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The Pleiadian High Council: The Gifting of Technology and Revelations ~ via Wes Annac

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Our consciousness and the consciousness of the craft in which many of us take home, are quite linked. We have built our craft in our Divine image and imparted upon it the consciousness that sees it able to perform many duties without our Guidance. We have not programmed our ships to do the jobs which are needed throughout our endeavors in helping the Earth, rather we work with our technology to produce the results that we desire.

Upon entering and getting used to flying our craft, you all will become much better able to understand the effect that each and every thought and impression will have upon the direction and intention of the craft and where the craft will be headed.

A very key part of our initial landings and giving of technology will be letting you dear souls try out flying around in our craft. This will be coordinated in a safe manner as it is understood [by us] that you will be familiarizing yourselves with such craft, and this will be done in a way that will ensure no crashes or destruction as you familiarize yourselves with our craft and the general way that they operate, as well as the fact that they are genuine consciousness which will respond to your thoughts and impressions.

For example, one who is feeling and holding negative emotions within would not resonate with the energies of our craft, and our craft would likely wish to be removed from the vicinity of the individual based on the sheer energy and emotion that the individual would be bringing forth.

This is because our craft are much like us, in that they are ascended fifth dimensional souls who do not resonate with the lower dimensions. We say not to worry of angry souls affecting our craft in negative way upon our giving of such craft to you, because [by the time the crafts are given] the overall collective energies would have vastly grown away from such lower densities and negativity that would hurt our craft, energetically and emotionally as well as directionally.

You will be introduced to our craft in a way that is not too overwhelming, and we will first have our craft set to what you would best understand as the ‘autopilot’ feature whenever allowing you to test them out.

By this we mean that we will not at first be giving you the features of the craft which will immediately respond to every thought and impression that you give, as much of humanity has not yet Mastered their emotions and impressions enough to be able to handle the sensitive and rapid nature in which our craft respond.

Though the Light quotient will again, be much purer upon our showing of our craft to you and our allowing you to fly around with our craft, it will still be important to ensure safety as many will still be undergoing the most intense phases of their ascension processes as you are all exposed to truths and revelations that will change you and bring you away from your former third dimensional Lives.

We anticipate already, the willingness in many of you to fly around in our craft and we can feel that this anticipation is being felt as many absorb this communication. We say that the showing and giving of our craft will be one very small facet of the technology and revelations alike that will be given.

You are to be given portable, handheld free-energy devices which will also respond to the thoughts and impressions given. There will be an easy process of adjusting and integrating your own personal energies into this technology, in the same manner that we integrate our energies into the consciousness of the craft which we Create.

We note that many of you Love personalizing and stylizing your cell phones and your various other handheld technology, in ways that show your specific signatures. We say that our technology will [allow] the ultimate form of your doing this, as you will literally be working with this technology by funneling an aspect of your own consciousness within it.

Upon finishing this process, you will find your technology responding immediately to the thoughts, feelings and impressions that you give out, and you will find that as it is imbued and endowed with your energy, it will instantly know your favorite places of travel among many other things, and will be able to transport you to such places.

Methods of transport with our technology are far from sparse.

We are going to offer you a very wide range of ways to make your travels, including stargate technology that could be considered quite ancient in the face of other technology. There will be the stargate option for those specifically interested in stargates, and there will be the option for one to own a craft which one will increasingly become used to as one’s personal energy is endowed more and more within such craft, and there will be as well the handheld, free-energy based technology that will be given to all and that will itself be a fragment and aspect of your overall soul-consciousness.

This device which has been discussed before, will enable you to make holographic or video phone calls, will allow you an instantaneous travel with [built in] technology similar to that of the stargate, and will be able to do a plethora of other things that the ego-limits of our scribe are simply not allowing us to explain, due to the sheer difference in reality that such features are and will bring.

Your perceptions are to be shattered in bold ways that are to see your realities expanded exponentially, and the giving of our technology will fill you with the very same Lighted and free energy that our presence upon your surface is to bring.

You have been following updates on the ongoing financial situation on your world, and you have long heard of the temporary new financial system that is in place for during and after the fall of your current system, which has been based only in debt and in a feeding of the elites as they have given themselves gross sums of money by manipulating this former system.

We expect difficulty to be very small and short-lasting, but how events play out specifically in relation to the fall of your current financial system and the implementation of the new, temporary one, will depend on how the collective of humanity reacts when greeted with such issues.

Many have made the call for you dear, beautiful incarnate Lightworkers to do all that you can to quell the fear and chaos that could be garnered in the immediate period ahead amongst the unawakened populace, as we intend for one truth and perceived ‘leak’ to cause a cascade of truth and Light. What we mean by this is that we intend for one strong, intense event that is going to get the collective’s attention, and as this attention is garnered we intend to use the manifestation of such an event to segway into the many truths of what has been done on your world.

The fabled announcements will be ongoing for some time and while there have been many planned broadcasts and discussions, both pre-taped and live as things are being explained, we cannot go into specifics at this time about the nature of these discussions or how they are to be presented and brought about, as the events surrounding the announcements and the methods in which we are bringing them about must be kept in secrecy at this time.

This is why you have not heard much talk [as of late] from channeled sources on the actual commencement and planning of the announcements, as they are a small and needed facet of your overall awakening and collective enlightenment and while they are important, they must be kept in secrecy at this moment as we explain instead very many other angles and facets of the giving of truths and technology to your world.

We have long made appearances before you and you have all inhabited various societies wherein you accepted us and wherein you didn’t, and the technology that you will be given will be technology that you have seen before and interacted with during numerous societies.

We gave you many technologies in your ancient civilizations that were based from the Earth and that utilized the ‘grid points’ of energy upon your Earth to harness the free energy prevalent within dear Gaia, within the atmosphere of dear Gaia and all throughout what you would call ‘space’ in this beautiful Creation.

This energy manifests the oil that runs through Gaia’s underground, and where there is an abundance of energy along many grid points there will usually be an abundance of oil as well, as oil is a dense form of this energy that can be and has been utilized for dense, pollution-based purposes.

The very souls who have built numerous oil refineries over important spots and over the technology of such spots that was harnessing free energy which was feeding advanced technology that we gave to many awakened, ancient societies; the souls who initiated these actions long knew of the benefits of free-energy based technology  and themselves utilized and reaped their rewards.

They have simply wished to keep the collective unawakened as to the nature in which Gaia truly provides for all of your needs, and they have wished for you instead to feel and feed that they are your providers, that they are the only ones who can provide all of that which you need.

The dark heads on your world honestly believe with very much of themselves, that if they were to depart the surface of your world your society would collapse.

As they view themselves as having singlehandedly built up your world and current societies as they stand today, they feel honestly that without the control they have placed upon you, humanity as a collective would not be able to survive and you would all begin rioting and looting as your society ‘crumbled’.

We wish not to associate our energies with such feelings but it must be expressed that for so very long, the dark heads have thought themselves as the ‘good guys’ in attempting to enact a one world government wherein they reign supreme and in attempting to cleanse your world of races which are not bred out of [their bloodlines].

They are to realize in the immediate period ahead that the collective of humanity is perfectly able to get along and advance along your Cosmic growth cycles as you have meant to. You are to see in the immediate period ahead, a mass coming-together of humanity as the collective compassion which is beginning to be built upon with the surfacing of tragic events which have served to jar awake the majority of the collective, begins to be expressed. This will build into a full-on Uniting and coming-together of humanity that will take place before your very collective eyes.

Whereas at present many of you keep yourselves locked up and separated from those around you, you will note the separation that you have felt with your neighbors and you will note the strong, pure and real sense of Unity and sense of a collective spirit and consciousness that has truly been there and has truly exited all along; you have simply been unaware of its existence.

Each and every one of you is energetically linked with each other, as you are the collective of Earth. Just as each cell within your Earthly body is individual yet United, you are all the cells of Gaia and whenever you come together to give the Love that is needed for dear Gaia to see the ascension of Her surface out, a relationship and trust is rediscovered and built-upon that one would have never expected were one to view your current society and the ways in which you war.

We delightfully note whenever an idea is Created in the mind of a dear Earth soul, and the idea is sent and recreated in the mind and heart of another who could be thousands or millions of miles away. Time and distance are no factors in the collective sending of energy back and forth, and you are all maintaining unconscious connections at this very moment, with every soul who is close to you and every soul who can even barely be on your minds or in your thoughts.

Any time you have a thought about a person or place, this thought is energy that will automatically be directed to the soul or place that it was intended. You all make very strong and intense effects upon each other whenever thinking of one another in any light, and many will notice that the moods of some souls can seem to change quite rapidly at times.

We say that this is in many cases because the soul is being sent lower energy from one source or another, which will always fit in it their own egotistical patterns and influences.

The lessons that have been learned by many of you and that are continuing to be learned, have centered around learning to Master one’s emotions and the events that you are bringing through yourselves to manifest.  You are becoming the Masters that your evolution is meant to see you become, and this work is yours to do and is coming to you at all times, as the old paradigm disintegrates more and more within your sphere of experience.

We ask you to remain patient and easy with yourselves and with those around you as former mindsets and heart sets begin to manifest in many. We wish you to know that the surfacing of former, lower mind and heart sets in the Loved ones of many of you is a temporary process that, provided the Loved one does not hang on or stay attached to their former vestiges of self coming through, will only be temporary and will only last as long as the transmutation process will allow.

Much energetic uprooting needs still to be performed on an individual level before many of you will be resonating with the energies that we will be giving, and we say that whenever we make our first initial contacts with you and whenever we begin showing ourselves to your world and landing on your ground for all to see, we will be showing ourselves within a specific type of technological energy that will see us able to express our full and pure form on your surface, without being brought down by the collective density.

There may indeed still be much collective density and fear being fed and expressed upon our arrival on your world, which is why special provisions and measures have been taken to ensure that you are able to see and perceive of us in our full, fifth dimensional human forms, without becoming too overwhelmed and without us becoming too overwhelmed by the density of your surface world.

Many of us will still choose to dim our Light and the auric colors that we give, so as to show our human forms in ways that you will be more comfortable with perceiving. There will be some, however, who will choose to ‘glow’ and express their auras and colors in full, true and beautiful ways, and we tell you that the sheer beautiful nature in which this will come about will see little fear in the collective of humanity.

Upon our initial showings of our ships and upon the televised coverage of such showings [not an Olympic reference], we will be making very brazen and bold showings of ourselves to you as such showings are picked up unanimously by all of your mainstream media news outlets.

We will be exposing our ships during the day time in a full colored and glowing beauty (1), and while we do not wish to give out a date for this occurrence we say that it is inevitable and when it occurs, we expect much less fear than one would expect in much of humanity.

This is because while the sightings will indeed be very bold and brazen, we intend to expose our ships in a way that will show you the intense and higher dimensional beauty, of them and of the auras of color and energy which surround them and exist within them.

We will be sending out a specific brand of calming and healing energy from our ships and through many willing Earthly souls who will find themselves conduits for such energies and will find a resulting mellow, Lightened and unbelievably-calm and collected effect, and such souls have volunteered themselves and their temples to be conduits for this Light and to subconsciously connect with our technology which will be giving you this calm energy.

Many who are absorbing and reading this communication are those who have [subconsciously] volunteered themselves to be conduits for this energy, though others have volunteered instead to act as calmers and subduers of any fear that may be garnered in the unawakened collective.

We tell you that we will be giving you this calm energy upon our arrival, not to force you into any type of complacency or submission, as all of you will feel this calm attempting to reach the fore of your perception and will have the complete choice as to whether or not you wish to let it in you whenever seeing our ships.

Simply viewing our ships will see this calming energy make its way to you in ways that many of you will notice right away, especially those who are more sensitive to movements and adjustments of energy within yourselves.

You will see and feel the beautiful color of our ships and shortly after, you will see one of us in a simple fifth dimensional human form. We will eventually show ourselves as glowing and radiating similar auric colors and frequencies to those of our ships but again, we want to ensure [humanities understanding of] our closeness with you by displaying the very human temples of many of us who have been working actively to assist you in your evolution.

Dearest souls, we are not aliens – we are Galactic humans who have watched you along your various civilizations and attempted to intervene whenever your collective freewill allowed, to share advancements along your growth and octave of enlightenment, as a collective and as individuals.

The higher Councils and forces overseeing the ascension of your world have decreed the events which are about to progress, and while we will be making ourselves known to you in very direct ways, we must point to the fact that even most of the information we are giving you is based on plans which have been drawn up entirely by your Ascended Masters in accordance with the higher Earthly Councils overseeing your world and Her ascension at this time.

We are acting as newscasters of sorts and letting you in on some of the extents of the plans which the Ascended Masters have drawn up for the ascension of your world and the events which are to precede your ascension, and without giving out dates we can tell you that the dates which have been passed very recently will act in accordance with the dates which are about to be passed, and this will see an impetus to end the stalling and bring forth in a very timely and rapid fashion, all of that which you have been hearing about for so very long.

One way or another, we are to get the attention of your world in very bold ways. We say that with bold enough sightings which could not be ignored in your mainstream media no matter how hard it was attempted to do so, we would be able to make our presence known despite the control and hesitance to broadcast the truth of our existence and our wish to assist your world in your evolution.

Many are finding a resonance with our ships during your dreamscape interactions and as you are beginning to remember and consciously recall your dreamscape Light Ship interactions, you are growing this much closer to our energy; the energy which you happily absorb and work with during your many dreamscape interactions.

You are becoming more and more comfortable with our presence, and the very idea of the possibility of our existence and Lighted interest in your world is beginning to seep through and make itself known as well.

Each and every one of you are Loved infinitely and beyond measure, and we depart now whilst reminding you that the interactions many of you are beginning to remember are more real than you could ever imagine.

Your dreams have long been meant to give you encoded messages but with the recall that is taking place within many of you of the very real night time interactions which have been taking place, we trust that you will be able to discern what is real and what is meant as symbolism whenever recalling dreamscape interactions.

We are to be with you so very shortly and you will see and feel the realities of our presence on your world and of our technology alike and as you integrate yourselves into the technology that you will be given and find the resulting Lightened states of consciousness and the resulting ability to travel anywhere on your world and find a freedom that is at present unknown, you will look back upon your currently-limited Earthly experiences and bless the dark souls who had once thought they could permanently trap you within such confines.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.


Wes Annac is a nineteen year old walk-in with a very close relation to the Pleiadians.  

(1) Let us remember, dear friends, that specific plans such as ships decloaking during the day time in full color, are subject to change as events and factors unfold. Other concrete happenings such as the giving of technology are a bit more set in stone. At this moment, daytime decloakings seem to be the plan for the ships’ unveilings.

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Comment by Kathy Vertongen on September 18, 2012 at 10:04am

euh... is it possible to apply for both : craft & certain stargate accesses ?... I know That's maybe asking a bit too much, but then, who never asks, never gets hey :-/ :)... Tired of waiting & trance&dance until transcendance reveals our back-uped interface!!! Hoplààà ready to meet some new spacebuddy's & that PLEASE, before personall hard disks are being shut off & reconfigurated with that same karmic program again...!!! Time's almost up!! need to move fastforward, be upgraded & see something more harmonious then all that dark puppeteercast in a stupid 3-density-plot with no interest & no fun what so ever!!! This society configuration is now really BORING!!!

Comment by E yani A on August 7, 2012 at 10:16pm

Wes we wait, with open arms and minds, let us assist you in any manner as seen fit. " How Can We Help"

It is the time that we truly resonate with mother Gaia and help heal all mis-deeds  she has had to indure. THE TIME IS NOW. Let us shine forth. Namaste, Peace.

Comment by Lady Morgaine on August 4, 2012 at 6:44am

Thank you so much, Wes.... Blessings to You Always!

Lady M

Comment by stardust78 on August 2, 2012 at 9:04pm

I hope we will not need to work so hard as we are used to. This is kind of slavery and I think humanity was born to be free not slave. I hope by the end of the year we can enjoy abundance, peace and love thanks to these new technologies.

Comment by Drekx Omega on August 2, 2012 at 6:49pm

Thanks Wes....there is much here that resonates...and important that people learning about advanced GFL tecnologies understand that sentient consciousness actually resides within the ships themselves...They are based on collectives of the devic lifeforms that inhabit their hulls....


And such a timely reminder that our space kin are not "aliens," but rather beloved family members...who love us very, very much....

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on August 2, 2012 at 8:43am

Very good Wes, It is all true as far as I can tell. Many of the things I have already been through but many more I am waiting to experience along with my brothers. Many of us have waited a lifetime, through many changed plans but now we seem to be getting confirmation from many sources,that these things are now going to finally happen. I know the world and the universe rejoices with us at long last, we are all coming home to meet,at last. Adonai

Comment by Wes Annac on August 1, 2012 at 7:53pm

Beautiful Feather Winger!! :) 


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