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Most people tell lies at least occasionally but the truth is just that and it does set you free. A commitment to honesty’s the best way to be.


Telling the truth is ultimately easier! Mostly people tell porky pies to avoid the consequences of their actions. However lies are like the rust that ruins old cars. It starts and spreads in secret behind a painted facade, and then it costs an enormous effort to get back to bare metal in order to begin again.


Each lie requires more lies to maintain the illusion. It can become hard to remember the delicate tissue of untruths that veil the reality you’re trying to disguise.  Then, when the lie is inevitably revealed, there’s a larger consequence than would have been present if the truth had been told from the outset.


Lies create loneliness. Trust is the foundation for relationships. It’s a thing of beauty that builds over time, yet can be destroyed in a moment. Once broken it takes time and effort to rebuild: if indeed it can be fixed at all.


Lies are bad for your self esteem. Even if you think you got away with it, you know you lied and you have to live with the ignominy. Mostly however lies are seen through, in which case your shame is painfully public.


Honesty is the practice of courage! Would you prefer to live like a lion or a mouse?


Lies will lose you learning opportunities. Mostly “the truth” is actually, merely, your perception of the truth. When you reveal your version of truth other people can and will challenge your version with theirs.  In this crucible a mutual influence can occur that evolves both parties’ perceptions.


It isn’t always easy to stand in front of the facts, but the outcome will be better every time. Honesty isn’t necessarily the easy road, but the intention to act honestly is always the high road.



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Comment by hunter on January 12, 2012 at 9:39pm

the truth is a long piece of its true i ate breakfast. but thats not true. i had coffee and porridge. but thats not true either because i had milk in my coffee and i didnt cook the porridge because i like it raw. how much information does the full truth require.?!?!?

 i say that a lie is the deliberate obscuration of the salient facts. its a political action designed to create power when said power is illegitemate/unbalanced/ unfair.

i think when a lie is exposed then then opportuntiy is to be firm fair and above all loving. restitution rather than punishment sits well with the eventual revelation of honesty.strife is the consequence of poor behaviour. lies equal two times poor action and thus two times strife

it isnt double standards when you can own up to your own failures as a person and a parent and continue to stay in an honest dialouge. that you have lied in the past and copped the strife is the experience we can share with our children.

and @netcae... thanks for the affirmation. i have been feeling a little lonely and pushed away  by this situation. i liked that you noticed im doing a good best effort


Comment by netcae on January 12, 2012 at 9:15pm

ohhh yer teens are a real challange !! mine tells little lies .... which drives me mad but !! its not serious, as she knows my views on lies, 

youre a good man, youre step daughter is very fortunate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Comment by hunter on January 12, 2012 at 9:11pm

i wrote this in the context of my teenage( almost 18) step daughter and her extreme dishonesty. she wants all the rights/service and lies to avoid responsabilities, then it seems convinces herself that her lie is the truth and that we are really mean for not beleiving her/confronting her. she doesnt like that i add to her mums power and she cant get away with stuff she would have been able too before when her mum was on her own and exhausted. my challenge is to stand clear from being offended by her meanness to me, and to stand clear from being too demonstrative in my defence of my beloved/ her mum.

she's a good person and i do love her very much ( though i didnt like her much over the past few days!!!!) i know she will ultimately avoid the madness and dysfunction that occurs when people refuse responsability ...blaming others for their situation...i just need to be more patient, less angry/scared. teenagers are so inspirational!!!!! ( and tiring :)) 

Comment by netcae on January 12, 2012 at 5:16pm

hmmmm, lol, just thinking now !!!!! my nose is growing !! ha ha, ive told the odd lie here and there,,,,,,, but i can honesty say the lies ive told wouldnt harm a soul so ........ lol

Comment by netcae on January 12, 2012 at 5:07pm

well i have a teenager daughter and i do not lie to her ever, she looks me in the eye and asks questions, which i answer with the truth of the matter as best i can explain, whether its a child or a fully grown adult like myself, lies hurt, everyone is sensative, but some cover it better than others, 

Comment by hunter on January 12, 2012 at 11:53am

another thing about lies i reckon is that all people know at a intuitive level when theyre lied too. yet the physical evidence is at odds with their inner awareness . thus a lie creates a psychological dissonance/confusion in the person lied to that hurts them. having said that white lies/ diplomacy/ uncertainty regarding the real inner truth is i feel acceptable dishonesty in the sence that its a genuine endeavour if misplaced endeavour to be kind/ good... and s*** does happen to those souls( like me ) who are becoming more courageous as distinct from being saintly already..enjoy

Comment by netcae on January 12, 2012 at 8:22am

i agree on this, i dont like lies ... they are pointless information, and lead to a world of uncertainty, i know most humans do lie !! but i dont ! and its not cause im a goodie goodie, its the fact that i know the undercurrent that goes on with them, they are not good for the mind of the person telling the lies and they loose sight of reality in the end, so all in all a negative vibe in all lies, whatever form they come in, if you have to lie ! then there is a problem, it should be sorted from the start, 

a perfect example was a good friend of mine smokes behind her husbands back ! why ! i do not know ..... but hey it takes all sorts to make this world tick, anyway, she visited me one day and dragged me away from my home to take the dog for a walk, as she wanted a cigarette behind her daughters back, in case she seen her and reported her back to her dad, friends hubby !!, anyway we walked and chatted and she smoked 2 cigarettes, which is entirely up to her....... my problem was when we got back to my home we had another coffee and then i said openely to her, in front of her daughter, who was sitting in the other room, "shall we go sit in garden and you can have a smoke", it wasnt loud and the daughter couldnt have heard me but as she was so anxious about this subject, she then chose to throw me a nasty face and say "shssssssss, my god .... she will hear you !!!!!!", this made me feel soooo sad, as the energy she through at me was not nice, this was my home she was in and i was part of her lie !!!!! and all of a sudden i was in the wrong.....

anyway this was about 2 years ago and this Dec 30th 2011, a friend of mine and myself, popped to see my sister who is of a some what lower vibration or differnt vibration to myself, if i say lower, she accuses me of looking down my nose at her !!!! anyway i was re telling this tale of a lie and how i felt about it and she then went and said i was a grass !!! meaning i drop people into trouble !! by saying the truth, this then triggered off anger within me as she was then siding with the lie !!!! this ended up in a heated row, as it always does with my sister as she never sees my point of view with anything to do with honesty and truth,

this outburst then lead to me and my friend having an argument the next day, as he could only see me getting angry, and he was then critisizing me on this,

so .............. when i read this blog, i felt happy that someone out there, felt this way about these gross horrid things called LIES

they lead to nothing but trouble, 

i was innocent in saying to my friend in the first place about absent mindely saying about goin out in garden to smoke, i dont live in a world of lies so why should i have been worrying about saying anything, i didnt go and tell her husband she smoked, this would have been bad !!!!! i would never ever do this to no one, its their life and  they can do what ever they want to, i was hurt by my friends attitude towards me, telling me to shssssss, in my own home !!!!!! cause i made an error that might blow her stupid pathetic LIE

LOL, anyway, this was all a couple of years ago and the row in dec 2011 with my sister, we are still not speaking as im sick of been branded as the baddie in things like this ...............i am sick of people not been able to see where im coming from in all this, it wasnt the lie she told as she wasnt actually lieing to me it was the fact i got told to more or less SHUT UP for nearly exposing the LIE,

BLOODY NORA !!!!!!!! all this cause of one lously silly little stupid lie,  lol, life is crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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