The Stance of the Witness... The Observer

Many shifts occur on the path to what we can call ascension or enlightenment or realization etc. many of these shifts are quite painful and as well, most of the shifts are mental / emotional. I can so easily label what feels satisfying as "good" and what feel dissatisfying as "bad" but in reality these are just labels... Conditioned responses upon form... Upon the manifested consciousness with shape and in reality there is neither good nor bad, just what is. To take the stance of the witness... The observer of these labels of "good" and "bad" can bring much relief and tranquility to what would otherwise bring much unneeded suffering and misery. When thoughts, feelings, sensations etc arise, instead of becoming intoxicated on all levels through becoming at one with these inevitable comings and goings ( that always do pass) we can take a step back per se and just observe from a position of neutrality. This is the I Amnesss... The consciousness in its natural state. As well, when other have an option about us and their views on what's "right" / "wrong," "good" / "bad" in their eyes about us, we can see these judgements as judgements, take a step back and simply observe. What others say or do is a reflection of their world... Of their lack of information... Of light in any particular situation. Here, there is no blame, just the relative world at play.
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