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The Rise of the Gaia & the Divine Feminine! (Hear Her Roar!)

Hello Friends and Family! :D

        I am here to spread a message that Gaia and aspects of the Divine Feminine have ascended to the 5th density! (yay).  Yes, Gaia has birthed a beautiful higher density "New Earth"...and I even had a vision of the entire Milky Way ascending as well.  I have been working with aspects of the "divine feminine" for over a year now as have many of you other ladies out there.  (p.s.  I would love to hear your stories if you have been; don't be shy). 


    Aspects of the divine feminine (along with Gaia) have been working to align themselves with the Source so that we can all experience another "breath of life" into creation.  It's kind of like we have been riding in a plane that has been circulating the same dirty air over and over for centuries, and finally we are being given some new fresh air directly from Source into the cabin.  It is becoming increasingly easy to align yourself with Source.  But it requires the removal of a kaleidoscope of fears that plague us and keeps us firmly in the illusion of duality.  Source does not require perfection but truth and honesty.  Living your life in truth and honesty aligns you with Source.


          I had a dream referencing the increasing frequency of Gaia and the Divine Feminine in a dream about 3 weeks ago...referencing yesterday 1/7/2013 as the day it would go down.  I will describe the dream if you would like but I will save you the details here.  Nonetheless, I can feel that more and more of us are coming into 4th density Earth (as of 10/27/12), and that 3rd density has either been destroyed or is in a not-so-happy place right now.  I pictured Kali ravaging 3rd density Earth last night after Gaia ascended, but she joined the other aspects of the Divine Feminine in the higher densities afterwards.  I can "see" a beautiful new Earth in the 5th density...and can feel myself there and here at the same time.  In addition, the Ra Soul group has also ascended to 5th density some time right around the new year.  (I didn't write down the date).  And of course, these dates are when I became aware of the changes.  Since time is an illusion, and these happenings have already occurred, you may have felt it sooner or you will feel it later.  But the portals are open for you to experience these occurrences yourself,


        You may call me nutty, but I am not the only one who claims that Gaia and the Divine Feminine have ascended.  Check out:


But of course, feel this for yourself.  Feel the new currents of possibility pulsing through your veins...see the New Earth...time to "clean out your closet" my friends and family, so that we can embrace each other here and in the higher frequencies.  Your higher selves are waiting to meet you there too :)  If you feel these changes too, now is not the time to hide, but to share your visions, feelings and other sensitivities to give others hope for the now and the future. 


One Love, One Heart,




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