The Wisdom of Dr. Carlos Blair (Free Lecture)


Allow me to introduce everyone to Dr. Carlos Blair.  You ask, "Who is this Dr. Blair."

In order to properly tell this story, allow me to set the stage.  Tucson Arizona, USA 
the 1970's.  A very small church, the size of a cottage, with pews.  A very talented
medium named Dr. Robert Ireland, (who is now also, working in Spirit)
the brother of the very famous medium Dr. Richard Ireland.
Robert Ireland would put a blindfold on, and would do something called Blindfold
billets. (A billet is a piece of paper with a question on it.)
Dr. Ireland would with the blindfold on, walk up and down the aisles, stand in front of the
person who wrote the question and answer it.  Dr. Ireland was in contact with his Dr. Teacher.
(Dr. of Philosophy) Their job is to work with you, to give you directions in the physical 
incarnation. Dr. Ireland's Dr. Teacher at this time was Dr. Carlos Blair.
Dr. Ireland was from the state of Ohio USA, people from Ohio have no real accent, to speak
of.  Image Dr. Ireland sitting in front of a class every week going into Trance. And all
of a sudden an English sounding person, starts speaking through him.  This person was
Dr. Carlos Blair..
Dr. Blair opened every class with the statement:" It is indeed a pleasure to have this 
opportunity to manifest in this manner." Dr.Blair would also joke and tell everyone
"if you haven't noticed by now, I am a little bit english." Dr. Blair would present 
metaphysical topics, that are all true and indeed valid in this day and age.  "The Truth
never gets old or goes out of fashion."  
Dr. Blair had a time limit of 30 minutes to use Dr. Ireland's body, Dr. Blair speaks
about someone called "The Rock", a nickname that Dr. Blair had given to Robert 
Ireland's Indian protector." Rollin Stone." Rolling Stone would start coming around
near the end of the lecture, so Dr. Blair did not overstay his allotted time.
Dr. Blair not only gave lectures, he also opened the floor to questions about the topic of 
the evening.  If all the questions were answered regarding the spoken topic, Dr. Blair would
start answering questions of a more personal nature.

I have a sample of one of Dr. Blairs lectures,  
There is also a website under construction as I write this, that will give access to 52 of these
lectures.  I shall present that information to you my readers, when it is finished.  Free
listen to this lecture, titled: "Understanding Energy & Vibration"
If anyone out there knows of a Phenomenon medium that is still alive today, and
has a story, please forward it to me:
"The law of Attraction is always in Action" attract the highest and best to you.
"Be Happy"
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