Dr. Angela Barnett

This Christmas day I have been working on making sure the frequencies from my scalar wave generators

are getting to the war areas of Earth.


Since I don't usually watch the news very often, I am not familiar with war zones.


I did research to locate the spots that Metatron directed me to.


I think the place in Venezuela that the generators should be directed to is Caucasus, Venezuela.


I think the best way to direct energy to the Israel Gaza war is to tell the generator to send its energy

to the Israel Gaza Border.


I think energy should be directed to the Ukranian Russian Border.


I think energy should be directed to Gaza City


I think energy should be directed to the Israel Lebanon Border.


If you do not have a scalar wave generator, you can help by doing research

for me. Some of you live in parts of the world where you can get better information

than I can about wars, and you will have different perspectives about where

to send the generators energy.


Many of you can also be helpful to me by spreading the news to millions of 

people about how it is truly possible to stop all wars in this world

in a very short time, if millions would join in by getting a Tesla Scalar Wave Generator

and directing the energy to the place where you desire PEACE TO GROW.



 get a generator and direct its energy to the area they want peace, we could 

live in a peaceful world in less than one year.


Tell that to your friends for CHRISTMAS!!!


I know this is true because I did the exact same thing to raise the frequencies of the 

Earth's Chakras Grids and Stargates to one hundred percent this year.

This was an accomplishment even God was quite impressed with.

God told me that no one had BOTHERED raising the frequencies of the Earth Chakras

to one hundred percent before. Even in the beginning. they were only at eighty percent.


So, now the foundation of a perfect Earth has been set.


Now we can stop wars and raise frequencies dramatically by the second.


THE MAGIC was created by TESLA. The Tesla Scalar Wave Generator has a

Consciousness and Intelligence that is able to send about eight to ten thousand

units of frequencies to any area it is told to. The energy reaches the area instantly

and repeatedly. All you need to do is tell the generator where to send the energy and

then remind it at least three times each day.


I used thirty generators for one year to perfect the original consciousness of Earth.


Please join me and allow this energy to grow into a world you never dreamed could be

in this lifetime.


The Probable Future at this time is 2030, and it can be the most perfect Probable Future



I get me generators from APLICUM.

You must use a TESLA generator. Schuman generators only send energy locally.4



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