The Story of reincarnation - through my eyes

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The Story of Reincarnation through one person’s eyes

I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have ‘Past Life Recall’.  As a little girl I remember being frustrated that none of my dresses came long, with petticoats and cinched in waists.  I was born in Australia but I used to ask when we would go back to England. I knew I had been there before and would return one day.

We did go on a holiday here when I was nine and every time we stopped somewhere, I would be excited to think this could be the place where I could remember a mixture of several previous lifetimes: music from gatherings around fires, rolling green hills, galloping horses, a large stately home, a knowing that I had drowned in a very cold, grey sea, a sense of a mystical past.

My over-riding memory though was the death of someone I loved and whose death I had wanted desperately to prevent.  I had always felt a powerful sense that there had been a time or a place in my existence when someone had been dying and unable to push my way through to help them, I had been unable to save them. I could never identify where this had been, or who I had been, only that I was a woman.

When I turned thirteen, I was introduced to spiritual healing and found it easy to allow this energy to flow through me.  I loved the connection I felt to Spirit which was becoming more and more evident to me.  I was given books by two different American Indian spirit guides, Silver Birch and White Eagle, who explained about reincarnation and confirmed what I already instinctively knew: that we come back time and again to create, to learn and to love.

Years went by and as happens with everyone, I found many things to distract myself with; I married, had children and travelled the world before finally settling here in the UK (where I know is home for me) and at last truly listened to the voice of my own Higher Self calling me to do the work I came here, in this lifetime to do.  Although I loved spiritual healing, I chose a career in media and journalism.

To cut a long story short, once my Guides had moved everything into place, things took off at quite a pace. I was introduced to other members of what I now know as my Soul Group, a gathering of people who have been incarnating on this planet since it was created.  When you meet your Soul Family, or even people you have been with in so many lifetimes there is a profound sense of completion, a deep understanding of one another.And then the work begins- the clearing out of Karma.  The often profound pain that comes from not only re-connecting with someone but also with yourself again.  This is in a sense like waking up from a deep sleep to find you’ve been lying in such a way that you’ve deprived parts of your body blood supply so while the circulation is coming back, it’s uncomfortable and it hurts.  Once you are fully awake and aware again, life is filled with joy.

While in the process of rediscovering my Soul Family, I began to read again, anything I could get my hands on, about reincarnation and past lives.  Since those early channelled works of the Native American Guides, many more books had been published and there was now a wealth of information available.  I ‘happened’ to pick up one of Dolores Cannon’s books and didn’t stop reading until I had read five of her books in quick succession. Dolores Cannon is the World’s foremost Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist.  She began her work, as many did back then, as a hypnotherapist working to help people to give up smoking or to lose weight.  One day, one of her clients spontaneously regressed into another lifetime  - this was the beginning of an amazinglysuccessful career for Dolores that has so far spanned more than forty years.

After reading all those books, I knew I had to go and see her too so I contacted her organisation hoping to hear that she was coming to speak in the UK. I was then very fortunate to join her on her Intensive Training Workshop afterwards to learn from Dolores her unique hypnosis technique which she uses not only to regress people but facilitate healing by enabling them to identify the often in explicable causes of many illnesses and to release them.

Dolores teaches by example so we were all very excited to find out who she would choose to be regressed in front of our class of forty people.  I was surprised when it was me. 

I was regressed to a lifetime where I could see myself in a simple, long robe, wearing sandals and walking on a dry dusty earth.  I was once again a woman, with hair a similar colour as it is now, brunette and a similar build and stature only slighter.  I went to what looked like my house, a simple, sparse, small apartment where a young man brought a meal of what looked like lamb and rice.  I then saw myself teaching small classes within a compound, ironically I was teaching mathematics which I have no aptitude for now!

I then saw myself in a group of people and we seemed to be getting information directly from the stars.  It was profound knowledge that only certain people knew and Dolores asked me whether I still carry this knowledge and I replied that I do, although I have no recollection of what it is – for now.  I also saw a man who came to our community whose visit created quite a stir and he was accompanied by a large group of followers, so it was a pretty exciting event.

Dolores then got me to fast forward to an important day.  Immediately a sense of dread overtook me.  I found myself walking towards something that was happening in the middle of the town.  The crowd was angry, upset, filled with horror.  I realised that the man at the centre of all the commotion, the man who was about to be crucified was my teacher, the same man who I had seen visiting us and who now, try as I might, I could not push through the crowd to so that I could help him.

The effect that witnessing this once had on me was to release a profound grief and sense of guilt I had always carried with me.  During the session itself, the pain I felt at reliving this incident was actual physical pain that came up through the centre of my back and through the heart chakra, resulting in sobbing that lasted for thirty minutes of the regression.  I made a fairly poor subject for Dolores who despite her many years of training and ability to draw out of people their most deeply held stories struggled to stop me being quite resistant to speaking about what I could see and hear.  In the end, my subconscious wouldn’t allow me to see anymore.  Instead, Dolores had me go forward to the day I died in that lifetime. To my great surprise and happiness, I saw an old woman who died alone, yet happy, right here in England.  She died knowing that she had lived a full life and had achieved a great deal.  She had come here and settled into the Celtic community and had been accepted and had many friends.

I needed to know more about this woman, not only because of the interest I now had in the connection with Jesus, but also I knew from being able to self-regress that I seemed to have a pattern of being female and a teacher or a priestess figure.  I knew that I didn’t just ‘happen’ to be a teacher at the time of the Crucifixion and to witness this history-altering event.

I was able to get a reading with a man who is a trance channel and who brings through a spirit who was last incarnate as an Egyptian priest many years ago.  His speciality is the ability to retrieve and read the Akashic Records, the records that are kept of everything every soul has ever done.

For someone who has been dead for over three thousand years, this Spirit Guide has quite a sense of humour.  Without me filling him in on any of the details of what I had seen in my regression, he confirmed that I had indeed been an Essene teacher.  The Essenes were a sect of mostly Jewish people who lived all across the area that we know today as Israel.  They were peaceful and mysterious.  They were also known for teaching esoteric knowledge and Jesus not only taught them but learned from them too.  It seemed that this wasn’t the first time I had been an Essene teacher.  The Guide told me that I had descended from a long line of them and that I had also been a Priestess in Egypt. But as he said ’twenty lifetimes as a cloistered vestal virgin don’t prepare you for one wild night in the village.’ 

The horror at seeing my beloved teacher being killed in that way was enough of a shock to my soul to shake it from the pathway of hiding out, playing it safe, not taking my knowledge to others,not sharing.

I learned that I was a teacher and that I had also taught many languages. While Jesus had been a mentor of mine, my actual direct teacher had been Mary Magdelene.  The Spirit Guide confirmed that I had travelled here after the Crucifixion, leaving with St Thomas and travelling through India with many other members of what I know to be my Soul Group.  When I came here, I was once again a teacher and Priestess who used to help to organise the path that the Grail would take as it went from village to village.

I would also help organise the gatherings at Solstice at Stonehenge. Village Elders would bring an ember from their own village hearths to these important meetings each year.  They would each add their embers together until a great fire was lit around which everyone would gather and share the stories from their villages that year.  The fire was then allowed to burn down once again to a single ember and from this one ember, each Elder lit their lanterns and brought the fire home to relight the village hearth and to share the story which was voted best of that year.

As a poignant finishing touch to this story, one final piece to the puzzle came through my own intuition.  When we have a regression, there is not one detail we are allowed to see that is unimportant or irrelevant.  I was puzzled as to how the young man whom I had seen bringing me that humble meal of meat and rice fitted into this story.

After I had the regression, I had many months in which to reflect on my truly amazing, life-altering experience.  I read everything I could in relation to the mysterious Essenes and discovered that the more senior Essene women teachers were often assigned younger males as role models in order to teach young men about respecting women. I took myself back to the memory of the young man’s face in my regression.  At the time, he looked familiar but I had failed to pay any special attention to this young man who looked at me with such love and reverence.  Within seconds, as I ran through every potential soul that could have been so intimately connected with mine, I realised that this beautiful young man, then approximately aged twenty, was in fact my son in this lifetime.  The grown-up, dark-haired, olive skin person that I saw compared with mynine year old blond headed young son had no similarities but the look on his face of love and affection was unmistakable.

My understanding about my own soul’s path is now so much more full and complete.  This is something that every soul will eventually do as part of waking up and discovering who they really are.  I now know that I am a story teller, an alchemist.  My journey to discover my Soul’s path has lead me to discover my healing gift is to help others tell their own stories on what is now the new hearth, the global hearth: that of the internet and mass media. 

My journey doesn’t stop with this discovery.  It continues, through eternity, in weaving with everyone I come into contact with into this rich, complex, indescribably beautiful complex tapestry of Creation.  Each one of their lives, along with all those I have ever known have woven through this masterpiece their own unique, magical, colour, without which even one that tapestry would be incomplete.


Stephanie Bell is a teacher and is also organiser of the Dolores Cannon The Coming New Earth UK and Ireland Tour.   2011.  For details and dates, please go the the website

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  • Hopefully we'll just see her on Youtube
  • i cant wait for my own awakening. but it sure resonates with me about math. i was a math wizard/genius in one life but now i have absolutely NO interest in math or school at all except music reading and recess, lol

    im more connected with nature and animals, esp horses who feel more like my kin in spirit. hmmm, i wonder.... =D

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