To My Creator…

Today is my birthday and I’m 45 years old. This seems like an old age – not because of the number or because I’m worried about “ageing”. It seems old because I have lived all of this time away from you, alone. Even when I wasn’t alone I was empty without your Light and Love around me, through me, and inside of me. I don’t know all there is to know by far but I know one thing and it’s this: If I volunteered to Live a Life without you in it I know that this is a Life that is filled with a void. I AM Grateful for the task you have given me so that I could once again know your Love and seek your Wisdom. For there is no LIFE without LOVE, there is no journey worth taking if you are not there to walk with me. I will never want to undertake such a mission again of my own free will but if I suit my purpose in your Love and Light there is nothing I wouldn’t do if you require it of me. I just humbly ask that I be free from the chains of not knowing you for the rest of my journeys as I now understand the nothingness – the emptiness of a Life lived without Unconditional Love. Humanity does not know how to Live without you and this has now been proven beyond a doubt, to me. Please continue to bring me closer to HOME and my purpose. Please bring all of your Divine Power inside of me so that I may continue to laugh and play with you and the beauty you reveal that never ceases to Amaze me. How can you be so Magnificent and yet not be Seen with Love, Joy, and Awe by so many? The Earthly Love I have learned to receive is giving me strength and confidence so that my Heart is bursting with LOVE. This LOVE energy, your energy is inside of my SOUL and it tingles with anticipation for when I will See you again. Today is a special day, not because it’s my birthday but because you have Amazed me with your Gifts yet again. There is so much LOVE here, so much I have yet to understand…but I understand this: I AM Blessed beyond measure. As you continue to teach me and I continue to grow stronger I will always act from that which I come. I AM your Angel who comes from the purest, most Brilliant Light of a LOVE so deep and meaningful it has yet to be fully comprehended. I AM your Angel who wishes to be of service if you would so graciously accept my promise to be One with you. Please understand that on Earth I AM your strong and delicate Angel who weeps with compassion for the unnecessary pain of a Life lost without your presence – for you are LIFE and without you is emptiness. I AM your Heart that shines with your Light. I AM your Soul which is Powerful with LOVE. I AM your vessel on this Mother Earth and I ask you to shape me with your Divine Light so that I may SEE you, feel you, hear you, touch you, smell you, breath you, and taste you. I AM your daughter in the Moonlight and your daughter of the Earth. I cherish you with ALL that I AM and I LOVE you with ALL that I AM. I AM your mother Angel who has many Hearts. My Hearts are everywhere because on my 1st birthday I have outgrown the already over-sized Heart you gave me. Your Hearts are everywhere because you are the very definition of LOVE. I AM so Grateful for all that I have been given today. Today is my birthday but only because you have breathed LIFE into my Soul. I See You, I AM Seen, I AM Alive, and I AM Awake.Share this:
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  • i was 46 the other day !  

    happy birthday to you xx

    i hope youre having a jolly day as its your special day to celebrate how many earth years you have survived on this planet........


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