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 For those seeking answers in dreams, the most important aspect is to strive for the higher astral plane, rather than the lower...There are seven levels within each plane, including this one...As a rule, our thoughts within waking hours, our focus, will determine the levels of "presence" upon the astral journey, within the plane of glamours...Remember also that other people dream if their focus is resonant with your own, you may visit them, or they may visit you, upon the astral plane..Forms will constantly morph, so one fleeting moment (there is no time,) you may be seeing a friend at work, the next he/she morphs into a grand parent, remembered in childhood, next, that same person could morph into a person living up your street, in your neighbourhood, who is in resonance..

THOUGHT is a higher plane than emotion....That is why your thoughts matter, when determining your dreamscape journey..With practice, the discipline of controlled and accurate though forms can allow your dreams to be controlled, so that eventually, while dreaming, you will "awake" to being your waking self, while still asleep...Then, you will move within your dreamscape to levels preferred...As within your waking experiences...You will choose whom you meet and where...You will fly at will...You will visit masters...you will defeat dragons....But you need to train the mind to be both highly intuitive and highly logical, both....The higher and lower minds, must work together....We can compare these two aspects of mind with air and fire....And the emotions and physical selves, as water and earth..
BUT, as a rule, most get lost in their dreams and don't realise who they are and what they are doing, or supposed to be doing....

BETTER TO TRAIN THE MIND FIRST....Build the higher mind connection in mental substance, so that the higher mind can connect with the planes above manasic...
Then your answers will be pure. Your voyages under control. Your choices as to whom you meet, your own....
Build the antahkarana and enhance your astral experiences....One must meditate and serve, to build..One must raise consciousness, knowledge, wisdom, first, to benefit from dreams..

Antahkarana - Theosophy Wiki

As a rule, one drives a car, after receiving proper training. So many will not glean useful wisdoms, but crash the car, unless they learn properly. The same with dreams..

I know that some believe wisdom can be gleaned from the dream, from that journey upon the astral plane, when we dream....However, in truth, the Ascended Masters (on and off-world) warn us about it being a less than true guide, for discovering truth and wisdom....They call it the plane of illusion, of glamour, and of a distorted presentation of reality....

The way to find reality, truth and visions of truthful future events, is to probe the manasic plane, where the Masters themselves operate, when not visiting other dimensions...

Many times we dream of subjects that have been upon our minds, while awake...We may even think fleetingly upon such a matter and it will be propelled into the astral plane, while we sleep....That is why thoughts should be clear, while we are awake, lest the chaos upon the dreamscape be one of confusion, illogicality and sheer madness...The more focus and strength the awakened mind, the more control over a dream, when visiting the dreamscape...Thus we observe our dreams clearly, and the answers are there, already...
The way to glean truth is through a building of one's connection to higher spiritual planes, in mental substance...Thus, we bypass the plane of glamours...

The Tibetan himself has stated:

"I despair in making my meaning clear. How can one who is subject to the illusion of the senses, as are all human creatures, conceive of the state of consciousness of those who have freed themselves from the illusions of the astral plane, or realism the state of awareness of those forms of life which have not yet developed astral consciousness? It is the dual nature of the mind which causes this illusion. . . ." End quote from Master DK.

I'll assist comprehension for all readers with this link...


"The developed man, with an integrated personality, gradually brings the etheric body under control of mental energy, and his physical plane activity is not then so much implemented by instinct or desire, as by thought energy, dedicated to and expressing the nature of the man's plan." ( Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p. 699)

"The mind creates or formulates those thought-forms (or embodied energies) which express, upon the mental plane, the measure of the disciple's understanding of the Plan, and his ability to convey the embodied mental energy to the etheric body -- unimpeded by the emotional nature or by any upsurging desire." ( Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p. 698/9)" End quote Master DK, the Tibetan Master.

The Mental Body and Mind (Manas) (esoteric-philosophy.net)

Of course, not everyone is an esotericist, as many here are. Yet, many in the world are upon exactly the same evolution and some, of high light quotient (known or otherwise,) may be described as "genius." Such a person is able, through creative impulses and utilizing the law of attraction (intuitively,) to draw great answers to themselves...

Some may have a "eureka moment" while sitting in a bath.....Others, say for example, a skilled composer of music, may seek a new sensational piece and "hear the notes," while asleep....If he can awaken himself and rush to his piano, or other instrument, he may still remember those special notes and write them down...
On many instances, the first musician to do so, becomes the composer, officially, as there may be several rival composers around the world, dreaming of the exact same notes, for their new tune...

The same with science....Inventors may glean inspiration while awake, or asleep....The first to publish, wins....Simultaneous answers are collected by several, in different countries, who are all seeking the same breakthrough....



Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏


Col. Drekx Omega

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  • I recheck the image again, and i realized there is a difference between Omega and Libra symbol. The libra has a line on the bottom. Now i know the symbol that appeared in my crown chakra is Omega not Libra, because it has no line at the bottom. Significance of this symbol in my awakening is just mindblowing. It was 2 yrs ago and your profile image just gave clarity, its even the same color, symbol written in white light. Lovely...Thanks 💜💙🤍
  • You're most welcome to visit my blogs, forums and vids and make comments and observations...Great to have you aboard ACC....😁
  • Thank you Drekx. Yes ive read about the Omega. You have many interesting info and insights, thank you for sharing. Im always thirsty for knowledge about the Universe and who we are and why we are here. Many phenomenon i am experiencing and looking for people who are experiencing the same. Namaste 🤍💙💜
  • A good practice could be to write down all your dreamscape experiences....The idea is to learn to remember all events, but in a logical sequence, including bits in between.....Eventually, knowing you are dreaming, while still dreaming, can occur with consistent realiablilty...which is amazing...
  • Welcome Layra444....Well the answer is it's an omega Ω symbol....The last letter of the Greek alphabet, which is the 24th....I did write a blog on my name explanation, which I'll see if I can find, but in summary the last/ending relates to the ending of the turning wheel of karma...A life mission. "Drekx" pertains to turning, as a modification of the German word...Drehend, drexel...
    Obviously the Libra symbol has great salience for yourself....The crown chakra presentation of the symbol does sound like a special synchronicity of meaning for you.....Bless you sister...Drekx
  • I dont astral travel or nothing i remember but many dreams im flying. Many instances getting out of bed go to the living room and try to turn on light but wont turn on, and back to my body i realized im still sleeping. But i see a lot during meditation, many things, places, Beings (female human with headress on her third eye, feline with vibrant orange color, or a rose gold reptilian), different vibrant pulsating lights in different colors, many orbs in different colors, many things i dont even know or understand what im looking at. I see these things as if my physical eyes are looking because i can see the details. I am still trying to figure out what phenomena is this, remote viewing or just glimpses of my past or future etc.
  • Can u give some info about the symbol on your profile? Is that Omega or Libra symbol? The reason i asked is that, the same symbol symbol appeared on my crown chakra, it was taken by the cctv camera one day when i come home. Im libra so i thought okay maybe its libra.
  • A thankyou to Ben-Arion for fixing this morning's glitch...👏😁

    A note for astral travelers, in training:

    Some people, learning to navigate upon the astral, with full consciousness awareness, start their discipline by recording their dreams....A note pad and pen, by the side of the bed, so that dreamscape memories can be written down, before they are lost, while awake....I don't recommend leaving any electrical device by your bed..
    This discipline and habit does lead to clearer focus, so that the practice of conscious navigation and memory retention, become regular...
  • A great inference, dear heart....It is a similar process to fasting.....One's body can reset damaged cells through autophagy......Likewise, when a mind is calmed, mind chatter "switched off," in meditation, a period of fasting of thoughts can work wonders....One can improve brain cells through autophagy and mind function, through meditation...One can then boost mental prowess through mental "workouts."

    Then, you will navigate the Dreamscape with greater focus and contol, over your dreams....
  • Thanks, this makes sense. It also answers some of my questions: why it is hard to understand our dreams. A dream may be clear, but our mind can be foggy.

    So if we want to understand our dreams, spiritual experiences or see the bigger picture, we need a clear mind.
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