After the big non-event of 12/21/12 I have been so confused and have been trying to pin down just what is going on. I am trying to figure out what is real and what isn’t.  I have decided that probably about 90% of channeling is fake. Maybe they feel they are not and believe what they are saying is from a higher dimensional being, but that was proved wrong on 12/22/12. Now we are hearing that the Earth did go into the 5th dimension and that the earth is being infused with energy that is changing us all. Personally I can see no evidence of this at all. Its still the same bad things happening that were happening before with no visible change for the better, looks like that to me anyway. I know the spirit world exists, I have seen it all my life. And I know that the spirit world does help us when we request it, I have also seen that. I know the Galactics exist. I have seen them, and all the videos to prove it. What I don’t know is, are they coming to help us clean up this world. Are the Illuminate really losing power? I see no evidence of it. Are we going into the Golden Age now or will I be to old when it happens to be able to participate. Is NESARA real? I find it hard to believe that it could work as we have been told it will. Not saying it isn't, just dont see how it could work.  These are some things I have been trying to understand and wonder what you all think about this?8108913279?profile=original
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  • These are hard times to get through. I believe there are still changes coming, but I have not tuned in to the channellers messages (after I did listen to Alexander Retrov making a prediction that a comet was hitting the Earth in Sept 2011 - and it didn't happen).   I'm glad I never listened to them as I saw their false predictions - come - and then go.


    This is a time to pray and to keep perfecting yourself. I am finding strength through prayer even though sometimes I feel I'm going mad in all this insanity that surrounds us. 


    Just do your best and reach out to your Creator and Jesus and ask for clarity. 

  • As I think about it realistically, I think I get now why it's taking so long. I mean it's a big job...huge in scope. Just getting rid of the Illuminati is a huge job...especially when they have the power.

    I mean how are you gonna pinpoint who each of these people are, and what their crime's a huge intelligence job, that probably needs each national intelligence agency to be on board and coordinated. You'd need special prosecutors and lawyers, for each level of make the files and make it clear what each person is guilty of. Then you'd need to present the evidence to a federal court....and have them give the okay to go ahead, and coordinate local and federal law enforcement to make the arrests. And that's for each country.

    Now once you get them...where are you gonna try them. There's all kinds of different levels...I suppose the big wigs would be tried at The the UN...and the subordinates would be tried by the federal government of each of their respective countries. You'd need good prosecutors in each country, the best do that. You'd need to find just judges to hear the case, and make a fair judgment. And..on top of it all...all of this has to be done, with the bribery and threats that would go along with it, and the evasion and stalling tactics....because you know these Illuminati wouldn't just sit around and have this happen without doing everything to avoid it.

    It really is a humongous job...that needs coordination from all levels of the system, from local, state, federal, and international institutions. And that's just for the arrests...nevermind the issue of, who will take the reigns in each country, and exactly what changes need to be made in each country, and how best to implement them...I mean that's an even bigger operation.

    It's ginormous, it makes you wonder if this is even gonna happen at all.

  • And I agree with that, I didn't mean will as in...forcing the issue. Well actually I did lol But I mean it in the sense of...working hard to make plans, and coordinate them, and make sure they're executed properly. I know it's a big operation, it's huge actually....I just don't know why it's taking so long.

    I seriously wish I was in charge of all this, I'd coordinate everything myself...I'd hire the investigators and lawyers, get in touch with local and federal law enforcement, judges and courts...find the right people ready and able to take the reigns, or find the right people to train them. Well realistically, it's too big a job for one person, I'd have to delegate responsibility to people in each country...which isn't a good thing lol If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself most of the time...but it's too big a job. I think I'd be a great leader though...just as long as everyone listens to me and follows orders lol Dictatorship does have it's advantages lol

  • Totally John.

    You can get around the physical aspect.

    You can however maximize your resources.

    we are still learning.

  • Well worldly work is's part of the whole. Ultimately there's gonna be physical work that needs to be done, and big decisions to make, that'll effect our physical world. You can't get around it, and the changes won't happen without it. Why is everyone so down on 3D, like it's some bad thing...this is the world we live in, and you can't just ignore it...or think that meditating is gonna fix all the problems.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm for meditating, and sending energy, and being a good energy transmitter....that's important. Ultimately though, that energy needs to be funneled up..or in..or something lol It needs to be channeled into the physical world, to motivate physical people to do physical things, to make physical changes. It's all's all connected, you can't say one thing is more important than the other.

  • John,

    you inow you've hit on something here with respect to will.

    consider the 3rd verse of the great invocation.

    From the centre where the Will of God is known
    Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
    The purpose which the Masters know and serve

    Why would purpose be guided by the little wills of men?

    This describes the softening of masculine energy. Being tempered with compassion. patience. wisdom.

    we are still using force of will. simply trying to hard to push an energy that can't be pushed. It needs to be encouraged. guided, directed. imagined.

    and it will work for you.

  • John, you have force of will that puts you in a a stronger position than you may realize.

    Because force of will is already making it go faster than it would have.

    force of will allows us the grace to to still exist as a civilization.

    The energy support that action.

    They  multiply compassionate will. 

    We just haven't learned how to get the best out of the energy yet.

    still treating it like 3d 

    where we want to do the work physically. 

    Instead of utilizing our true power.

    And until we start exploiting it, things will continue, appearance wise at least, as they are.

  • But when's that gonna happen, we've been hearing this for years now. And I've been told it could take another 5, 10, even 30 years, before any major changes start happening. That's too long...I don't think anyone wants to wait that long.

    It's such a shame really, I wish I was in more of a position, by sheer force of will, I'd make this thing go faster. Who are these Earth Allies, responsible for getting the Illuminati out of the picture...why is that taking so long, I don't get it. It doesn't help that we're told practically nothing...we don't know what's going on, we're left scratching our heads.

    All this talk about shock, and oh we have to go at baby steps to not shock people...who honestly would be in shock, who honestly would be afraid because these changes are happening. And people go through shocking life changing events everyday, when your son or daughter is brutally murdered, or your mom dies in a tragic accident, that's alot more shocking and life changing than this is gonna be. Alien disclosure, yea that might be a bit shocking....changes to the system, there's no way that should be so shocking, I don't know one person who isn't dissatisfied with how things are, and wishes things would change. I don't get it...seriously, who's in charge of all this, I'd like to have a talk with them.

  • Well,well, did anything happen?basically No and the reason is that we were lied to by the DC and there new allies the VISITORS. read my post today form the real 'Allies of Humanity. Things will happen but there not going to do it for us, we have to do it and were much better off for doing it for ourselves, then we are not in debt to them. W e don't need there free energy, we have our own when its released. The same with Trans portation and the new money system. These Visitors are just another group who want to enslave us, much like the DC but different. We wont be free from slavery until we come of age on our own. Then our true allies will come forth when we are equal to them in singlearity one world spiritual gov't called FON. Federation of Nations. The Golden age is upon us.Adonai

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