If the distressing news about the Covid vaccines doesn’t open the eyes of your target sleeper, perhaps the news we shared yesterday via Telegram from the Turkish mainstream media will convince them that the world is run by a psychotic, evil organized crime family set on destroying Humanity.

The video was on Telegram but I just found it on YouTube. Don’t expect it to last. Thank you to the translators and the team that uploaded this so more could watch. Hopefully it will find its way to Rumble, Bitchute, BrandNewTube, BrightEon etc. It’s that important. You will probably want to pause it a few times to read the text. Kudos to these newscasters who have been down the “conspiracy theorist” road for some time and are now seeing vindication. We will all be vindicated but it won’t bring a great deal of pleasure.

As we have been told, the Evergreen/Ever Given story is much, much bigger than a stuck ship in the Suez Canal with probable illicit cargo. The reasons for “delays” and secrecy might be more apparent to the impatient ones who still have not grasped the gravity of the situation.

We’ve heard for some time now that “Bill Gates” has been buying up property all over the world. We’ve also heard about the 5G technology and how dangerous and invasive it is. We’ve heard that the food supply is under attack and that famine will envelop the Earth. They said expect food prices to skyrocket—particularly meat. Q has told us “everything is connected”. We already know the Covid scamdemic was planned as well as vaccines. Are we getting a better idea of what it all means?

The politics, the riots, the shootings, the CNN talking points, the investigations of Trump’s finances… all distractions from the bigger picture. The satanists are planning to take us all out, but they will not succeed.

Back in September 2018 Q posted…


Past drops important to frame context.

These people need to ALL be ELIMINATED.

Those who know cannot sleep.


The Q team, military intelligence, the good factions working to free Humanity all know the truth. We have to work at it, but we have been given puzzle pieces from whistleblowers for a long time.

Phil Schneider told us there were multiple kinds of extraterrestrial races here working with the cabal’s negative military and doing unspeakable things to Humans in underground bases and he was assassinated; Bill Cooper told us they were going to pull off a false flag on September 11, 2001 and he was assassinated; others have told us about what goes on at Area 51 and the sort of technology the controllers have been toying with; trying to find a way to maintain control and cheat the system. Many who tried to warn us so we could prevent the carnage and the advancement of the New World Order agenda got fast-growing cancers or met with untimely or suspicious deaths—such as over one hundred holistic doctors in the past five years or so.

The video at this link brings back some of that intel so you can connect more dots. I recall when former SEAL Bill Wood/Brockbrader came forward long ago and spilled it to Kerry Cassidy. He wound up implicated in a sexual assault case, thrown in prison, and his wife Eva last I heard was completely severed from finances and help of any kind from anyone and destitute, living on the street with nowhere to go. I certainly hope someone was able to reach out to her and make sure she was safe.

This is a YouTube video so I suggest you watch ASAP as it could disappear. I addresses in part the “Great Awakening” and “the world is about to change” as well as “You’ll love how this movie ends.”


Project Looking Glass: From the Mouths of the Whistleblowers

How does the Q team know in advance what will happen? What have they told us? “You have more than you know; you and your families are safe; “the world is about to change”; “where we go one, we go all”.

The fact is, the extinction level event(s) coming mean their demise—the psychopaths’—not ours. Those of us who survive this war are going home. The ones who already left may be there already; a welcoming committee at “the gathering” as Yellow Rose for Texas has predicted. Have a look at this video.

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