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Unconditional Love - Gabriella
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014 - Who Needs Light?
By Gabriella Brightlight

Unconditional Love

Today I want to talk about love; What does it mean? How does it feel?
How can we access it? Do we trade something of ourselves to get it?
What are we ready to do in the name of love?
From Wikipedia; "Unconditional love is known as affection without any
limitations. It can be also love without conditions." "...In conditional
love: love is 'earned' on the basis of conscious or unconscious
conditions being met by the lover, whereas in unconditional love, love
is "given freely" to the loved one "no matter what". Loving is primary.
Conditional love requires some kind of finite exchange, whereas
unconditional love is seen as infinite and measureless. "

Interesting definition. I did not learn unconditional love in my
childhood, either at school or with friends. Every situation I was in
was conditional. I was going into my teens with no understanding of
what love is all about. I completely shut down, to not feel anything
that could hurt me. It probably sounds familiar to you.

I remember clearly the feelings I had in my first loving relationship.
How can we forget the first love in our lives! It touched something I
never felt before. I felt alive for the first time. Something coming
from an external source made me feel alive. I was young and the
relationship was chaotic, but I felt passion, attraction, love from
someone else for the first time. I completely transformed from being
introverted and shy to an out-going, flamboyant character. I learned to
go outward instead of inward. What a trap that was.... I thought I was
being seen for the first time, but still felt empty.

In my outward life I was the cheerleader who brought the fun and friends
home with me for amazing diner parties. I was confident and always took
on new job opportunities even if I had to relocate far away and change
everything in my life. It was thrilling to me to always prove to myself
that I could achieve anything I wanted and overcome any fear. I was a
winner and ready to jump no matter what! I received promotion after
promotion and was making good money. I was strong, opinionated and
pretty. It was a very seductive composition. I attracted men in my
life with this "cocktail" of me.

I had created this "me" in my teens when I built myself up out of
nothing. When someone was looking at me with an intense burning desire,
I thought it was love. I confused physical attraction with love all
along. What a false idea. While this was going on, I felt very
disconnected, empty and continued to feel the childhood lack of love. I
was ambitious in my career, but settled for nothing in my love life. In
each love relationship, I traded who I thought I was to fill the void.
I was vulnerable to flattery and the seductive feeling that someone
wanted me. In exchange for so little, I was giving all of me.

18 months ago, everything I thought I had accomplished fell apart, but
in fact, everything was falling into place. It was very difficult and
confusing, all happening at once. I was such a mess, but what a
blessing! It was perfect and it shook every single part of me to the
core. I was ready to change my life but in a completely new way. It
was time to dive in and feel fulfilled for the first time, starting from
self-love then extending this love to others. In the process I learned
that love is not just about an intimate partner relationship. I have
learned the deep pleasure and fulfillment that comes with rich
friendships based in unconditional love.

To really look at all this, I had to take this on and look at every area
where I was not feeling comfortable, to understand and transcend it.
Sometimes I expressed, "Whew, not pretty. This is hard to look at. Not
too proud of this behaviour, but let's make sure we look at every
not-so-lovely part of this so I can leave it behind." I was seeing the
dark side of the puppet I had built to survive the jungle of lack I grew
up in. I had to see it clearly in order to leave it behind.

Once I accepted the puppet and the absolute necessity for creating her
in childhood, I saw that my emotional and psychological survival had
depended upon it. I could then congratulate myself for creating it, so
that I could have the chance to become the healthy, clear, authentic
adult I am now.

It was all perfect. I learned the lesson I came here to learn, which is
that true love belongs everywhere in my life. I am still learning since
I understood recently that there is no end to our growth and expansion.
We can always go deeper, learn more, and expand every day.
Unconditional love must live in my heart in every sphere of life.

To grasp what Unconditional love means I decided to start from the
beginning: the love between family members. I rewired the old childhood
feeling of lack and replaced it with loving and meaningful
relationships. By living with Kathryn for more than a year and raising
Noève together, we have created the dream family I wished for. It does
not matter if Kathryn and I are not related. We chose each other and
have a wonderful Mother-Daughter relationship that I didn't experience
before. They both love me no matter what and I love them no matter
what. For the first time, I know what a loving family means. I am
grateful for them both.

I have terrific coworkers and friends! The Healing for Ascension Team
is just pure love. Thank you for being there. Because of you, I now
know what it means to have unconditional loving friendships. We
extended this love on the group page and I am so proud to be part of
this. We have built group consciousness out of our loving
relationships. The unconditional love can be felt by everyone around
us. I am so grateful for all of you. Thank you for creating this Light
family with me, with us, with all.

Since I have discovered my spiritual identity and who my twin flame is,
I established strong contacts and relationships from the bottom of my
heart to the Higher Realms. I have been shown what a loving
relationship feels like. It is nothing like previous experiences with
love partners. At first, I thought I was experiencing a contact with my
twin flame. I was told that all along, but as I worked on myself the
truth came out. It was Father God on behalf of my twin flame, teaching
me unconditional love to help me learn. It was the most intense loving
relationship of my life. Thank you, Father God, for loving me
unconditionally. It helped me to restore and recover and be prepared
for what is next....

I will ask my twin flame to give a daily message to Kathryn to complete
this teaching about unconditional love. It will be posted before tomorrow.

With much love, Gabriella

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