The Truth About Chemtrails - At Last


Dear Lightworkers,


There has been much confusion surrounding chemtrails, since the 1990s...Much speculation as to their purpose, and even if they are real or not ....


And much tittle-tattle has been generated within establishment scientific circles to debunk them, and dismiss them as nothing more than standard contrails from planes at high altitude...


Of course, many serious observers still note that there is a marked and sometimes unsubtle difference, between brief- duration contrails and much longer duration chemtrails, which are often doodled and grid patterned by commercial planes, rendering the sky a chequerboard spectacle. A sky filled and pollution, blantantly there for all to see.. a display of elite arrogance, but often not raising the eyes of many, who simply believe in what governments and "experts" say....That there is nothing there to worry about, as they are but contrails..


Some conspiracy speculators have even suggested that chemtrails "rain bacteria and viruses down upon communities," little realising that a far easier method would be to infect drinking water or food supplies, if evil minds were intent on such actions at high level...and I'm not saying they don't do this, but they don't need chemtrail systems to deliver such toxins.

So why are these patterns airborn...? What are the PTB afraid of...? Is it part of their "global warming" tax creation scam..??

I say that his has nothing to do with preventing global warming, and everything to do with keeping control over people.

Truly, chemtrails are not benign at all.....And they are the acts of desperate power brokers, loosing control over a changing humanity, world-wide.


In a nutshell and as simply summarized as possible......:


Chemtrails are secret attempts by elite earth humans to deflect certain bio-transformative cosmic rays from reaching the lower atmosphere and planetary surface, thus changing the atmosphere's frequency, using micro-chaff particulates, including aluminium and barium salts....

(Aluminium strips are also used to deflect radar waves to enable military stealth and aluminium sheeting can be used to cover sensitive components aboard satellites in orbit, reflecting cosmic and solar rays, back into space.)


So, if the dark elites did not lay their sinister trails, the light-coded cosmic and solar rays that are arriving on earth would continue to transform 2-stranded DNA to 3-stranded and ultimately lead to 12-strands. So this a bizarre attempt to prevent natural incoming rays from activating light-encoded fillaments within Human RNA/DNA. 


These activational aetheric level (above plasma) cosmic rays are causing positive mutation within human DNA, which is raising human consciousness and taking the human race out of the control matrix, which has existed for 13,000 years. The PTB are desperate to keep control, but are failing to do so, and thus using other methods also, to smash human DNA, such as swine flu vaccines, as well as full body scanners in primary international airports…the TSA even proposes to terrahertz people on trains..under DHLS mandate....This clearly demonstrates the frenzy that the elites the cover stories are rapidly becoming theadbare...   :-)

I advise air travellers not to travel, in order to avoid being subjected to harmful terrahertz waves, as these can unzip precious DNA..which is the secret intention behind forcing passengers to "opt" for the full body scan..

So like Chemtrails..... Full Body Scanners in major airports are secretly designed to destroy DNA, but not just to cause death, sterilisation and cancer, but mainly to prevent the emergence of Galactic Humans, or NOVAMEN.....the next step in human evolution and not controllable (by the PTB) within the current constrictive matrix, which is falling appart as we speak.


Hopefully this knowledge will aid your insights...I do not post this to create fear, only to illume minds..

I bless you all with Sirian love....


In Light and service, Col. Drekx Omega



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  • Well Gailene,

    The problem is already being noted as on the wain....Many locations note less activity than before...

    Yes, barium and aluminium salts...Which I described the properties of, as reflecting agents. Micro-chaff ine mist of the stuff...Of course it is dangerous to human health...and Gaia's...

    Aluminium is available as a resource from certain nations...they buy lots of it....

    The silver lining is that chemtrails, by and large, are not working....Thus their alternatives of recent years, including swine flu vaccine and Full-Body Scanners at airports....which are more effective at unzipping DNA, thus making it less responsive to transformative cosmic rays...

    My advice is don't fly on airlines....


    Yes, the whole thing is insane....


    Lightly, Drekx

  • I see someone didn't read my report, the blog I put up showing that chem-trails and the bad vaccines are one in the same. In other words there is H1N1 in the chem-trails as well as bad bacteria , virus, mold and fungi,toxic metals ect.People become sick from the chem-trails some even die as I nearly did and my fiend did die from it. We are then led to believe that the A/H1N1 down here appeared on its own but in reality it came from the bad chem-trails. Then CDC & the world health org.(WHO) rush in and try to force the people through fear or by law to take the bad vaccines they have made up, which is design to create a plague and create World wide GENOCIDE designed to reduce the worlds population down to the Dark Cabal standard of 500,000,000. Of course we are not going to let this happen! I have been fighting this Chem-trail Genocide plan sense it was put into effect Oct.98.I have done my homework, read my blog on bad vaccines.This is the real TRUTH my friends, ADONAI
  • Makes sense to me XD  Thanks duderino!
  • I hear your words Drekx, but I just can not believe it.  

    One day, when there is "evidence" maybe I will, with respect though, I don't believe anything can stop "transformation" on planet Earth....

    It hasn't stopped what's happened to me...
  • Very glad that you are joining us on the wonderful website. I honor the information that you have written from the last couple posts as well as this one, you seem like a very trust worthy being! And for the chemtrails issue, it's so despicable how these elitists can just spray these chem trails into the atmosphere like they own us, and think that we won't do anything about it...and guess what..we DON'T! We just let it brush over our heads and try to adjust to this corrupted atmosphere. We continue live our personal lives without looking at the bigger picture. On the other hand, humanity is waking up more and more, so I do see our human race ascending and nothing can stop that. Even these chem trails will not be able to stop the universal creation laws to be set forth on this planet. The cosmic rays that you talk about will inevitably harness the atmosphere of the earth and I hope they do soon. 


    With Love & Light


  • We have saved the planet from MANY and I say many, chemtrail sprays. A airplane just exploded recently before it even took off.. All these sprays make no sense?

  • aha.. Drekx.. I just read your reply to Karens question about the Dark Cabal in your other posting and your response to her there answers my questions perectly, so no need really to answer my questions below :) ... i do wonder though, how can they carry on, those crazy illuminatti - with that limited conciousness? I cant wait until it all ends.. and there is Love and Peace everywhere always.

    anyway, thats the funny thing and the beauty of these forum discussions, we find answers in each others postings and I find myself hopping around from one to another and having to go back to certain places whereby I left a comment and to clarify that all is ok.. I found your answers in the other blog etc lol..

    but it sure is a blessing that you are here Drekx, I am so happy you are with us.. it is a Joy to know you are on board.. I always Love your fantasic insights and I look forwards always to all you are sharing..

    with heartfelt Love and Light to you always forever..
    as always..
    Luke :) 

  • Mate thanks for the information on chemtrails.Always new there was something not right with them.Keep up the good work. Steve
  • Thank you Drekx.. I have often wondered about chem trails, and it certainly does appear to be that the dark cable are really trying their hardest to break our Spirit so to speak.. of course, nothing can break our Spirit, but it is quite unbelievable (yet completely believable) how very dark these beings truely truely are, they have the darkest hearts.. do they even have hearts? I often think that they dont actually have any hearts in their bodies !

     .. it leaves me shaking my head in disbelief how these beings have been controlling the population of the world for ages and how deeply sinister and dark and cold hearted they are.. how can it have happened?.. its mind numbingly unbelievable !.. I find it so hard to comprehent how it can still be happening today.. Christ, the Creator is mind blowing and the creations are a mixture of Lovingly mind blowing and fearfully mind numbing !

    I thing about this regularly.. how did we allow all of this to occur and how on Earth is it still continuing right now? .. it baffles me.. who the hell are these evil sinister alien creatures who are the dark cable, who are they? what corner of the Multiverse do they come from? .. if they are to Ascend, then it appears to me that they are at the very back of the queue so to speak... of course, I am aware that their dark agendas are eventually going to be fruitless, they are horible, but we have to Love them more.. its bizzar.. what a strange trip all of this creation is.. in Prime Creators Multiverse - all is allowed !

    My God !  

    Anyway.. thank you my dear brother for these valuable insights, sorry for babbling on a little lol...

    Love always forever to you dear friend..

    Luke :)


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