I come to you today filled with love and admiration. What you have chosen to undertake and are succeeding at are remarkable. Each of you chose to come into earth to learn. To learn things that you could not experience elsewhere. You chose to learn the rawness of all the emotions and the repercussions of each one. You chose to learn the joys and the heartache of duality. You chose to learn in an environment far from home and under the guise of being disconnected from source. This is no small task and we are amazed at your progress and all that you will return home with. Each of you are learning valuable lessons and are experiencing such a range of emotions from bliss to the deepest sorrow. With this information you will return home wiser and knowledgeable in so many areas. It will be like the student returning home from college or from an extended time away with another culture. Your eyes will have been opened, your horizons broadened and every decision you make will be colored with what you have learned on earth. How could you let greed into your world, your planet when you have seen and experienced it on earth? Do you see how important all that you are experiencing is?

We want you to understand that as you progress through the journey of ascension, that none of you have ever been fully disconnected from source. You have always been connected, but is is that you chose to forget so that you could fully experience and learn from all life on earth has to offer. While some will ascend and return home, the majority of you have chosen to stay. It is you that will be the beacon of light and the guide posts for the rest of humanity to follow.

Ascension does not mean that one is done learning. It simply means that you have transcended duality and see the beauty in the process. As each of you move through the dimensions, there is still much learning that will take place as you merge more completely with your highest aspect. You can consider it as getting your college degree. It is learning, but from a higher perspective.

Many of you are excited and anxious as you sense the large changes taking place as wave after wave of life altering energy hits your planet. Some of you are anticipating changes on a massive scale. With this, we agree that the changes will be massive, but they will not occur in an instant. They will occur slowly so that each of you has time to adjust to the new frequencies. For this reason we have urged all of you to keep a journal of your progress, of the signs and synchronicity that you experience. Upon looking back you will see the changes you have made. For some this season will bring drastic life changes, for others it will be subtle changes in your thinking, your reactions, and how you view your place in the world. Many of you will experience an opening of your sensitivities. You will be able to feel, see, hear more of the world, the one you can see and the one you perceive. Keeping a journal of your progress will also help to make you aware of the changes and your perceptions. You will see a pattern emerge and you will be able to see if you are looking at the positive or negative aspects of this process. Your mind is a powerful tool and with a simple change in thought, your entire outlook will change. This realization put into action will help you to become the master you yearn to be.

As with all change, there will be those that will go into fear. This is a normal state of duality. We urge you not to follow suit. Ask yourself if what you are hearing causes your heart to close in fear or to open in expansion.Your reaction determines your vibration and in many ways is a test to see if you are ready to leave duality. Not all are, as there is still more learning that can take place. For those ready to move beyond the invaluable teachings offered by duality they will be tested to see if they can remain open hearted, fearless and guided by love in all things. This is an exciting time and we hope that you are able to bask in its glory.

With love and admiration,


Personal Conversation with Sananda:

Me: I noticed last week that I would have two trains of thought at exactly the same time. One positive, one negative, like joy and sorrow existing at the same time.

Sananda: Yes, this is happening to make you aware that in every moment you can choose how you view a situation, person, or thing. While you can not change these you can choose your reactions in all moments.

Me: What was interesting is that in one moment I chose to follow the sad verses the joy. Yet, the joy followed the path allowing me to opportunity to choose it once I was done experiencing the sad.

Sananda: There is value in both roads and learning that takes place. It is important to know that at any moment you can choose to experience a different line of thought.

Me: While writing the channeling mind kept returning to my daughter who just graduated high school. The last few months of high school were a whirlwind of tests, plans, obligations and excitement. So many emotions that a graduating senior goes through. Yet, it was all so fast that I’m not sure she’s completely process it all. It this what you meant by hoping we bask in the glory of this process?

Sananda: That is exactly what I meant. All that is happening seems to occur quickly yet achingly slow at the same time. Like your daughter, many will look back and realize that everything has changed but in many ways some things have stayed the same. It is this way with all transitions in life.

Me: I have seen where people believe that this transition will remove them from earth. This concern me as I worry that if that is not their reality they will experience depression and disillusionment.

Sananda: There will be some that will leave, but for most this is not the case as they have volunteered to help the rest of humanity and to experience life on earth from a higher perspective. For those seeking escape, they may feel deep sadness if their desire is not granted. We ask that they continue going within. When they have merged with their highest self they will no longer feel the need nor desire to leave. Merging with the highest aspect allows one o see that all is amazingly perfect in its lessons and growth.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me. Sending you and myself all the love we can handle. May you be blessed. <3



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  • I am reunited with my twin flame who is also a member of Ashtar Command. He knows just when I need him; he is there. We both struggle with depression and anxiety. When I am with him, the symptoms subside. We have had substance abuse issues. I know it doesn't sound like the perfect picture, but when we're together, it seems as if there aren't any problems. I never lost faith in my true love. I believe that Archangel Michael heard my prayers.

    We are together, and this time around, we are both at peace with each other.

    Thank you for allowing me to share what my twin flame and I have experienced

  • Even after so much trauma, I can't find enough fear to make myself move "anywhere" in life. Our nature, Infinity, therefore there is no such thing as "need" of anything at all from life, in reality.

    When fear is irradiated over our hearts, it leads to the illusory sensation of desire, making us move forward into whatever we're led to believe we're lacking. "Need" like illusory blockades of necessity, an obstruction between ourselves and our nature as Source.

    I can't even play the motherless child anymore, like many other characters, it falls apart too. Behind, always myself, the careless and lazy one. Not afraid of anything, with this plentifull peace, like a realization of wholeness. Whatever I'm about to do, it's like "Why?" and then... nothing.

    Damn, even they're irradiating me with fear on my dreams, but nothing!

    Creations about races from outside, controlling people's minds, visits from space ships on the skies, interaction with mysterious characters in this very reality. Nothing.

    And they keep bothering me with the same crap about awakening and the fight against the opposing forces of illuminati, reptilian race, wich are also space squids and robotic archons at the same time. And you know what... I don't care, I've so much light that everything falls apart, every truth inside this truth maker, known as creation, falls apart, it doesn't matter if it's driven by fear or love....

    It always comes back to the vision she sent me a while ago. About beheading me and then kissing me, but suddenly she was me, and I was alive, but I was her...

    From a higher perspective, Creation doesn't matter. And they try so hard to make me belive it does. And I tried so hard to make myself believe it does too, with the most crazy creations, and the most restrictive life experience. And yet, at the end, it doesn't matter.

    They promised me something amazing soon. But at this point I would rather become the eternal dream once again. Ceasing to exist might be an option too, but it's not possible, and that's maddening when you've been here for so long.
    Anyway, keep it up "sananda" Good job, by the way.

    It sucks to be back.

  • Hurtful people, starving for money and corruption, two broken children inside older bodies, incapable of love, which unfortunately happened to be my parents.

    A masquerade for devils and poor devils. Betrayal, jealousy, physical discrimination, abandonment, violence, mediocrity, perversion, fearful restrictions born from ignorance and religious beliefs, emotional pain, cheating on her cancerous wife with the sister, treacherous lawyers now homeless bastards, witchcraft for murder, curses and madness.

    Some people was subtlety killed, others not so much, again for the same reason. "Hey, why don't you do that? I think it's the correct decision" Next day he was found with a bullet between eye and eye. No investigation, no nothing.

    All of them, devoured by the same virulent disease. Out of nowhere, a black stain on their arm, then a hole, then the entire arm. Next, the entire body. A voice inside their dreams. It was the kid, so innocent and fragile. Still remember the look on their witch's face, when meeting the kid.

    Resolution. This was a fruitful learning experience, no kidding. I'm a mess, a 5 years old soul inside a 25 years old body, afraid of everything. That without counting my past lifes and the careless dna mixing between my ancestors. Being here for quite a while, feeling ancient already, but with so many different consciousness types. Some clean, some others not so much.

    Glad my ancestors did care so much about the next generations. My regards to them, I'll be seeing all you very soon, for your mistakes and fears.

    I discovered how much of a waste of Source a human being can be, and yet a higher part of me loves them anyway.

    Still, hope I get to leave soon. They gave me a tangible message with frequency of sound on the skies. ...17

    Miss my Sister so, so very much.

  • All right ,this is good and positive info whom I believe is JC and is my teacher along with the Holy Spirit, indeed !! Adonai

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