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Trickster DC is trying to Create Havoc on this Site, Cause us to Distrust Each Other, Demoralize us, Possibly Shut us Down

LOVE IS THE KEY............

Comment bNancy A 23 hours ago

Trickster cabal is trying to create havoc on this site, cause us to distrust each other, demoralize us, possibly shut us down. One example: using pop-ups to distract us while posting, or even just reading our messages.

Beware of pop-ups trying to engage your interest in any number of "urgent" topics, including even porn, as happened this week to a Friend, who didn't bite, but grew alarmed, was then asked for $300 to clean computer, sure it was! He switched out of Windows to a more secure operating system. Stay alert. This is happening. I vaguely recalled that it happened to me this past week, but closed immediately. Do the same. 

This is not about taking offense for being fired! THIS IS ABOUT GETTING THE JOB DONE FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF HUMANITY AND FOR GAIA!! This is afterall why we came here in the first place, like many of You already know! Detach/Distance Yourself from all the negative emotions, fear/doubt/worry etc. We are also not here to argue with You! This is not about me,You, them,their!! THIS ABOUT GETTING GOD'S WILL(PEACE/LOVE/UNITY etc.) DONE ON EARTH AND THROUGH-OUT CREATION!! Why do You think or feel that our intend is to separate You? This is a lie and not from us!! PLEASE STAY FOCUSED AND BALANCED IN YOUR HIGHER SELF!! There is no more time left to ridicule. Go within Your hearts and see and listen to the Truth! You seem to be missing what is right in front of You and now You choose to be rebellious for no apparent reason! Lastly, I also would like to add, Beloved Brother Master of Light(Clifford) is very well looked after and Infinitely much Loved, just like all of You are!! In All Humbleness/Humility and Respect, I ask You Beloved Brothers and Sisters, please open Your eyes and let's work together not against each-other/one another? We are waisting prescious time and together WE ARE MUCH STRONGER AGAINST EVIL, so Please let us do and be Gods will on Earth and through-out Creation?
I Love You All very much, Beloved Brothers and Sisters!!
Infinite Love, Light, Peace and Mega Hugs from my heart unto Yours!!

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on August 31, 2013 at 6:03am

The reason I posted this is that I to have been getting those nasty pop-ups. But its more than that, sense I have stopped going after the DC when they show up on this site, I have noticed that they have gotten stronger and much talk of not being a light worker any longer and the age old discussions of who Ashtar really is But as of yesterday somebody took down all of my subscribed e-mails from which I get my material to post. So I thought it was a glitch, I did see a notice that my Safari had been infiltrated but I paid no heed to it and today I have nothing left but non spiritual emails. So I went to the sites myself that I could remember and they to have nothing to post and some of them post 6 to12 blogs daily. That means its not only me they are after. Then I went to this site to ck to see if the normal blogs others are posting where there and they were not. So like me they have to search for new sources of blogs to post. So if ou put it all together, YES something is up and the DC , Archons and the Visitors are after this site if not to shut it down at least to change it to a more passive site like the run of the mill thats on the web. In the 3 yrs I have been on this site and posting I have not seen such a thing.. Something is up and its not good and if we don't face it and do something about it, they may just succeed. So please don't take this lightly. Its time to use our power of Love and Light and correct this!! Adonai

Comment by Marique on August 30, 2013 at 3:25pm

I agree with you Feather about both things that you is so easy to blame the big bad Cabal than it is to be accountable for our own actions and attitudes and how we treat one another.  Also I totally agree that peoples egos are tripping all over each other, especially lately.  Time for us to stay unified and treat each other with love, no matter what the ego and ideology differences are...sometimes this place turns into a three ring circus of wills, lol...

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