Dr. Angela Barnett
AKA Crystalai, Of the Breath of Light,
Bezelda the Mermaid, and hundreds of
other Souls

Please use the simple diagrams below to plant in your mind this simple meditation that will allow you to connect your Soul within you to the Soul of Mother Earth.

How to Ascend Instructions (

First, you need to know that your Soul has always been a piece of Mother's Earth's Soul.

As a result of all of the chaos, wars and destruction between race lines who have lived on this Planet Earth, our Soul Frequencies that are the Soul of Earth, were completely dismantled.

Just a few years ago, the Kalendee (a seventh dimensional race line who are the highest scientists in this Galaxy) finished repairing the original 144,000 DNA TEMPLATES of the Souls that were the original Soul of Earth.

Now, that imprint of our Souls, which is also our Divine Blue Print and our DNA can be used to return CONSCIOUSNESS TO EARTH.

Believe it or not, Earth would had been completely UNCONSCIOUSNESS by 2017 if the Central Portal was not completed in time for the arrival of the ORIGINAL ONES. The ORIGINAL ONES maintained their original Souls of perfect DNA and they were able to raise the frequencies of Earth enough to keep her alive for a few more years.

Now is the time for all of YOU SOULS who live on Earth to re-connect your Soul down into the Center of Earth where your original perfect Soul DNA has been returned.

(Don't worry if you are not one of the original 144,000 because the Kalendee continued their work until the completed all Souls on Earth.

NOW YOU KNOW WHY WE NEED TO USE THE DIAGRAM BELOW to help you picture in your mind how to place your body in an orb, travel in that orb down a portal that you create in your mind, and place your Soul in the Center of the Earth. Stay down there for awhile, and listen to this music that will help you align your template into your new Soul template


Each time you practice this technique of realigning your ONENESS WITH THE SOULD OF EARTH and then riding in your ORB back up into the CRUST OF EARTH, which is 12 inches below your feet, you are placing the ENERGY and FREQUENCIES of your Soul back into the GRIDS of EARTH.

Focusing first on going to the Center of the Earth and then riding through the Portal back up to 12 inches below your feet. The area 12 inches below your feet is where the Original CHRIST GRID was placed within the Earth trillions of years ago.

That Grid had all of its energy removed. Some of you will remember how we used the

scalar wave generators to re activate the grids back to one hundred percent.


Now that the Grids are activated, we each must place our SOUL ENERGY back into the GRIDS.

Please begin by studying the charts that show a stick figure body standing on the Earth, and how that body connects to the 12 dimensional- Universal Christ Sphere and the Cosmic Sphere . that is to show you that your body is filled with the light frequencies of the entire Universe. You are connecting to your complete Universal Orb and bringing all of that Original DNA back into your heart and Soul and then riding down and placing that energy back into your Soul in the Center of the Earth and then back into the UNIVERSAL CHRIST GRID 12 inches below your feet.

The meditations in this NEW ASKCENSION KIT are designed to help you with this journey.


Because the more people who do this, the faster the frequencies of this Mass Consciousness will rise to 88%.

When we reach 88 percent, all sorts of wonderful things will start happening. We will starting the alignment into the Consciousness that be completely healed, restored and have the original MAGIC restored to Earth.


How to Ascend Instructions (

- formulas and meditative journeys into ascension



Most basic formulas and meditative journeys into ascension from the training of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse.




The New Steps of Ascension


We are Light begins the explanation of how man what made from the Image and Likeness or the Divine Template or Idea in the Mind of God and was created through the Light of Illumination.


The meditations provide the understanding, the journey in consciousness we take to link our consciousness to the specific frequency signatures of our transformation. The actual breaths that are created from these journeys in consciousness are provided within the meditation.


The second meditation in the listening booth provides the codes from the Spiritual Universe that bring the activation of the spiritual into the physical to eliminate the polarization of matter and antimatter.


Please listen to the above recordings, and if this feels like something that is helping you to move forward in your understanding, you may purchase the entire set of meditations.


They are titled the



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