January 16

About Yourself

I 've been feeling different all my live. I did have a lot off friends and have been seeking all my life, many times in wrong ways, but i never stopped learning about that all. I have had an inner voice all my life that kept me going everytime again to the right pad. I once wrote a letter to my mum that i would leave, that i always feld like i was born with the right parents, but in the wrong country. Now that i am 34 years old and already ten years married and have a son off nine years i felt more and more things within me that i don't like the life with working and working and not having adventure in my life. I do love my wife a lot and also my son, but i always wanted to be uplifted out the life that is now mine. Then i met Karien Detavernier and she told me that a draconion was standing behind me and that she said that she understood my need for traveling and adventure, because she said i was already very old ( and that's not the first time spiritual people told me that ) and she also said i was incarnated here on earth but that i must be from Uranus. Now i'm activelly seeking for my task, and hope that i can be a part off the big change that will happen to earth and it's creatures. I hope i find my place in the bigger plan, because all my live i never felt better that every time i did something good for other people, my hart filled up with love and no money or material thing in the world is able to give me a better feeling. A simple thanks, a little smile, a tear of joye, ....... That's what it's all about for me !!! I do hope i can be of a meaning and hope i'll find the thing i'm looking for, ... making people light up, maybe sometimes with beautiful words, maybe somtimes with humor, maybe sometimes with doing stuff for another free just to help. Love you all.......Frederik Pauwels

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Karien Detavernier My mother in her way My husband in her way My son in his way My father and sisters But most of all i found a lot of truth within myself And many more people who made me who i am during my short but very busy live

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heavenisbodhi commented on Karma's Helper's video
"Then, today when i wanted to see this video again i saw that the part of David Icke was pklaced instead of the first video i saw.
But then when i clicked on the link below the video i saw the video of the winged being in some kind of museum or…"
May 11, 2012
heavenisbodhi commented on Karma's Helper's video
"I've seen the first video and it was the filming of the foot of a vulcano where you could see that in the middle there was something bright white poking and some opening started to come and some kind of bright white light shining trough it. It kept…"
May 11, 2012
heavenisbodhi commented on Krishna Kalki's video
"That's fantastic ! !
Let's move all the resident governments outside their office and start with loving people instead ! !"
Apr 27, 2011
heavenisbodhi commented on Krissy's video
"Beautiful and so true ! ! !
Apr 27, 2011

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I have repeatedly stated for the past few years, since the COVID scam, that politicians do NOT run the world, but are puppets put into office by the Globalists who control the flow of the world’s finances.They are part of the Satanic world system…
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"Trudeau has disappeared from Ottawa, as he's highly embarrassed by the events that engulfed parliament, recently, over allowing a standing ovation tribute, for a former Waffen-SS war criminal, Yaroslav Hunka, 98, who has been hiding out in Canada,…"
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"Left- more insanity;
"This year, I came into my school library and there are rows and rows of empty shelves with absolutely no books," said Reina Takata, a 10th grade student who says her public high school library in Mississauga, Ont., which she…"
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