"Know thyselves"He is 1 of the Lightmasters that taught us to resonate into the very best that we can be in our lifetime, our highest resonation of happiness. It is the cue for opening up our mind's eye into the information/imagery from higher realms, one of them the way we must envision(perceive) on how we should receive graces & abundances from those realms.It is about being 1 with the ascended masters, of Divine stewardship for this planet's ascencion as well as being a wayshower for the young souls incarnating in this epoch of Earth's history. Having able to draw from our previous experiences of messianic deeds, paving and showing the way for all the ascended spirits incarnating on this time of history, 144,000 of them or more, as well as the rest of the citizens of this planet who have a glimpse of the Cosmic Will & Wisdom.The Christed one told us of our multidimensionality, our connection to our different aspects/selves in different densities & realms of existence. We are they taking the trials and journey of physical tribulations in this lifetime, in this epoch of Earth's history. As my Spiritual master referred to, this is the closing of the human history paving the way for the anchoring of the Divine being, knowing & existence. Supreme Divine Will shall reign starting from these 'closing events' that we are about to see in the coming days/months/years. Divine Governance will commence all of these stewardship function that is to be bestowed upon the citizens of these planet who primarily came from other solar systems & galaxies, prominent of them are the 144,000 high spirits who are the messianic wayshowers that was refered to from old sages & scriptures.Our Higher collective consciousness are the masterminds, the subconscious that tells us beforehand of the coming trials & barriers that we had to overcome, as well as the way & the keys to surpassing them. In these processes that we acquire the algorithms, or the Way of spiritual Becoming that enables us to see the relationships (semantics) of things around us, ours to them & to the Divine Source, as close as we can get to Infinite Consciousness. Recognizing the relationships opens up the directions of our actions & flow of thinking to discern more, to open the path of manifesting and directing events to their orderly sequence & synchronicity. It is our journey to our lost knowledge, our lost Self, keeping us in touch with the rest of celestiality & our lost ability of instantaneous manifestation. The sequence of how they feeds information or enlightenment to us is our silver cord to them, a distinct pattern of wisdom that guides us on the course of our path returning to them, becoming, being them.These are a few of the basic rhythms of existence & what I refer to as trigger sequences for the receiving of the incoming frequency wave that will engulf these planet: The irrefutable way of interaction (protocol) of Creational energies, some of which are being utilized by the dark cabal for their hellish advantages & domination. Nonetheless, this is the way the other more harmonious realms of existence are interacting with the Godsource and its abundancy. It's already time for this planet to experience Divinity.ihzawây(Gorzanic for wishing a good day).
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