have had strange things happen especially at night time. Non visible beings. I've experienced their energetic presence which I feel most of all when I'm awake but my body is asleep. They've talked to me a little bit telepathicly, touched my shoulder, and I've felt the weight in my bed as if someone is laying next to me, but there is nobody there. I clearly feel the bed getting pressed down next to me. Sounds, vibrations, them moving around in my room, strobing lights outside my window etc. I don't see them with my physical eyes, but I've seen them through my eyelids. One night I felt the presence again but I couldn't see them. I thought that the light should reflect differently if there is someone there, so I took a picture in the screen off my computer while shining a flashlight to see if it would reflect something. This is what I got. Look carefully. You can see it. You can see the side of its face lit up (from my flashlight probably). This is cut out and magnified from an original image. The right side of the image is added the part where there being is and I've filled in the contours lightly. It looks like the one I've seen before in an out of body type of experience. Are these the grays?

I don't know why they've visited me. I don't know what they want, if they're just trying to help or what. I've had a scoop mark on my leg when I woke up one morning. Perfectly round, on my leg. It wasn't there when I went to sleep. I know though that I've been protected from negative entities who didn't like that I was getting some sorts of contact from a seemingly good entity who called me "my little friend".

It started one day with that I simply felt that there was someone in the room. I could also feel an odd cold feeling in the air against my skin, just at this one place in the room. In the rest of the room the temperature was normal. Lots of things have happened. Too much to write about in this one post.

I work a lot with creating sounds for people to expand their consciousness and I've felt like I'm meant to do that. I don't know if it could be related to this, or if it's just about my own evolution.

I started keeping notes because it is easy to forget details.

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  • SPACEMARCUS: welcome to the party. Get some crystals (especially moldavite, quartz, and amethyst) if you want further intensity from your new friends. Also check out responses from pets If you have pets.

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