The undenying Truth about religion.

From 8 years of study on the subject matter of religion and 4 years of college on religious studies at USF I have come to one and only one conclusion.

Religion Divides

Although digging through scripture allows u to find some pretty good morals and form for thought; it shouldn't be taken literally.

I have seen men call Muslims rag-heads, gays faggots, and jews scum. When the REAL scum is the men behind the religion, getting you to finance it, defend it, and promote it. All the while you are promoting boundaries between men/women.

Dont you see that you are paying to be taught to hate?

You are paying to be a follower.

You are paying for your own mental disability.

Paying to believe in REVALATION while financing it.

The people who invented religion did so with the intent of control. Just like the people who invented OWNERSHIP/CURRENCY. They desire your cooperation so that you dont ask too many questions about the political/social power they have acquired over thousands of years.

I am a NEW kind of ATHEIST! Full of LOVE for ALL MEN/WOMEN. I too believe that many of u can find true love and spirituality without CHOOSING a book to get you there. Love all. Only then can you be free from this world of illusion.

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  • That's right. The lightworkers like Jesus has actually nothing to do with the Church cult. Take this for example. We see how religions misused their name to promote their supremacy on our civilization. I wonder what's the case of Lord Buddha and whether his text/scriptures were edited by the government or religious authorities as well. From what we always see on mass media, we see how religious leaders gain superstar-like welcome from those obsessed to them that the original teachings of Jesus and Buddha were set aside. I am very sorry for Jesus and Buddha, they worked hard, even risk their lives to preach the people, but in return their teachings got manipulated by an uninvited power called religion.

    To my opinion religion is a type of administrative entity like a government, the difference is their hierarchy could be the highest in the world. some countries are financing the religious kingdom to show their support and I think that's why Vatican can be a independent country, all at the expense of taxpayer's money. In my hometown, I see many religious institutions still collect donations from the public. Imagine they can do this many times, how many pennies goes to their pockets. They are no less different than politicians - religions for money. This has keep them ignorant from spiritual development and had developed thousand years of misunderstanding.
  • That's true. It's so sad to see our fellow being so scared of their GOD, they have a very egoistic god and their church even teach condemnation when that person does not act by their desired standards. So Sad.

    Do you also know that there is a church organization deducting 10% of their follower's salary? It is working like a sub-government. Yeah right. Most churches and those majors are using god for their "evul purposes", and act already against in the 10 commandment. such egoistic and crazy god they have. *yawn*

    I too believe that many of u can find true love and spirituality without CHOOSING a book to get you there. Love all. Only then can you be free from this world of illusion.

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