Transmissions From The Pleiades - The Ra Channelings

P taah - Transmissions From The Pleiades - The Ra Channelings Pt.1
P taah - Transmissions From The Pleiades - The Ra Channelings Pt.2
P taah - Transmissions From The Pleiades - The Ra Channelings Pt. 3
P taah - Transmissions From The Pleiades - The Ra Channelings Pt. 4

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  • Inspiring...

  • Someone here asked if this material can be found in text-form.  YES.  "The RA Material - an humble messenger of The Law of One" was trance-channeled by Carla Rueckert with the aid of Jim McCarty and Don Elkins in 1984. Their web site is L/L Research (Love/Light Research) at and the books can be purchased there.  It is a series of 5 books which I discovered in 1996 via a friend.  The books themselves emitted a powerfully loving energy as I read each one, setting off "ah-ha" moments constantly!  I re-read much of the text over again through the years, and still do.  I even purchased several sets of the RA series and sent them to friends I thought would benefit from them.  I still keep Book I next to my desk at home, and open it to any random page where I always find a passage which speaks to my state of being in that moment.  These audio channelings, for me, rang true as being from the RA source.

  • Dear MaryJane and all others who would like to read the RA MATERIAL is available in text form by clicking on the link below

  • I once read that "Ma Ra" was the first sound of God. Its pronunciation is not something we understand but Ma Ra is close.  it was said that using that sound in a meditation of even creative effort will help to bring it forward.  the sound is pronunced in one sylable.  Are the Ra channelings available in text format?

  • This is great stuff



  • I am all about consciousness


  • Ra definally has some profound constructs about consciousness,it rings true to my soul.And I'm glad he mentioned Rencarnation.Please talk more about rencarnation because that is the key to our understanding how our souls interact with the devine and the mundane lives as we lead and the lessons we learn.Don ( Aerial )
  • Waterox,
    two nights ago on 6 june, i was in a strange castle in some sorth of tower, a little creapy with a very strange being and it was as if a had to destruct that being and there was in one place a very colorful greenish little bird that i released and it flew out and then later on i got in an other place in that labyrinth castle and there i found ( and in my dream it felt like i was looking for that !) a big bird with all the coloures you can imagine and a big snavel. I released him without hesitating and it was if he communicated for a few seconds and was graceful and then flew out to !
    And more i can't remember.
  • Thank you Ben ! LOVE ! Infinite blessings
  • Wow the Ra channelings are really potent thanks so much
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