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In Ancient Times in Avalon, Elders from the Celtic tribes from all around the region would go to Stonehenge at Winter Solstice. They would each bring an ember from their own village hearths and would add this ember to build one great fire. The Elders then shared their stories from their village from that year, all of them seeking to learn, exchange information, laugh and entertain one another. Gradually, the fire was allowed to burn to down until one single ember remained. Of all the stories told, one of these was selected to be brought back home. The Elders would then light a lantern from that single ember and take this and the new story home to light the fire in the village hearth and share the story with the villagers until the next year. Although we no longer have this wonderful ritual, we still have a village and it still has a hearth. Our village is the Global Village and the hearth we gather around is now our media and the internet. Another thing that will never change is that we all have stories and these need to be shared. The thought behind it is the same. Sharing information means we can learn from one another and knowledge is always empowerment: the power to transform, to grow, to evolve. The purpose of this website, then, is to invite people to come, from their respective ‘villages’ with their own thoughts, stories, information and ideas, to add it to the fire. That fire is now the collective consciousness, or The Universal Mind. The Universal Mind Why ‘Universal Mind’? This title was give to me, quite simply, via inspired thought, from the place where all of our highest thoughts come from. The place where all creation, energy and life itself comes from. The Source. I love the name as it suggests Unity, Oneness, a joining of minds, thoughts and energy. After I had been given this name, I discovered that it is also the name for the Akashic Records, or the place where every soul’s journey is recorded. Here, you will find all kinds of information for you to use on your own journey. This is a place you can come to listen to other’s stories, whether that is to listen to an interview with an author on the Blogtalk Radio Show, watch an interview on Youtube or find out about the latest featured workshop or lecture from any number of spiritual teachers, what they all have in common is Unity Consciousness. The intention behind The Universal Mind Website is to help to Awaken, Inspire, Balance and Enlighten whoever stops here on their journey back to Oneness. What you will never find here is a ‘shopping list’ of do’s and don’ts telling you how to be, think do or feel. You bring your own thoughts, feelings and experiences to anything you find here and you will hopefully take away with you something to empower you to follow the highest path. Everything is already within you. Here you will find topics such including Reincarnation, Energy, Healing, Meditation, Angels, Environment and Universal Consciousness. In addition, we will also look at who is trying to close some of the gaps between rich and poor and as well as our relationships with ourselves, one another and our environment. I warmly invite you to bring you your own story here and to take away with you the fire of transformation to light your own way as well as passing this light onto others. Many Blessings, Stephanie Bell

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Dolores Cannon Jacelyn Eckman

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Nov 2, 2020
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Universal Mind websiteThe Story of Reincarnation through one person’s eyesI don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have ‘Past Life Recall’.  As a little girl I remember being frustrated that none of my dresses came long, with petticoats and…
Jun 8, 2011
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Through her recovered memories as Jesus’s cousin Veronica, Jacelyn Eckman, author of the Veronica Trilogy presents the concepts of soul evolution, group souls and how we evolve…"
Mar 10, 2011

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Elon Musk: “What really happened with the Hunter Biden story suppression by Twitter will be published on Twitter at 5pm ET!”

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 We greet you dear brothers and sisters of the planet Earth. We love you, as you know, and we wish you well. When we say “we love you” they are not just words as you often say them on Earth. When we say “we love you” we are sending you at the same…
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 Note: Matthew makes a distinction here between the God of this universe and the One, over All. It’s the God of this universe who speaks here.With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. It is our privilege and honor to…
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"1) I'm Sirian starseed and when I got physically and karmically trapped on Earth, during the late Atlantean period I was a renegade to my clan, the Atars (spirit-warriors.) So since my death as an ET, I've been within planetary karma here and…"
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