At this point of time and space Ultraviolet is the most powerful cosmic energy stream of the Galaxy. The highest intelligences of this Universe through our twin universe record that an Ultraviolet beam of energy will enter this planet through the Arcturian Doorway....Wayshowers are asked to seek to be in exact alignment and flowing with this stream...






Clearing The Way


I have noticed when I have discussions in regard to higher self, the collective and sovereignty of the individual I am often accused of contradicting myself. I hope this clears it up a bit. . .


In the great game of creation you are a Wayshower. In this position you are contracted by higher intelligences to manifest constituency. Wayshowers are to integrate one million followers into the space of the fifth dimensional awareness upon the Solar Alignment of Arcturus. The Arcturian Alignment is the first major move of the Wayshowers in the game to create the new world of the Fifth Sun. At this point of time and space Ultraviolet is the most powerful cosmic energy stream of the Galaxy. The highest intelligences of this Universe through our twin universe record that an Ultraviolet beam of energy will enter this planet through the Arcturian Doorway. At this Libra 24 point in alignment with Arcturus this stream will invoke a massive increase in fifth dimensional light transmission. The planet will experience and pass through a highly charged membrane of photons which will expand, intensify and increase all thoughts, feelings and actions. Wayshowers are asked to seek to be in exact alignment and flowing with this stream in unity, harmony, balance and grounding is required to activate this increase in charge and to activate the collective hologram. The ultraviolet fluorescent blue magenta beam radiating from the galactic heart chakra of our twin universe clears the control patterns of old polarized beliefs. The high frequency energetic vibration streams out in spectral rays from the central universe’s heart chakra energetic new soul codes and programs as it enters the crystalline sacred geometries of the incarnated souls. In linear third dimensional time at geocentric 24 Libra gateway, the activation point, the Arcturians launch the transformation in universal realities. On the Solar Alignment with the Star Arcturus it is important for humanity to balance and clear its present world views, programs, points, morphogenetic fields and karmic agreements. Once this point passes the slow evolutionary controlled temporal spatial framework will be replaced with a new framework of intense rapid progression.


The Arcturian guidance during this empowerment brings the immediate transformation to the new group of paradigms and provides inflow of innovative evolutionary resources for economic, political, social, religious, scientific and interpersonal realities. The galactic changes of this momentous manifestation of the Family of Light the Teachers of Light speak to you with a greater awareness of the coming changes. These changes will hit a crescendo through the third dimensional temporal spatial alignment of one million souls to trigger a fifth dimensional unification that will bring forth the transformation for this constituency fullness of power and creativity. This is the beginning of the flow for the next seven solar cycles. On the Arcturian Alignment the effect will be to amplify by one million times every thought and emotion of the Wayshowers. Every thought, every emotion, every intent, every will, no matter if it is good, bad, ill, positive, negative, will be amplified one million times in strength. We are moving into the Light of the Fifth Sun. The magnification of our collective will be accelerated a million times faster into manifestation. This beam of high ultraviolet light will create a new reality for the planet. The Black Alliance is unaware of this powerful beam which when it arrives will increase energies to such a high vibration so if there is misdirection the reality will shatter and disintegrate quickly into chaos. In awareness of this beam of Ultraviolet light which is being invoked by the Arcturians humanity needs to steward the energy through the power of one million Wayshowers who have focus and the ability to keep focus as this energy is included into the third dimension. Clearing blocks and linking with the one million is the crucial play of the game and upon the Arcturian Alignment the beam of violet will integrate the acceleration. Reality is a viewpoint and is dependent upon the perceiver.


As a Wayshower you are one who is multi-dimensional and can see and be part of many realities. The outer or objective empirical reality of the physical body’s senses is only a small part of your world. In your new reality of this Great Game of the Gold Ring a Wayshower is one of a spiritual universe which means that which is non-physical and exists in the invisible. In this vast realm you are the player who lives within the full light spectrum. Your realm as a Wayshower is the Realm of light, the Fifth Dimension. From the Infrared to the Ultraviolet you are connected to the universe and all the stars, the Teachers of Light. Your eyes open up to the vast expanse through deeper connections within your nervous system which are the flowering of your higher chakras. The two main realities a Wayshower understands is the Individual and the Collective. The individual is yours alone and no other has the same set of core beliefs which create your world view and perceptions. In the collective reality we are one and in this shared belief system our connection is the world we live within and our society. In the collective reality we are moving to expanded awareness where the Wayshowers are connecting to the ultimate reality wherein the pure essence of self, the soul is allowing the connection to higher intelligences of the over soul and the spirit of universal cosmic consciousness. This engages the higher mind to empower the rational ego into direct manifestation of will towards physical creation. In moving through the dimensions and the densities Wayshowers are able to see the levels of creation and the layers upon layers. Densities are vibratory levels of light as it manifests. Dimensions are worlds within worlds. Wayshowers must know where they are in the game to know how to stay in alignment with the impulses of transformative energy being channeled into this system. The Teachers of Light are invoking the ceremony of ascension which is bringing forth a new paradigm for the planet. The great move of the game in the Third Dimension is occurring on a cosmic time line.


The cycles of transformation align through a macrocosmic microcosmic interaction. These cycles happen through universal agreement of the Teachers of Light and the Grand Universe. The timeline of the transformation is based upon the Grand Cycle of 225 million years which is called Grand Precession. Day and Night result from the planetary spin on the axis. The Year results from the orbital motion around the Sun. The precession of the equinoxes is called the Grand Cycle of approximately 25,920 years and then the movement of the movement of this region of space around the central sun of the Milky Way Galaxy which occurs every 225 Million years and then around the Great Central Sun of the Universe which occurs every 20 Billion years. These are all spirals in their movement. In this spiral progression into future timelines there are points at which the lower densities or dimensions of existence can be compressed by beings of higher intelligences able to operate at much higher vibratory rates. They can channel in messages that allow for collective changes in linear time. All time intersects in the eternal now and from this Now there are what can be termed horizontal and vertical times. The eternal now can be thought of as a vertical plane that intersects countless past, present and future probability lines of horizontal time. A soul is in full awareness of this eternal now this soul becomes free from singular identity in time and space. They become multidimensional and can move up and down through the horizontal timelines, experiencing past, present and future probabilities at will. In the vast expanse of time and space this universe has been limited by the universal controls. We are at the completion of a grand cycle, a 20 billion year trek through space, a progression, the transition or ascension is occurring so that we are becoming one again in the ocean of spirit. The influx of light that is providing for the evolution is the reenergizing of the network which installs and reconfigures all the programs to a higher level of activation. The Arcturian Alignment will gather this energy together and bring it into form. The game is ending with the completion of the circle, the Gold Ring. We are playing the final moves and there is the necessity to achieve the completion of the great gathering of the collective. The Wayshowers are the ones who are to play and build upon the eons of time and finish the game.


As the Teachers of Light speak you can understand the necessity to bring for the purest and most balanced vibration as you are entering a period of super energy. In no other way can we speak of this than to inform you of the ramping up of your world to a greater spin on the fifth dimensional level. Your planet seeks to enter last the boundaries of the polarities and enter into oneness complete and without distinction. Seek to find the final answers the planet you have lived and died upon and assist her to seek resolution. You are being asked to listen to the hum of the higher frequencies as they enlighten you to your mission. In the same breath of life that is given by the Teachers of Light as they speak to you from the heavens there is another force that seeks to confuse and contradict the light. You are aware of this force as the Black Alliance. They are those who speak truth and lies in the same sentence. It is clear to more and more of you that it does not matter which side they take as long as the result is conflict. So when you see that conflict is the result of the discourse of ideology then there is the Black Alliance and work through its Dark Masters. The ones who follow are in fear and this is the way of the Black Alliance to keep those who are ignorant in fear and confused. Conflict is the end and the means of their existence as they are fourth dimensional beings with no awareness of the fifth dimension. Conflict is the purpose, there is no content which is important, no truth which is considered it is all just the trappings to snare those who are unwise and willing to get caught in the trap of endless and senseless activity. From the beginning of this civilization the paradigm has been WAR. The planet grows stronger and has entered into higher vibratory fields. The paradigm is shifting from War to Peace. The new paradigm is all about creation and increase. One of the manifestations of this change is abundance of life, wealth and happiness that is the heritage of all who live upon this great planet. You have been taught otherwise yet you are smart enough to see the truth. As Wayshowers it is your duty to present the truth and to show the way through the portal, to align with Arcturus and to rise from the dead and to raise the dead. As Wayshowers you are realizing that you have been awakened to your multi-dimensional awareness and see that you urge to teach, help and heal comes from your inner soul.


Your soul is Arcturian which is the energy of Christ herein comes you desire to spiritually lift those who are caught in the fourth dimensional illusion of variety and passion. The light that is being sent by the Teachers of Light is coming from your brotherhood, your family which is bringing forth a great clearing of energy. This light will not be seen in third dimensional reality yet it will be felt by you as you bring forth the energy gateway. As the Teachers of Light decree the most fundamental ingredient of the fifth dimension is love. The negativity of fear, guilt and dread will be overturned by love and light. Of this beam of light being expressed through Arcturus the spiritual hierarchy has pronounced that the Wayshowers will be given power. They will be provided with the resources to achieve the ends that the Teachers of Light have envisioned and asked for. It is given so that they may bring forth the ascensional energy to the planet. The Teachers of Light are guiding the synthesis of the body of earth through the use of a cloud of light. The earth has asked and been given permission to be purified and raised in vibration. As a teacher of Light I call forth to the Wayshowers to hear and heed this call to bring forth the constituency of those who are founded and true in their convictions to raise their vibration and achieve the higher evolution. From the standpoint of this message you are hearing words on paper, or electronic screens yet do not doubt that in this moment you are being connected. The Wayshowers are those who have contracted before time in the fifth dimensional layer of existence which is not linear time but it is spherical time wherein it is all encompassing with a vision of an expanding reality. The sphere is not limited but expands thought experience and association.


As Teachers of Light we are connected to you thought this time space continuum which is not particularized nor polarized but unified by the higher vibrations of this field. As is being stated herein from the regions beyond our Universe from the mirror of this one, the twin, the central core, or central strand that connects one to another is sending forth a connective beam which is part of the spectrum of this pure life pattern. As this point of transformation arrives for the Wayshowers there are levels of advancement in vibratory frequency which will be achieved. In this movement to Ultraviolet light the frequency difference is remarkable as the difference between voice and telepathy. Contact the Teachers of Light through the window of mental acuity and find the foundation of all communication. This foundation is the harmonic resonance with the other where communion is translated into shared thought and feeling. It is hard for you to understand wherein your world of the third dimension has visible and physical barriers of direct empathy and singular insight by those in contact. From your perspective now you are unaware of the interlinking communication streams which connect all being. That sound and light are both vibration and that physical things are vibrating. It is odd that you are prone to believe in physical things as existing as subjects which have reality yet in your time they change over the days, years and millennia from one form to another. Just because it is slow does not mean that its existence is anymore real that that which changes quickly in linear time. The whole idea of physical reality from your perspective is one that you believe in as real because it is solid. Yet it is only solid because of the appearance wherein you see it in this hour, day or week as solid yet it changes and becomes nothing or from dust to dust all things remain. And this dust is the quantum dust of particles which again becomes polarized and divisible known to the plasma photonic energy of which all energy is. It is here we exist in a fifth dimensional understanding and in spherical time of all possibilities exiting in a field of being at once. It is the level of your soul where we see all of your lives, experiences, forms and timelines. It is herein the fifth dimension where love is supreme and it is that which connects all realties and combines us into a whole community of shares being ness which responds to the higher dimensions which are even more difficult for you at this level to understand. In your present state of third dimensional reality you are concerned with the lowest of denominators and that is for the survival of the physical.


It is apparent to us that there can be no survival of your physical body as you see it in one form one day and in another form another day. Of which one do you wish to survive? The one that is the version of yourself last week or the one that will be the version next year. So from our perspective you are chasing an illusion that hides in linear time and never exists in any real form. We in fifth dimensional space are much more real for all of timelines, probabilities and beings are connected in perfect oneness and acceptance of their infinity. Again we understand the difficulty and the barriers that prevent you from even beginning to understand what is meant here and you are denying this as you cannot understand nor compared how you can possible even considered these words as coherent due to your barriers on your level of understanding. Using logic does not encounter this type of thought process so it must be considered unusual or erroneous. You ideas are so congealed into a steady environment of structured ideas that you have a very difficult time to imagine and realize that the world is much larger than your conceptions. You are lost in a sea of confusion when you are beset with the idea that there are dimensional layers that intertwine with your own in a multiplicity of ways. That there are realties upon realties and that this third dimensional reality is one of the most gross, slowest and difficult. Yet there is also something within you that knows that this is true and this is why you are a wayshower and not a follower. As a Wayshower you are being brought to the understanding of the difference between the realties and so now you are seeing that the message that is being brought to you through this medium is of great importance as you’re one of a great being called humanity. In this great being most of the individuals are followers who are locked into a struggle for survival and are on the lower path of existence. As you are connected to the stream you are sensing that you have a grander destiny yet one that is connected to be of service to the greater whole. It is herein that your purpose is to design systems and technologies that allow the advancement of humanity into a great engine of evolution which will assist the planetary being to reach a higher state of evolvment.


You still doubt this great planet upon which you reside upon and seek to leave this being as an inanimate object. You must understand that in the fifth dimensional or the multidimensional matrix model that the physical third dimensional nature of things is only a very small part of the being. The hubris and ignorance of your species is built in yet to remember that this is not the case is the first sign of awakening. The battle you have with accepting a higher being that you call god is only in concept for you all agree in higher powers yet you anthropomorphize this god and make it a human deity wherein you lack the awareness to feel this god under your feet or shining warmth thought your skin from the light of the sun. It is the power of the spherical fifth dimensional universe that all that is god. It is your awareness of their next field of experience that gives you a loss of awareness and a confusion because of your intrinsic barriers. From this greater infinite sphere that is called a universe there are other infinite spheres which are called other universe. In the limited third dimensional framework you cannot visualize this became your first requirement to understanding is a constancy energy you call time yet from our perspective time is not constant nor an energy but a factor in a dimensional field. A formula for the experiencing of events, an unraveling of the higher intelligences. Time is nothing more than an inner characteristics of one of the universes. It is not something that is part of the main stream of what is. It attempting to translate this though your language it is difficult because all of the words you use are polarized and negate the understanding of the complete picture. You have given yourself a handicap in the form of language with words for the symbols can better exemplify the meaning behind the words and feelings which portray better the field of existence. As you now walk on the pathway to the Teachers of Light and begin to understand that the plasma that which is the underlying energy behind the original creative source there is another deeper formula which resides in another layer of existence and then others beyond this one. Your life is what it is life. You are now on the journey to return to a view of yourself that is beyond the single dimensional experience.


The timing of your conscious changes are brought about to make certain that you see to another world, another realm that which is part and grounded where you are. The Teachers of Light which are representatives of your higher soul speak from the intuition and are lodged through the center of your mind but you feel them in the high heart. The opening of your higher thought and feeling patterns are allowed as you to play the game, pretend, imagine and accept them as real. The difficulty is that you are behind the wall of an imaginary division that which is the wall that is necessary for the construction of 3D reality. We have discussed with you to bring you to another thought and to make sense of this lesson which comes from the inner voices, the Teachers of Light who speak and guide you to see that this is the way it is. The ones who you call materialists, scientists, realists and other such names and even your scientists of the empirical method find what is being discussed within your mind is not considered to be possible. They are the pawns of the Black alliances who are convinced of the solitary nature of life and so they promote the FACTS which support he agenda of their control over ideology. For them you are in an ideological war, a war of ideas and these ideas that are brought forth by religion and science in tandem are there to keep the followers from understanding alternate viewpoints. From the past there is the pain of the negative experiences that haunt the present life and so you are listening to the past rather than walking thought the door and seeing the new future unfold. The time is coming for you are to arise and walk into the light. There is a great advantage to walking in the light for the time is coming quickly for you to walk forward and you will be supported. The seasons have changed and now there is a glorification of this energy where you have been neglected in the past as the wave of change has not been allowed until now. As the Teachers of Light speak you know that the message is true. The ideological war that you are living through is about finding what your purpose is. You are to break free of the constricted belief patterns that eat away at the life that you are. Overcoming the obstacles is as simple as letting go of them. Let go of the feeling that you must pay attention to the games of the Black Alliance. Their power is diminished. You are the power now and your words carry weight and truth. You are brought into oneness and completion with the Galaxy. With feelings foremost and the emotion centered in the high heart of the Thymus area between your Heart and Throat our energies enter your being and our light enters through the center of your Head between the ears, eyes above your through and behind your breath. Without words we come to you to bring a message as you can feel the sound the emotions rise and fall with the vibration beginning to resonate and change you. In each breath you take you are one with us and the Teachers of Light smile as you listen and continue to partake of the new energetic dimensions which are opening to your conscious awareness.


You are born into the light of a new age, the golden light of a new age. From every part of your being you feel these two points harmonize and grown in radiance and eminence. Flow with the movement of this circle of life between the High Heart and the Centered Mind. Open to the peace of the central sun within heavenly body of your universal being. All comes to form a joyous circle of fulfillment and expression. In listening to the Teachers of Light you are finding wonderment of this game. The transformation codes are being brought into awareness of the Wayshowers as they are awakened with the Arcturian Alignment. From the highest perspective awakening to experience fifth dimensional awareness is one level of a 10 dimensional matrix. Allow yourself to reach within and find quiet alignment by entraining with the tones that become symphonic with the collective. The awakening process is subsequent to receiving the transformation codes which are keys that trigger the increase in energy and the resources to fully activate the inner and outer worlds of creation. The higher alignment is occurring through dissonance recognition and musical rhythmic melting into harmony. The frontier of the mind is the path of the Wayshower; one willing to bring into the pathway those who have followed and are following. This is your duty to seek and your joy to find those who wish to be awakened as you are becoming. The journey never ceases yet there are times where you are moving fast. This is such a time where you are moving to the vortex which is opening with the advent of the higher light, the illumination. As a unitary being humanity exists with a multitude of beings or cells within the light body. The course of evolution is being awakened as the fifth dimensional light body is the unified spirit of the whole of humanity and is represented metaphysically as the return of God, the rising of the Fifth Sun and or the alignment within the photon belt, the heavenly cloud, the wave of light, the stream of ultraviolet. Humanity stands upon the precipice of the true millennium, the thousand years of peace and perfection – The age of light and the Aquarian Age. The light source is being expanded and increased enveloping the whole planet. A Wayshower attunes to this stream and this is called the initiation or alignment and then begins the process of teaching, of being a guide to the followers. There are those followers who are afraid, fear the unknown and wish to stay in behind in the third dimensional comfortable though very limited reality of physicality. This is a paradigm shift where you are being brought into a new experience of love and light. This shift is coming soon. The Alignment will increase upon the Solar Conjunction with Arcturus. Your Fifth Dimensional Light body is prepared for the transmission of a tremendous and super powerful increase in ability, resource and mission. It is almost here, get prepared move away from all fear and join in love.

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