URANIAN ASTROLOGY ANALYSIS: 08/27/23 shooting in Detroit at 4:04 am. Detective work from a Uranian Astrology Perspective. THE CASE IS STILL UNSOLVED; MY ASTROLOGY TAKE ON WHAT HAPPENED.

This blog will focus on a recent unsolved shooting event in Detroit. This event appears to be a drug deal gone wrong, or a disagreement related to narcotics or poison (i.e. chemicals used in making illegal drugs) in the environment at the time of the shooting ... (CBS DETROIT) - The Detroit Police Department is investigating after four people were injured and one was killed in a shooting Sunday outside a motorcycle club. The shooting happened at about 4:04 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 27, in the area of Cloverdale and Grand River. Police say the shooting outside the motorcycle club stemmed from an argument.

The Ascendant (As) - "the environment of the event" = "dishonesty or confusion regarding narcotics or poisonous chemicals"


Below are my notes. I like using the Seven-Minute orb rule with the Ascendant or Midheaven since these two points move fast at 15 hexidecimal minutes for each minute of standard clock time. Thus, any midpoint or regular horoscope point within seven minutes of the Midheaven (Mc) or Ascendant (As) must be given consideration for equality with the Mc or As in terms of making a planetary picture statement.


The close symmetric proximity of Neptune/Admetos and Sun/Neptune (with Saturn/Neptune) applying to the  Ascendant defines "something dishonest concerning narcotics or poisons going on in the environment."

The Midheaven (Mc) - "the legacy of the event" = "the high level criminal or some sort of high level criminal involvement"


Drawn in green below, Hades/Kronos ("the kernel formula for the high level criminal") is seven minutes away from the Midheaven (Mc, in yellow below). This seems to describe that "the legacy of this event will concern high level criminal activity." But wait: if we look for symmetry of Neptune/Admetos Conjunction Ascendant "drugs in the environment" with the Midheaven (and Hades/Kronos), we get another midpoint combination. This time it's a combination of the midpoints of Sun/Zeus ("the leader of the group") and Saturn/Zeus ("anxiety; to cause anxiety"). These midpoint combinations form a strong symmetry with the Midheaven, and define "the legacy of this event will concern high level criminal activity in regards to drugs or poisons in the environment, along with some issues over honesty (or dishonesty) going on and with anxiety present in the environment from a leader of a gang."


The Moon - "the hour of the event" = "firearms involvement (or 'a community involved with firearms')"


My notes are below. Mars/Zeus rules "firearms," and is two minutes away from exact conjunction with the Moon. I like to use a Three Minute orb rule with all non-midpoints on the Uranian astrology 90 degree dial (except the Mc and As, which get a more liberal Seven Minute rule). The Moon is known in mundane astrology as "the public, a neighborhood, a community, one's home, women, customers, employees, and the hour of the event." This shooting event took place outside a motorcycle club, and thus may represent "a community armed with firearms." But I like "the hour of the event," because we got an accurate time of 4:04 am. Along with a 99% accurate Conjunction of the Moon with Mars/Zeus. 


This yellow highlight description above can be defined as "an armed community demanding to know the truth encountered death or separation from others," as well as "death taking place at this hour due to actions seeking the truth."

The Sun (non-Uranian 12 Houses horoscope chart) - "the day of the event"


The Sun Opposition Saturn (drawn in pink above) is one minute from being exact. The midpoint of Sun/Saturn is defined as "a sad day" in most Uranian Astrology texts, and that really described this event for this shooting event with one person getting killed. Also note that the Royal Star of Persia star of Fomalhaut is located at 4 degrees Pisces 11 minutes; this is within 1/2 of a degree of a Saturn Conjunction placement. Saturn rules restrictions, and below are what my notes say about Fomalhaut:

Fomalhaut *

A Royal Star. Archangel Gabriel, the Watcher of the South. Great & lasting honours; congenital birth defects, magic, fame, occult, faith, "Star of Alchemy and Sorcery," drug addiction, undesirable associates.


4° Pis 11'


Venus/ Mercury

α (Alpha) Piscis Austrini
A2 (white) Mg.1.16

The aspect of drug addiction is common with the Star of Fomalhaut, and narcotics are addicting. Thus, this is not a good time for narcotic drug deals (especially with undesirable associates) with Saturn ruling restrictions and forming a Conjunction with the Star of Fomalhaut (which rules drug addiction) while this Saturn Conjunction Star of Fomalhaut is forming an Opposition with the Sun ("the day of the event").


This appears to be a drug deal or a deal with certain poisonous chemicals (possibly used in the illegal drug trade) that went bad, and people got hurt and died as a result. The aspect of dishonesty (or proving dishonesty) was present, along with the presence of narcotics and/or poisons in the environment. There may have also been presence of high level illegal drug activity added with a motorcycle gang at a motorcycle clubhouse. The end result was that dishonesty may have been revealed or proven, and a gunfight emerged due to this revelation (along with heightened anxiety from a leader of a group or a gang leader). There is no honor among thieves.

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