Do we want the Truth...? Are we able to handle it? I will tell you all some Information that i got... (sorry but i won't say from whom, but you can also be sure I'm not a Channeler, nor am I communicating with the dark side...I'm just a warrior... (but one of the good ones though :))

21 Dec 2012: Absolutely Nothing is going to happen!
On the contrary, a few interesting things might happen during 2010, just after this March and within the year. Those upcoming eventsthough, wont be of any great danger, at least not on the level thatpeople think.
According to the Mayan calendar, everything ends on 21st December 2012.But, alas, all these people who enjoy creating panic to the world, havemissed 2 important things:
1. The Mayans were predicting the end of the world every single year, and
2. According to the Mayan calendar, we have already passed 2013 and are now during
2014, as our calendar have missed 3 to 4 years.

Something else: Our extraterrestrial allies will never decide to show themselves, unless:
1. we are all absolutely really ready to accept them, thus none will panic,
2. if it's absolutely necessary to save the world, e.g from an attackof the dark side or from a nuclear destruction via a 3rd world war.

There are rules, rules that need to be followed, even by whom you callthe Galactic Federation of Light, who's true name is APOLLONIOSDIAGALAKSIAKOS STOLOS

Another FACT: Did you see the Nasa images during the last weeks, fromhuge objects around the sun? Now Nasa have removed those images andclaimed it a false alarm. Well, it was not a false alarm! These wereMotherships of the dark side, each of them as big as the Earth. Theywere stopped by the powers of the Light Beings before they managed tocome any closer. All I'm saying, is that the Earth, although it's aPrison Planet, is under the protection of higher Light Beings, thus notin any danger and never will be, no matter if it will be from ameteorite, an alien attack or a Human war. All that the Earth peopleshould be afraid of is nature itself, meaning earthquakes, tsunamis,floods etc.

Another example: October 14 2008, a huge mothership would appear. Itwas found out what they were planning via their channelings with aspecific channeler, and so it was discovered what needed to bediscovered and so stopped them in time, as always.
Please note that: the dark side has advanced technology, yes, (stillabout a million years older than technology of the Light Beings), butthey are very stupid!

Fear not Angel, just prepare yourself for the upcoming events, as you have a task.
And as you Earth people say: Make Love, not war... Making love, havingsex, increases the level of your frequency. It brings you closer to theLight. Each time you have an orgasm, you become purer and you comecloser to the Light. That is why the dark side, via the Illuminati,have created religions and have made this a Sin, so that people wouldkeep away from it via fear, and so drop the level of their energy.
The one we call 'Jesus Christ', (hope you all know who you arecalling like that...right...? if you are here... you must know, just try to wantwhat you might already have...:) , a great Pleiadian GrandMaster, have NEVER said anythingabout those things. He spoke of Love, Energy, Re-encarnation,Forgiveness, and of course: Aliens and life from outer space.

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  • Thanks all for the comments. Thanks Estrella :) no u did not made me feel uncomfortable :). I was just saying so that (maybe not you, nor the others, but who knows) people won't get me wrong.
    Anyway... i think, we should live our life that we have chosen to the max and try to make the best of it while being good to ourselves, the others and the Universe...
    They say we all are ONE, at least we should try to understand, to feel, and to act guided by our soul (which in fact should reach the total alignment also with our mind) :)
  • APOLLONIOS DIAGALAKSIAKOS STOLOS - for sure means what it means, but neither you nor I knows it this way. Why do you take it personally or asking me if I WOULD KNOW what it stands for... ? Do you believe i did... no! I was just saying what i was told also, no one asked me to, it was my decision do do so, but i see that many people are not capable to accept a fact...or idea, or call it whatever you want. You know... from someone take the best and leave the rest... True, it does not make sense of many people though...
    First. No one says the point is 2012. It was just a thing for those who believe that were the point. Second about the "prison", true what you say, i also came here on my free will... But try to read between the lines...
    I see it like this... for most of US it is a prison planet comparing what else we actually know from other ones... Prison as... the lack of ... lets say many things. But one can also think about it as... for eg. Prison Break. Drear Members, friends, and family... good or evil it doesn't matter... try to see the good in people and leave the rest... You know , its not all dark... even it has the black color...

    Thank you for your interest responding to my entry... but please if you agree or not, dont take it personally, and do not refer to myself while answering to this... cause i was not the one who said all this, i also chose what i feel is right or not, i just posti it for you to do the same, and keep it that way, cause i'm not saying here what I believe... and i wont anyway...
  • "Do we want the Truth...? Are we able to handle it?"
    Thanks for the info, but why are we to trust this stuff either...

    Im sorry but when i hear phrases like:"...the Galactic Federation of Light, who's true name is APOLLONIOS
    DIAGALAKSIAKOS STOLOS", just make me wanna laugh and raises my eyebrow...
    its Greek words, and mean:" Apollo's Intergalactic Fleet"...and why should they call it Apollo's,
    and not Jupiter's, or Hera'
    Personally, i think the emphasis that is given in names from humans or ET's is useless, and meaningless...
    Anyway...maybe some parts of this message is truth, but i dont trust it in all...

    Time will tell....take care.. :)
  • Dear Friend u r some how correct but not 100% correct dec.21,2012 our solar family enter into photon Band without any doubt (like solar eclipse and lunar eclipse it is an event every 25,000 yrs once) mother earth gradually entering into 5th dimension hence the people on the earth will get great changes and due to pole shift some natural calamity will be there(since 2009 march we are witness to Sri lankan civil war,Haiti earthquack etc.,) within the day will not happen anything destruction will be there up to 2012 from march 2009 ... if u need more information feel free to contact me (entire earth never end but certain percentage of destruction will be there without any doubt)
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