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URGENT: Activist Jane Burgermeister Threatens Suicide on Her Blog Today; How We Might Help

ForOpEdNews: Rebecca Em Campbell - Writer
Saturday,July 31, 2010
Pleasescroll down to the paragraphs highlighted in yellow; this is not alarmistconspiracy theory-- it is a definite possibility, since Jane is being framed bythe Austrian government, which is threatening by fraudulent legal action ofcourt guardianship to have her confined, neutralized, and then possiblyeliminated. From my direct personal experience in my own birth family,people who threaten suicide--especially when under such extreme stress as Janenow is--often follow through with their threats unless there is anintervention--in this case politically, as well as psychologically.

Here is what I feel that we can do help:

1) Someone with contacts in Austria/Central Europe quickly needs to find community/crisishotlines/mental health centers in Vienna who can potentially help Jane in herimmediate personal emotional crisis; she has been working with We Are ChangeAustria in some of her recent news videos on YouTube, so that might be a placeto start. If you can find this, please let me or someone in the EFVNknow; Jane is clearly feeling totally isolated and desperate, and this isunderstandable in her present dire situation, with the court hearing that couldessentially take away her core-valued personal freedom coming up on Thursday,August 12, 2010. When you find them, please email these to Jane with anexpression of concern, or to someone else who will get these to her;

2) Someone with contacts in Austria/Central Europe quickly needs to find out the contact information forthe following corrupt officials of the Austrian/Viennese governments/ courtsand the corrupt Rothschild-funded Lainzer Hospital in the Vienna suburb ofHeitzing who are responsible for Jane's present dire situation and get back tous,so that we can begin a massive email/mail/fax/ phone campaign to expose andhumiliate these vicious creatures publicly at the international level. Asindicated by Jane in her blog, they are:

o Dr. Stephan Pflugbeil-Lainzer Hospital, Heitzing, Austria

o Magisters (Magistrates/ Judges)Michaela Lauer/Frederich Hutz/Hanness Winger-Vienna/ Heitzing/ Dobling,Austria;

o Magister Katja Wallenschewski- Vienna City/State Prosecutor for Corruption

oAdministrator of Lainz Hospital-Heitzing, Austria

o The Austrian Minister of Courts

o Key Members of the Austrian Parliament

o Werner Faynmann-Chancellor of Austria;

3) Some of us with writing skills need to publish op-ed pieces on widely circulated websites on theinternet on what is happening to Jane, as an example of how those of us who actdecisively and prominently in the public interest to expose the internationalbank-based corporate crime syndicate that presently controls most of thenational governments of the world are in imminent danger from thesegovernments. I myself am going to do this over this weekend; from my heart Ifeel that there but for the grace of God go I;

4) Jane also gave instructions on her blog yesterday, July 30, 2010,as to how you can senddonations for her legal defense;

5) Many of us need to send Jane messages of encouragement so that she knows she is supported. Whether ornot we know or can relate to her personally, she has been a courageoustruth-teller who has performed great service to humanity and deserves to besupported. Her email address is jmburgermeister@; her blog, where you canfind the whole story of this outrageous injustice to her and to us all is www.birdflu666. com;

6) You can participate in a free international activist conference call in early August to deal with thisand other emergent issues in community with others for better-conceived andcoordinated action, especially in the case of the internet being brought down.If interested, please contact me at rebeccaphb@yahoo. com;

7) Please pray for her; especially at this crucial time in planetary history, the human soul, reachinginto higher dimensions of frequency to our Creator can have -- if done in faithprefaced with right action --can wield incredible, unprecedented power.

Thank you in advance for your consideration --and willingness to swiftly act on behalf of one who has inthe past -- whether you know it or not --acted mightily on behalf of yours.

Very sincerely,

Rebecca Em Campbell

Seattle, Washington State-USA

____________ _________ _________ _________ _________

Austrian government attempts to frame Jane BurgermeisterJane Burgermeister-July 31, 2010-

The Austrian government's and Big Pharma's ludicrous agenda to frame Jane Burgermeister and get herjailed has now reached a new level.

Anyone who thought that judges and prosecutors in Austria are not capable of the most blatant mafiamethods to set up critics of the swine flu vaccination campaign for arrestneeds to think again.

The state prosecutor for corruption Mag Katja Wallenchewski sent me a letter yesterday as part of a blatantattempt to switch the criminal charges I filed on July 23 with documentedevidence of file manipulation and corruption of Austrian judges and replacethem with a completely different set of charges I never filed and which belongto a total stranger.

According to Wallenschewski's letter dated July 27th, the criminal charges of completestrangers, two people called Christine Cote and Heiner Lohmann, are listedunder my name and under my file number.

You have to read the small print on page 2 to find out that the letter informing me that the prosecutor'soffice has dropped the criminal charges against the Judge Michaela Laueractually refers to completely different criminal charges altogether - namely tothe charges of someone called Christine Cote filed on July 5th aswell as of a Heiner Lohmann filed on 15 July.

http://wakenews. net/Brief_ Seite_1.JPG

http://wakenews. net/Brief_ Seite_2.JPG

http://wakenews. net/JMBurgermeis terStaatsanwalt1 00730.pdf

So why am I getting the letter? What have their charges got to do with me and my file number?

It can be assumed that these criminal charges by total strangers are now filed under my name, while myown criminal charges have been switched over to their file or another file.

To send me a letter informing me that the criminal charges of totally unknown people have beendropped is, in itself, a serious error at best because a third party shouldnever be informed about the status of the charges filed by others.

Googling around, I found out that Christine Cote appears to have run an eccentric swine flu vaccine sitethat has also been critical of me. I tried to email her at Christine.cote@ yesterday but the emailbounced. No one answers a number listed under that name in Vienna or replies tomessages left on the answerphone.

My bet is that these criminal charges by Christine Cote and Heiner Lohmann against Judge MichaelaLauer are full of violent threats and hysteria and so will offer the perfectexcuse for the Austrian police to arrest me any time. Certainly, this pair of"swine flu activists" have never ever contacted me.

My own set of charges with the stamp of the prosecutor's office confirming I handed them in on July 23rdare very factual: every single allegation of corruption and file manipulationis well documented as anyone can read at this link:

http://wakenews. net/anzeige- jb.pdf

I also filed appeals in civil courts in Vienna on July 5th and July 9thdocumenting the evidence of systematic corruption by Judge Lauer in connectionwith the inheritance of my father and the court custody of my aunt as can beseen under the link:

http://wakenews. net/Appeal_ Father_1. pdf

http://wakenews. net/Appeal_ Father_2. pdf

http://wakenews. net/Appeal_ Father_3. pdf

http://wakenews. net/Appeal_ Father_4. pdf

http://wakenews. net/Appeal_ Father5.pdf

http://wakenews. net/html/ burgermeister- rekurs-dok_ .html

I am happy to send anyone pdf copies myself if the above links don't work.

The systematic corruption is so well documented by me, in fact, that the Austrian judges are obviouslygetting very worried and having to resort to this blatant frame up and maneuverto get me jailed or under custody.

As soon as a criminal charges with threats against a judge are put into my file, even if it is ablatant error by the prosecutor, the police can be sent to arrest me, and atliterally any moment.

I have not seen Christine Cote's and Heiner Lohmann's charges against Judge Lauer, but they probablyconfirm every cliché about conspiracy swine flu theorists as lunatics.

In fact, the claims I made from the beginning about the swine flu pandemic being hyped by thepharmaceutical companies have been substantiated by bodies such as the widelypublicized report by UK MP

Paul Flynn at the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly at the beginning of June -- 10396382, aswell as the prestigious British Medical Journal.

Deborah Cohen (BMJ features editor) and Philip Carter document in a June 3rd report howscientists who convinced the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare swine aglobal pandemic level 6 emergency have close financial ties to the drugcompanies that profited from the sale of those vaccines .

http://www.bmj. com/cgi/content/ full/340/ jun03_4/c2912

Even the corporate mainstream media that played an instrumental role in hyping the virus hasprinted reports saying that the pandemic was exaggerated. Der Spiegel publisheda report called the"Chronology of a hysteria" in March 2010. de/spiegel/ print/d-69407395 .html

Der Spiegel also reported on the Bilderberg meeting in Spain in June 2010. de/politik/ ausland/0, 1518,698844, 00.html

Far from being a crazy conspiracy theorist, I have thoroughly documented the claims I have made thanksto my background as a science journalist who has been working for years forpublications such as Nature:

http://www.nature. com/climate/ 2007/0708/ full/climate. 2007.35.html

http://www.nature. com/bioent/ bioenews/ 122004/full/ bioent841. html

http://www.nature. com/bioent/ 2004/040901/ full/bioent827. html

http://www.nature. com/bioent/ bioenews/ 102004/full/ bioent833. html

the British Medical Journal. See, for example,

http://www.ncbi. pmc/articles/ PMC214077/

http://www.ncbi. pmc/articles/ PMC214066/

http://www.ncbi. pmc/articles/ PMC1125282/

http://www.ncbi. pmc/articles/ PMC261767/


http://www.reutersh en/index. html

The Scientist

http://www.the- scientist. com/search/ search_results. jsp?cx=003264466 409666250718%3Aqrpes37jcpu&cof=FORID%3A11&q=jane+burgermeister&sa=Search&siteurl=www. the-scientist. com%2F#926

As well as the Guardian, the European Voice and American Prospect and many other publications.

But before the next mass vaccination campaigns or pandemics are launched, effective investigativejournalists who document the corruption of WHO and national governments have tobe removed and the internet censured.

They have to be framed by an elaborate process involving judges and state prosecutors interacting with"swine flu" activists."

Ever since I filed charges against Baxter at the beginning of April 2008, presenting evidence that thecontamination of 72 kilos of seasonal flu with the bird flu virus supplied byWHO had been deliberate, given the fact the laboratories have to follow strict biosafetylevel 3 regulations,

I have been hounded by the government.

I have also been ridiculed by much of the corporate mainstream Austrian media. But then again, everyjournalist in Austria working for Austrian media still needs a governmentlicense!

The same media were largely silent about the Baxter incident and also about that the fact theVienna state prosecutor had ordered an investigation into Baxter'scontamination of the vaccine material, although the charges were dropped inSeptember 2009 just in time for Baxter to get its approval for its swine flujab.

I soon felt the wrath of the government after filing charges on the Baxter incident in April 2009. I hadto take legal action in May 2009 against the same Judge Lauer at the court inHietzing for the way she tried to smear me and exclude me from the courtguardianship of my father, who ended up dying on October 23, 2009 in a hospitalin Hietzing in which the Rothschild family, through a foundation, still play anactive role .

I stated in my criminal charges Lauer might be working for the shadowy Bilderberg network and BigPharma and asked for an investigation. But the very same Mag Wallenschewski whois now trying to frame me as a crazy swine flu conspiracy theorist also playeda key role in stopping an investigation back then. I never even got to see thefiles.

More than one year later, the evidence is even stronger that Judge Lauer is under orders from higher upswho work for Big Pharma and the Bilderberg network in Austria -- and that theorders are coming in from high up to do everything to strip me of my assets andmy civil liberties and bend every law to do it.

The Chancellor Werner Faynmann went to the 2008 Bilderberg meeting of the world's shadowy elite.

The banking family Rothschilds considered by many to be at the core of the Bildeberg grouptogether with the Rockefellers -- are even active in the hospital in Hietzing(Krankenhaus Hietzing mit Neurologischem Zentrum Rosenhügel) where my aunt andDad had so many problems.

http://www.ots. at/presseaussend ung/OTS_20021024 _OTS0037/ wiener-kav- krankenhaus- wird-umbenannt

On another flank Johan Niklasson, the webmaster, has hijacked

www.theflucase. com website as well as the http://www.janeburgermeist website.

At the beginning of June. I moved back to my old birdflu666 blog because I realized Johan Niklasson wasworking to sabotage the site and my work.

At the end of June, just as Lauer was starting to try to get me under court custody on the grounds I ama conspiracy theorist, Niklasson posted a report advocating mindless violence,which conveniently got the website classified as a terrorist site.

He also blocked my log. I immediately had to put a disclaimer on my birdflu666 blog to make it clear thisreport had nothing to do with me.

We can see how the whole shadowy network pulls different strands together to implement a long term planto destroy an investigative journalist's work and even life.

But the Bilderberg minions must realize. I was born a free person and I will die a free person, and I willnever go under the court custody of Austrian judges, whose corruption has beenso well documented it borders on a black comedy. That is like surrendering tothe mafia.

I recognize I will highly likely never come out of any court custody aliveanyway, for what incentive is there for these people have for allowing me, awhistleblower documenting their crimes, to live?

I refuse to be held as a prisoner or slave by the minions of the Bilderberginternational corporate crime syndicate, which has its tentacles so deep intogovernments in the EU and USA that they ordered 100s of millions ofinadequately tested and toxic jabs for their populations for a mild virus, andwho have crashed the entire economy for the profits of the banks.

It is clearly better to commit suicide than to be murdered or abused after an illegalcourt guardianship process or arrest. I have no fear of death. My conscience isclear. I will not spend one minute alive under the court custody.

I was born of an Irish mother who was fearless as her own parents were fearless, and I owe themnothing less than that I too stand fearlessly against the ludicrous frame up ofthe Bilderberg and Big Pharma minions in Austria and, if necessary, to diefearlessly.

I remember my mother telling me how the IRA shot bullets at the feet of my grandparents when theywalked down the main street of Sligo, Ireland, after getting engaged and howthey never flinched but kept on walking arm in arm without even looking at thepeople who could have killed them any moment. My grandmother, an O Hara,supported the IRA while my grandfather, McGoldrick, was an Irish army officerwho supported the partition of Ireland. The IRA did not like it that mygrandmother got engaged to him.

So God give me strength; I too will never flinch as my grandparents never flinched.

Jane's blog:



Marsha McClelland Jane Burgermeister needs our help & she needs it right now. She threatened to commit suicide August 1st as you can seehere>>>

She goes to court tomorrow so time is short. She helped save us & ourchildren by risking her all... to warn us of probable vaccine harm so now it'sour turn to help her. Let's make some ((((BIG)))) waves on her behalf.

Contact Amnesty International & tell them to help her>>>

Contact your media & officials in your country. We need to "ALL"raise awareness on this because we are all in the same boat. It was the entireplanet Jane tried to save. American contacts will be in the comment section.

Contact especially Austria media & officials where this is allhappening>>>

You may be able to find better contacts than I did for Austria so pleaseforward this everywhere & add what you find.

Call & email the highest court & speak out for Jane @ thislink>>>

"The Constitutional Court of Austria"

No matter what country you're from, do this. Don't speak German? Speak your ownlanguage & they'll recognize Jane's name>>>

Tel +43 (1) 531 22 - 0

Send an email too. It needs to be in German so here's a great & very easytranslation tool for you to use>>>

Send to>>>

Verfassungsgerichtshof Österreich

Petitions don't hold up in court but they do give us voice. They were askingfor 1000 signatures to help Jane & surpassed that but the more the better.Let them know we are many behind Jane>>>

See more

OpEdNews - Article: URGENT: Activist Jane Burgermeister Threatens Suicide on Her Blog Today; How We.

Courageous Austrian-Irish journalist Jane Burgermeister, who broke the stories of the WHO's genocidal false flag H1N1 flupandemic and the Polish government's false flag airplane 'accident' is now ingrave danger of being deprived of her liberty and life by thecorporat...e-controlled Austrian governme...

See more

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Marsha McClelland

President Obama & elected official contact;


You can also call or write to the President:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Please include your e-mail address

Phone Numbers
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461

Comments: 202-456-6213
Visitors Office: 202-456-2121


It only takes a few minutes to send to contact pages. Here's ABC', CNN &NBC so don't neglect these.

Don't neglect any of the media contacts even if you can't stand them.

All we need is one Howard Beale to break rank & more in media will follow.After all, they have families to worry about, too.

"We're mad as "HELL" & we're nott gonna take itanymore"

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  • NO! Jane. Don't go away. Don't leave us. If you commit suicide, you are giving more energy to the darkside because this is what they want to see. Don't get to this decision so rashly. Don't let the darkside control or brainwash you. Apart from you, who else can defend us? Please think of us, you are not alone, you have many friends throughout the world more than what you see in prison.

    Please don't give up. We still need you as before. We trust you more than our government. They are the worst filthy pathetic prisoner. Sadly the innocent ones had to take their place.

    Remember Jane, we all love you always, we will follow you to whatever ends. Brutality and torture must end now!
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