Today is a brand new day.

How’s it going? Are you enjoying the quality of your experience?

If not, change it.

You get to create it.

You are powerful, omnipotent.

You are the captain of your own ship.

What is it that you most wish to experience? Perhaps think of the qualities in others that you admire and enjoy. It could be the ability to smile or laugh easily and often, effervescent joy, a deep peace and calm within, generosity, presence and patience with others, commitment, great health and vitality…the list is endless.

You can experience all of that and more. While we are all wonderfully unique and diverse, we come from the same divine spark. It’s all available to us.

How you live and experience life is largely up to you.

Try a different approach today. Pretend you’re an actor stepping onto your life stage and do some things differently today.

What is it that you want to experience more of in life?

How about joy? Do you want more joy? Then embody joy. Model what it means to live in joy, whatever that means for you.

For the rest of today, I invite you to try on a different version of you.

Play with it. Have fun with it.

Laugh, smile, extend a helping hand. Give someone a hug. Receive a hug. Do something that you love to do. Go ahead, you deserve it. Whistle, play some nice music, hum a tune. Skip down the sidewalk. Extend a compliment. Sit in the sun. Take a bubble bath. Go for a walk in nature. Slow down and just be. Share your feelings. Hang out with a pet. Listen to someone. Give yourself permission to let go of worry. Make that apology. Tell someone you love them.

Take a risk and see what happens.

Then do it again tomorrow, and for the rest of the week.

Let go of expectations or attachments for how things may play out.

It may feel a little scary or awkward, but I bet you’ll experience some really nice moments and will start to notice some subtle shifts in your life. You’ll get a glimpse of what’s possible and available to you as a theme.

I have witnessed remarkable shifts in others who have made wonderful changes in their lives. They made the choice to live joyful, fulfilling, rewarding lives in accordance with their deepest dreams and desires. The results have been transformative!

Sure, life can be difficult at times, but you have the power to determine how you will respond to what life presents to you. It’s your choice.

Are you living your full life? Are you living your full potential? Are you tapped into the joy, fun, mystery and adventure of it? Are you contributing in a way that feels fulfilling and aligned with what you’re most passionate about?

Today is your day. What will you do with it?

Oh the places you’ll go.
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So…get on your way!

Dr. Seuss


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