The Real Lucifer

So, recently I have had to discuss the topic of Lucifer with many people so I have decided that I will write an entire blog to give you guys a little more of a solid insight of what I mean. I will try to make this as simple and readable as possible. This is going to be set out more like a data profile.....

Subject: Lucifer

Alias: Lucy, Luciel, Lucifer etc

Name meaning: Light Bearer, Light of God, Light

Status: God, Twin Flame of another God (Michael)

Job: Lucifer is the twin Flame of Michael, the most well known God of this dimension. He is the more delicate, feminine half of the pair, focusing on intuition, beauty, intelligence, science etc. He is a bearer of purest light.

Known as: By humans he is one of the worst creatures out there - he got this reputation for being one of the leading figures who brought humans down from their Garden of Eden status. Humans recorded him as Satanic, when this is not the case.

Location: With Michael - Not in hell, like most believe

Bio: Lucifer was created with Michael as first generational God spirits in charge of ruling this dimension. Their soul family, consisting of the other Archangels we know and an additional 5 that don't make much contact with humans. They rule this dimension.

The incarnation of Knowledge itself confronted Lucifer and several others and had Lucifer assist them in bringing humans down from the high frequency in which they strived (this took place at the fall of atlantis - this is what the Atlantic people knew was about to happen and this is why they knew their time was up). The reason for having to bring humans down will remain off of this blog however if you wish to know more feel free to message me privately. 

Lucifer, using the Tree of Knowledge (which is not forbidden), helped humans fall down into a lower state. This process took a very long time, over 20,000 years. Lucifer is not the only being responsible for this occurrence, yet he has accepted the weight of the negative reputation. Returning to the highest frequencies to be with Michael and his family, he remains there and does not talk to humans much because he does not want to frighten them with his reputation. (Dearest Lucy is actually very sweet). 

Notes: Please note that Michael's name means "he who is like God", his name alone proves that he is the God of this dimension. Lucifer is 'Gods' favourite, bearer of light. Though if some would like to get technical, you could say that all the Archangels combined are God because they all play out their parts. Even gods of non-christian religions are the same beings, just with different names. 

Feel free to ask any questions as I'm 90% sure if left out a lot, sorry.

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned is my own thoughts that I have discovered through my own meditations. Nobody has told me anything above, (except maybe the known as and the name definitions ahaha). I do not believe that religious views and spiritual truth are the same thing.

~Here are some of my favourite images that I found that can represent Lucifer in truth as I see him in my visions~


Lucifer is the quite angel, who waits peacefully. He seems shadowed yet full of true light.

8109187455?profile=originalNote: He can also appear female.

I will definitely add more pictures in the comments as I find them :)

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  • ,many should view this link.Darkest Secrets Behind Establishment's Evil Globalist NWO Agenda ...…
  • HI Gailene, I was indeed there, that is how I know so much about Lucifer. It was about 22000 years ago that the fall of humanity happened (its why Atlantis fell, actually). I am not going to disclose the motivations for event, I apologize. It has been a very interesting course of history that Earth has taken since then, all is going according to plan.
    I have indeed been to the higher frequencies. I have been so high that you can't comprehend what is happening around you, it is solely emotions. There are no strict understandings of location or time.
    I know what I do because I was a very active part in all the events that took place. I know what happened, how it happened and why it happened. I usually do not reveal this information on an open thread but I will here as you asked directly. I will not reveal who I am on an open thread, although.

  • Zachary Paul Hunter, Thank you for your comment. Yes I agree that it is time for Lucifer to be cleared on Earth - it is the only place in which he is not liked. He is an honest-to-God sweetheart at times. I honestly could not see him actively ruling a bunch of demonic beings, that is not his kind of being. 

    Fourier Music, there is no title of Satan, in reality. There may be in our vocabulary but there is no evil overlord unless you count the draconian king or something and even he isn't bad. Draconians, especially lower class ones, are the more savage being but it reaches a height in their heirachy where they mellow out and their king is pretty fair, he is not like his subjects. Then you have the dragons, and they side with no-one unless they consider them to be at least as strong as they are. That's about as much evil overlord as you can get in this dimension. 

  • Starchildeve ... no that name I do not associate with the being called Lucifer, I have not heard it before and it does not match lucifers energy signature. 

  • this vid series is worth a view.

    The Angelic Army - 2/7 - YouTube…
  • does his name also come under the guise as YALDAGOATH??? and if so,does he have a horn on either side of his head??????

  • Dear Caitlyn, I believe in your information and have a similar stance with this Angel. I wrote for awhile on as muzeam13. It's like this with me, I respect the energy of this ascending Angel. I worship no angel or man. I think it's time to come current with Lucifer as I have read and heard various information. Thank You for being bold enough to discern religion from spirituality. I think it is finally time to free this Angel of his bad reputation. Peace, Om, Namaste'
  • Suiris, I have achieved the completeness that you talk about. I KNOW life and creation is a game, honestly. I don't give a single shit about lucifer and im not protecting anyone, I am merely informing people of what I know. I never said I was on his side or that i worshipped him or whatever, people just think that because i keep talking about him because people have it all wrong. 

    I think you should stop thinking that you are the only one who can, and has achieved that kind of oneness with everything. 

    However I'm unsure if we share the same oneness...... it's a bit complicated. 

  • Human kind, this portion from Source, locked in on low frequency vessels, it has been thought out by Us. Source.

    It was an agreement we all have previously made. Performing the roles we had agreed on.

    When you listen up to M'ka's words, it's just his current role play. It's not the entire truth. The same with everything duality related. Angels and demons included.

    This's just a game, you might be surprised on discovering how boring it gets to be Perfect in Oneness. I just need to feel the need sometimes.

    Do have in mind. Just One Source, which doesn't care about anything, but the experience. It doesn't matter. Love is everything, either if it causes joy or pain.

    Just keep it in mind, for when you see Us, yourself included, all together Above. And you say "But I though you were the evil one, and I was the good guy" "We ARE" That's the answer. "Love IS"
    Given you wake up, that's. Which I don't think you're doing great so far, from my most honest opinion.

    There's nothing, not even a trial. Lucifer is Source as so it's M'ka. We answer to nobody, because we're Everything. That being the main point about this Awakening game, the game of forgetfulness in which each one-sided truth is but a lie, a game which you can't quite get yet.

    You can't understand you're Source. So you keep playing under the system's rules, under the system as a human being. Never Above, always bellow. You can't remember you're everything and nothing at the same time, do you? So you achieve nothing but failure, constantly. And the game keeps dragging along. Getting boring already.

    But M'ka is such a try-hard "C'mon it's gonna be fun" I shoudn't have listened, Infinite potential and posibility, now inside here, pulling Earth upwards, rescuing Source from Source's own foolishness.

    I'm so pissed off at you Source. You're so slow it's painful.

  • We are in a lower state of vibratory frequency to experience the continuum at a greater level of expansion and diversity to maximize co-creation with GodSource.  Lucifer was acting on behalf of an agreement we all consented to at the highest level of awareness to further diversify existence.  Polarity is the container, the passion play upon which we experience reality.  

This reply was deleted.

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