The Soul Interveining From Future

Benjamin Libet and other scientists have done some research to attempt to find out if our conscious decision to act comes before or after the decision of what is thought to be the unconscious brain. It is said that there is a measurable signal from the brain that is known to come prio to our voluntary actions such as moving our hands. This signal is termed rediness potential (RP). If you move a fingure voluntarily, RP is said to occur 0.5 seconds prio the fingure move. The experiment proceeds by finding some observers. They are asked to stare at a clock and then when they decide to move the fingure, they should say when exactly they decided so. It is said that the observers consistently report that they made the decision some 0.3seconds after the RP signal! This is of course taken to mean that conscious free will is just an illusion!Now does this realy prove that our conscious free will is an illusion or does it prove that our cognitive neuro scientists are a bunch of bozos? Remember that it is these same guys that Wikipedia says that, we must rely on them to decide for us whether NDE is real or just an hallucination. They should be our modern priests!Why device such an expensive experiment with expensive osciloscopes and atomic clocks when we can do it the very straight foward way. When we go to field to watch racing guys, we never go there with clocks and rulers. This is not because we are careless but because clocks and rulers are absolutely useless in telling us such simple things as who came first second, third etc!So the simple and more sensible experiment goes this way: you are holding a mango in your left hand and an orange in your right hand. You are going to decide which one to throw it to me and tell me when you made the decision. Then you will throw it to me. So how long will it take between your decesion and your throwing? 0.2 seconds? We all know that it can take from micro seconds to all the eternity!! This is the bottom line. We can now donnate accurate clocks to museums. The scientists simply donnot understand CONSCIOUS DECISIONS!Perharps learning to ride a unicycle, to play a guitar or even a zero cent costing meditation can teach you more about freewill and consciousness than oscilloscopes and clocks. To a meditating guy, how will he say when he made a decision? I mean one even feel that he is the one controlling buzzing bees around FREEWILLINGLY! you might as well ask someone to tell you when exactly they felt asleep, they dreamt or they woke.When we make conscious decision the body donnot jerk any howly. The conscious decider acts more like a manager or a superviser than a service man or the technician. The experienced superviser never need to be ther always keeping an eye. When you decide that you want your car repaired, you do so and then delegate the task to the technician. Henceforth, you donnot tell the technician the stupid details like when exactly he should start. Here is the field where he knows better! Similarly, there is the AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM which simply knows the technical parts of our brains and bodies not only better than us, but far better than any neuroscientist!All the observers have already made the decision that they will either throw the mangoe at times and throw the orange at times. Such are the nontrivial decisions that require conscious intervention. However the details of when exactly to throw an orange or a mango (for no compelling motive) are left for the 'technician'! Trying to figure out the exact moment you decided to move you leg up to 0.3 seconds accuracy means that you don't understand that non of the motor activities are 100% voluntary. Youv already decided that your gonna move the leg, that is the part that require conscious thought. Rather, the decision is like the 'print' button you press on the computer. Henceforth, the computer 'decides' when to start printing depending on lots of factors.There is also a problem somewhere. There is a big difference between simply deciding to throw a mango and deciding so while at the same time you are trying to figure out when exactly you made the decision. The brain (the 'computer' part) is now doing a multi tax when you focus too much on when you made the decicion, the act of throwing the mango goes to the 'auto pilot' and vice versa is true! Again I say, you have already made a decesion long ago that you are going to throw the mango. Only that you didn't decide the EXACT when before hand! You can also have decided that you are going to throw EITHER the mango or the orange. That constitute your decision to participate in the experiment and is the non trivial one. You absolutely know that the exact fruit to throw or when is trivial!Let me illustrate the non trivial case that you may understand well what I mean by decision requiring consciousness. Let us press a button that switches on the electricity on and your child, moving very fast on a merry go round is either brushing past a naked life wire or not. So it is nolonger a game, it is a matter of life and death. So you are going to say when you made the decision to switch it on. You will agree with me that only a bunch of morons can claim that they CONSCIOUSLY decided to switch the button on some 0.2 seconds before they actually press the switch cause they could see that there child was momentarily away from the life wire. The bottomline is that conscious decisions are like the acts of perliament and not that one of judiciary. The one that is enforced just some 0.2 seconds after the decision is the 'judiciary', not the 'perliament'!Another example is that of a cat in some dilema about when EXACTLY to spring as in the ranges of 0.2 secs accuracy. Of course the can't consciously decide to jump at such time ranges as within 0.3-0.5 sec. But he definetly decides that it is gonna dive some times before the mouse escapes! To the trivial exact moments, it is better left to the autopilot which is more accurate at routine tasks such as coordinations and timing.THE MIND FROM FUTURELet us still agree for the sake of argument that the unconscious decisions come prio to the conscious ones. Still in physics, before we decide whether this imply that freewill is causaly irrelevant, we must consider the relevant dynamics involved. If electrodynamics, then the 'when' is irrelevant!! (consider for instance Feynman-wheeler absorber theory of light propagation). Only thermodynamics is time asymmetrical. In other dynamics, eg electrodynamics, gravity, Newton laws, quantum mech etc, if A can cause B then it is certain that B can cause A. So it only requires that we show that RP can eventually cause the feeling of conscious decision and we establish that under the right conditions, the feeling that you are consciously making a decision will cause RP. This was the intuition that led Faraday to discover the electromagnetic induction. He correctly reasoned that if electricity can cause magnetism, then under the right conditions, magnetism can cause electricity.
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