In this cosmic moment a vast expansion is occurring on all levels as this Universe is rapidly ascending and with it all the galaxies and star systems and constellation, inclusive of course of this solar system.

This is vast evolutionary shift – a re-creational process such as has never occurred before, and thus the New Earth, as she already exists, is a much higher dimensional frequency band, and has shed the Old Earth now forever.

I am in the process of witnessing this vast expansion, and indeed it is happening within me, as I now am being reminded daily to co-create in the New Earth and indeed to keep my energy fields tuned into her. What I am experiencing on a daily basis now cannot be expressed in words, as I need to assimilate the information first before I can share it with you.

We are in a state of being Beingness – in other words a state where we are stepping fully into the Universal Mastery, and the truth of our souls.

This demands purity: – purity of soul intent, and indeed crystal clear clarity, and with it, to work totally from the heart of Unconditional Love, and for the greater good of all.

For the New Earth and the New Golden Age, is all about Unity, Harmony, Peace and unconditional love. If you cannot find this inside of yourself, you cannot function in the New Earth. For what is within yourself, manifests outside.

What we, as souls, who truly now have ascended and are ascending into the New Earth, are experiencing, has never happened to humankind before.

For humanity tended to self-destruct time and again, and thus fell into the seas of forgetfulness in the Old Earth and Old 3D. Now we are ASCENDING, and thus can reclaim our cosmic heritage and indeed the Infinite Now, the Infinite Know-ing, and the Infinite Oneness which defies all descriptions and can only be experienced.

When the soul indeed starts remembering and indeed starts applying the vast knowledge the soul has gained in all lifetimes, and parallel lives and all existences, this get amplified by the Soul Group or Monad, and thus the highest mastery, is indeed the deepest living of the Soul Truth with great love and thus Mastery. This highest state of living the Soul truth, indeed is moving from the finite, into the infinite realms, where all is possible.

This is so vast that the mind cannot stretch into that vastness. Yet the soul can for the soul is infinite and AS ONE with the Divine Source.

I am embracing the Infinite Vastness, infinite space and infinite possibilities which are now unfolding, with immense gratitude and love. Indeed, the infinite Power of Divine Love as expressed through all of the infinite creation.


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