FLOWERS by Dr. Ram Sharma

The earth laughs in flowers

and flowers in your soul.

You all are wonderful souls .

All have the same divinity .


Love is the universal language of the world and the Cosmos. Love allows the light to shine bright and heal whoever is lucky enough to be in its path. Love radiates miles out in all directions and even travels across countries and outer realms. A thought of love could put a smile on someone’s face who is depressed and afraid. Love is the best medicine in the entire galaxy. When you experience a glimmer of unconditional love, no addiction will suffice.

Addictions occur when we are searching for immediate gratification to mask our pain. Initially the drug, alcohol, cigarette, food or other obsessions provide a relief from the madness of society. For instance, marijuana is a gateway to other narcotics. Marijuana gives some people bliss when first inhaled. However, after smoking for awhile, our body becomes immune to the marijuana and is unable to reach the original state of euphoria. The body is craving ecstasy and marijuana no longer satisfies the yearning, so people may try cocaine. Once again, the cocaine provides instant exhilaration and then mass amounts of the powder are unable to help the person achieve high spirits. As a result, people search for a mind altering drug that is even more powerful. This time, it may be heroin. When first taken heroin creates a feeling of rapture. Once injected, these opiates travel in our blood streams destroying neuronal pathways. People in this state of frenzy are incapable of making constructive decisions and live in a comatose condition barely participating in society. They are desiring a quick fix to stifle their agony and the body becomes resistant to all stimulants because they aren’t natural chemicals produced by our body.

We have natural drugs in our brain called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters release chemicals such as adrenaline or dopamine. It is the way cells communicate with each other to build strong neuronal pathways. When the natural chemicals are released, they fit easily into their adjacent cell through a synapse. The key from one cell fits into the lock of the neighboring cell. When a foreign stimulant enters the body, it attempts to fit into the cell’s lock because it is imitating the neurotransmitter. The lock allows part of the drug to enter the correct cell, however there is seepage into cells in other areas of the brain as well as organs in the body. These mind altering drugs live up to their name. They destroy our brain cells.

This sequence of events occurs with any addiction. Alcohol destroys the liver. Also, overeating starts at the liver. The liver dumps massive amounts of toxic food into the intestines which affects the entire digestive system. Cigarettes disturb the lungs. All the organs work together as one unit so when one organ is dysfunctional, all organs and cells are afflicted.

There is good news for people with addictions. A flicker of pure divine energy will set these people on a resplendent path to ecstasy. More important, this addiction will purify the cells in our anatomy with minimal adverse effects. Divine unconditional love allows toxins to come to the surface to be expunged, exterminated and transmuted.

In order for toxins to be removed, they must exit through orifices in our body. The external human orifices are the nose, mouth, ear, anus, urethra and eyes. As a result, flu like symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, ear infections and more will usually occur during the removal of poisons from our bodies. Emotional release may present itself through crying, screaming or other avenues of discharge. Screaming three times at the top of our lungs out to the ceiling or the sky is a great calming tool. This is considered quick surgery. Once people give themselves permission to release toxins, they will be forever gone.

Love is the answer. Say the mantra “I love myself unconditionally and I forgive myself completely” over and over. Listen to divine meditative music for relaxation and inner peace. Look at yourself nude in front of a mirror and touch each body part and tell it you love it. For instance, “I love you head”, “I love you neck.” If you have sexual inhibitions call the vagina a yoni and the penis a lingam or any new word you want for your private parts. It is important to give your sexual organs a new name if you are self conscious about these incredible body parts. Feel the love in your heart and watch your body respond joyfully to your beautiful touch and words of devotion. After all, if you don’t love your own body, how can you expect anybody else to treasure this divine vessel.

Every night before you go to sleep, write three things you accomplished during the day. Ignore any items that caused you discomfort or anguish. After writing, read the three achievements out loud with gratitude in your heart and a smile on your face. While sleeping, play meditative healing music from the higher realms. There are many choices on you tube. It is best to download these sacred vibrations and put the player on repeat so it penetrates your subconscious all night long.

The divine loves to dance, sing, laugh and have fun! Call the angels or your special divine friends to join you at work, cleaning the house or doing chores. These beings of light will dance and sing with you and your day will be filled with joy and laughter. Smiling is the best medicine! Look people in the eyes and flash them your biggest smile. It takes excessive energy to frown so you might as well conserve energy and smile.

The easiest way to forgive your enemies is to include these people in your gratitude prayers. Begin your daily gratitude prayers with this statement “I am grateful for all the blessings and abundance in my life. Thank you”…name all the divine beings you love and then add some of the humans who are triggering emotional disturbances within you. You will observe these people transforming due to your prayers of love. Or, if their soul chooses to remain unawakened, at least you will be able to handle any conflicts with grace and integrity.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) combines positive affirmations with tapping on meridians in the body. This releases blockages in the energy centers. Brad Yates on you tube demonstrates EFT with many topics to choose from including “Release Your Fears and Worries” and “Vibrant Health.”

It usually takes 21 days to reprogram a belief embedded in your subconscious so don’t expect results instantaneously although that could be possible with intensity, passion and perseverance. If you commit to these activities for 21 days, you will see results. Remember, unconditional love is the key that unlocks the treasures of the Universe. The treasures may be in the form of prosperity, relationships, health or anything you truly desire.

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