We can feel the frustration in much of humanity when many months seem to go by with [seemingly] no actual happenings...The unconscious parts of humanity are being prepared for mass disclosures with the publishing of many subtle articles of disclosure...Pay close attention dear souls...of so many pure energies and to the continual building-up of the disclosure announcements that are to hit you like a ton of bricks whenever you see such things on your TVs.



-Channeled through Wes Annac-





The purity of the expression of the Logos energy that is you will continue to be increased as your beautiful and marvelous ascension process continues to take off in ever purer leaps and bounds. We can feel the frustration in much of humanity when many months seem to go by with [seemingly] no actual happenings, but we should say that there has been a buildup of sorts of these many events to manifest.


You are seeing a very subtle stage of this buildup in progress in this very moment, and you have been witnessing this subtle stage occurring and unfolding for some time now. Pay close attention dear souls, to each and every time you see an article in your mainstream about how scientists have discovered new planets that they think could harbor Life. Pay attention to any mainstream disclosures that you feel may be significant in view of the coming changes, for these disclosures have begun trickling down again, in subtle ways.


The unconscious parts of humanity are being prepared for mass disclosures with the publishing of many subtle articles of disclosure, and each time you hear of a planet discovered or a ‘new’ bacteria that scientists feel could be producing Life on other worlds, just know that you are being prepared for the admission that Life is abundant all throughout this beautiful Creation of ours.


Whenever you see or hear of a new planet, an unconscious part of you is automatically directed to the subject of ‘alien’ planets and extraterrestrial Life. Those parts of yourselves whom for the most part you do not feel or recognize during you daily existence, know fully of all that is to transpire and have been preparing even many unawakened souls for many disclosures and revelations, though of course for the most part the slumbering humanity does not realize this is taking place.


We hope dearly that you can take solace in the fact that those who are still unawakened on your world or seemingly cut off from the energies and truths of the higher realms, are still experiencing ascension just as you are and are still working in conjunction with their higher selves and many aspects of their higher selves to prepare themselves to be better able and ready to absorb the many disclosures, revelations and changes that are to unfold on your surface in a very short amount of your fading concept of time.


This month of May is to be a very important energetic month, and while we will not at this time speak to the physical events set to occur in this month of May if all goes as planned, the purity of energies that are to make their way to you with the coming and passing of your current month are to set the stage for the energetic and physical manifestation of so very many beginning changes that you have been waiting for, for so very long.


Indeed, each month in your calendar is and has ben crucial to the bringing-forth of so many pure energies and to the continual building-up of the disclosure announcements that are to hit you like a ton of bricks whenever you see such things on your TVs.


Of course it has been spoken of endlessly how fast everything is going to come up on your world, and the many things that we have to share with you are going to surprise and shock you, which is why such a buildup and gradual, subtle and small disclosure is needed [at first] . The preparation that humanity has been given has been extremely fleeting, and when we say this we mean as well for awakening humanity, for each and every one of you who have been waiting for these changes for decades of your time are still going to feel vastly unprepared when so many revelations begin pouring forth.


You may feel a bit caught out of the blue, and upon the beginning disclosures we can feel already that many of you will be evaluating and re-evaluating your own previous stances on how long these changes have taken to happen.


As hard as a truth as this is for us to acknowledge because we must do everything we can to stay away from any types of lower energies, much density and many lower energies have been directed at us souls here in the Galactic Federation and in many other Organizations who are assisting your world at this time, due to the pace of events manifesting on your beautiful world.


We can say that we have only been here to help, as while we are all indeed so very close to Earth and humanity and feel such a Love, such an eternal bond with humanity, we are not in fact the deciders of when and how events manifest on your world.


Of course dear souls, it has been expressed that you are all the deciders and manifestors of the events set to unfold on your world, and we implore you to continue on in your thoughts of the future and in all of the wonderful things that it has for you. Of course, many of you read the websites and view the shows of many terrestrial truthseekers and whistleblowers who are directly involved in these changes and who know, even if only to an extent, just all that is happening and is set to happen on your world.


Whenever you hear or view of the miraculous things to come that you know and can feel in your hearts are genuine, take some meditative time and spend some meditative energy on visualizing and appreciating the glorious future set before you, as even the workings of our Earth Allies depend on the energies that their and our cause is given by each and every one of you on Earth.


We do not recommend one keeps oneself completely immersed in reports of the events unfolding on Earth all of the time, as doing so will take your power away as you give it to the terrestrial or extraterrestrial souls you would be continually relying on for our energies and for your view of updates in relation to what the immediate future is going to be like.


There are certain quirks; certain events in relation to the manifestation of all that is to occur, that you on Earth have the complete power to Create or take away from your perception and from your Creation. By this we mean that the most minute and in some cases, the not so minute details can be and have in fact been Created by you. This is why we implore you to visualize and meditate on what these Earth changes are and could be, for you are all key to this glorious future that is occurring.


Many on your world are more caught up in the physical aspects of these changes, and many are more caught up in the esoteric and spiritual aspects of these changes and while we recommend a blending of the mindsets that still separate physical and spiritual, we say that this perceived separation can be a good thing for you are all directing your individual and collective energies to each and every facet of these events, be them physical or spiritual.


Indeed, some of you visualize and foresee many glorious and wonderful physical events that are to grace your world such as disclosure and the giving of so many etheric and amazing technologies to you and your world, and some of you are more concerned with your ascension which such physical events are to precede, and the many energetic and celestial happenings that are going to put you in just as much ‘shock and awe’ as the initial disclosures and giving of advanced technologies.


We ask you all with Love and appreciation in our hearts to begin to recognize, appreciate and Love the elemental aspects of your world at this time.


While on Earth you are all experiencing consciousness in each and every type and form that it has to offer, and the majority of what have been seen as lower dimensional forms existing in the form of plants and trees and such, are themselves ascending and this ascension of the elementals is happening as the ascension of Mother Gaia’s core which has already taken place, begins to echo unto your surface and unto each and every being on your surface who is aware of ascension and who is working in themselves to grow toward ascension and to evolve into the states of consciousness in which you all once existed so very happily.


Of course, as mentioned earlier in this communication each and every  soul, awakened or unawakened, is experiencing this ascension as it simply cannot be any other way; as long as one Lives on this world, on the surface of dear beautiful Gaia, one will be subject to and apart of the various continual energy movements that take place in Gaia’s core and on Gaia’s surface and believe us, ascension is quite included in these energetic movements for the energetic movements are what are bringing ascension to you in ever purer and more clear forms.


The elementals; the dear grass, the dear trees, the dear water that you drink and absorb every day in each and every form that such water takes, they are all experiencing this ascension as well and for the most part, are experiencing it in much more pure leaps and bounds than even many awakening souls.


This is because even many awakening souls on Gaia’s surface are still experiencing density, are still working through, transmuting and ascending away from their own lower, egotistical structures of mind and behavior.


As each and every one of you peel off the layers of ego more and more and discover the energies of the higher realms, your etheric, spiritual states begin to recognize and reflect this happening and you are yourselves exposed to the continually pure energies of the higher realms in measured ways, but in ways that will see you prepared as needed in accordance with you own peeling-away and integrating of the etheric layers of ego that have been holding back your perception of ever purer realms of consciousness, even if only slightly.


The elementals do not have such ego-based structures to work through as they are very used to and enjoy simply existing, simply feeling, and radiating their energies out to each and every area of dear Gaia’s surface and to each and every form of the Logos energy that we all are, be it human or otherwise. [They wish for you to] pick up on the sending of such energies and to feel in yourselves the communications and impressions that the elementals are sending you at this time.


Make your attempts to feel and connect with the elements, for they are truly your fellow soul brethren simply in a different form. One of the best and most helpful methods of finding and maintaining a communication and relationship with the elementals is to make a clear and honest effort in yourselves to honor them. The elementals and the dear animals alike on your world have not been honored for so very long, and have rather been used for the personal gain of humanity in so very many ways.


This is so for so many plants and for the water that dear Gaia gives you as well for even water has been taken and distorted into the lower dimensional likes of soda and so very many other substances that can be seen as liquid but that are certainly not as healthy as water. What you know as soda is purposefully a lower dimensional substance and is meant to have so very many long term health effects well as the short term health effects that can be noticed.


The dear water and your dear plants have been distorted in ways so that many do not honor the water and the plants, but so that you all rather use these plants in your own ways and for your own gains. Of course, it was indeed agreed upon by humanity, the animals and the elements that at certain points along the lower dimensional experience and indeed, nearly during the entire lower dimensional experience, humanity would need to utilize the gifts given by plants, by water, by animals and so many other Life forms for humanities own gain an advancement.


It used to be dear souls, that one would ask for permission from the higher self of the soul whose life they were going to take so that they could find nourishment and sustenance. The animal or plant knew on some level that their Life was going to be taken, but that it was going to be taken in a permissive and respectful manner rather than the human soul taking their Life and not caring a bit about the sanctity of the animal and plant temple.


Now of course in your current times humanity has fallen into such complacency that the care and respect of the sanctity of the temples of animals and plants has gone completely unnoticed, as much of humanity still seems to believe that animals and plants are near inanimate objects that can be simply pushed around and utilized without permission to feed whatever aspect of one’s Life and of one’s gaining of sustenance that one wishes to perpetrate. To do so is to gain much negative karma for oneself.


Nature and many aspects of nature have in fact helped you to reach higher states of consciousness, but at a certain point the using of any physical substance to gain a higher perception and awareness becomes unneeded and a bit of a burden to the soul doing so, as the energies you are being given that you can attune yourselves to at any time are so very much more pure than the energies of the almost-higher realms that you can feel and receive by using various Earthly substances, plants or otherwise, than can but in some cases don’t help one find [truly] higher states of consciousness.


Honor the cannabis plant; ask to feel it’s higher dimensional energies in meditation rather than burning it’s structure to feel such energies that are themselves denser because of the act of burning the plant and in many cases, because the condition the plant was given in. Honor this plant and feel it’s energies by asking for such energies, rather than by destroying its structure without permission as indeed, one can ask for respectful permission to do so but the feeling of the energies of this and so many other plants while in meditation will see you better able to absorb the energies of these various plants which were first meant to help the lower dimensional humanity find and attain higher and purer states of consciousness and perception. (1)


As you make it your intent and effort to honor the elements and the various plants and other forms of Life that make up the elements, you will begin to feel a very strong bond ingrained between you and these elements, and the burning of plants and the perceived destruction of the elementals and of nature are what have been holding you back from reaching such states of perception and consciousness; states of Uniting with such plants rather than feeding separation through complacency.


Of course dear souls, you are never judged for your actions that could be seen as being against the best interests of the elemental kingdom or of animals, and any hurts or pains garnered from the elementals in relation to humanities slumber and resulting misuses of the elementals and of animals, will be discussed, healed and transmuted upon humanities wonderful realigning and reawakening with the beautiful elementals and the beautiful animals alike on your equally beautiful ascending world.


Much is going to be disclosed about us extraterrestrial souls who are helping you on your journey, but some of the most startling aspects of these accounts will be how much your animals and your fellow brethren experiencing consciousness as trees and grass have been helping you.


These souls see and feel you each and every day just as you see and feel them, and they feel such Love for you that they feel they wish to help you by providing energetic foundations for you to experience not just your ascension in general, but for you to experience happier and more Lighted states of consciousness and being throughout your days.


Indeed, we have noticed that many of you may feel angry or upset, and then go outside to the beautiful trees, water and air and begin to feel better and more Lighted. This is because each and every atom of Creation be it in the form of the beautiful elementals or otherwise, are sending you their Loving energies unconditionally in a beautiful Service-to-Others and Service-to-Humanity effort, for they want each and every one of you to feel as happy as they and we feel alike.


Humanity has been experiencing unhappiness for so very long, but you all deserve to feel as happy and as Lighted as you have wished to and this is why we are helping you to ascend and this is as well why your elemental brethren assist you every day by happily giving you the energies and impressions of happiness and of Joy.


As always dear souls, we ask you to feel and radiate the Love around you for it is increasing in frequency, purity and potency each and every moment. Oh dear souls, if only you could continually and in every single moment re-attune yourselves to the continually pure frequencies of the energies coming to you; it is simply that doing so would take up so very much of your much needed energy. Worry not, for your higher selves are sending you this energy in measured ways that you can better attune to and handle such energies.


We Love you all so very much, and we make our exit from this communications with this Love and with this Joy that we have wished to impart unto you with this message.


Do you feel this everlasting Joy, this Peace that is now around you? We ask you to feel and radiate this Joy, and give it to others unconditionally just as we and your dear elemental brethren do happily.


Thank you to the Pleiadian Council of Nine.


(1) Along with our Pleiadian brethren I feel that it should be expressed that neither the Pleiadians or the Galactic Federation pass judgment on us, for anything that we do or anything we are involved in on Earth that could be seen as lower dimensional. One would imagine that they don’t even judge us for eating meat, but at the same time they recognize the density and consequences that doing so has for us.


In the case of the cited section of this message, our Pleiadian brethren are only pointing out the density involved in burning the structure of the plants that were originally meant to aide a lower dimensional humanity in attaining temporary yet expanding pure states of consciousness.


They are simply acknowledging this while attesting to the fact that the energies we are being given now at this end-time in our 3D experience and this beginning-time of our higher dimensional experience, are much more pure than the aide given by the cannabis plant and other physical plants, as these plants contain ‘pockets’ of spiritual help and advancement so to speak, wrapped up in the densities of burning these plants along with not asking for permission or recognizing the sanctity of these plants or their ancient and sacred nature on our world.


This is what is being expressed, and I feel confident in saying that our Pleiadian brethren do not pass judgment on those awakening souls who have used cannabis to attain higher states of consciousness; they are simply recognizing that to do so is becoming increasingly unneeded and at a certain point, could perhaps begin to hurt us more than help us along our advancement to states of consciousness where the use of anything to gain a higher perception and awareness will not be needed.

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  • Thank you !!!

    "Pay close attention dear souls, to each and every time you see an article in your mainstream about how scientists have discovered new planets that they think could harbor Life. Pay attention to any mainstream disclosures that you feel may be significant in view of the coming changes, for these disclosures have begun trickling down again, in subtle ways."

    I-> So true. I remember last month when the weather man in my country (Belgium) announced at the end of the weather report on national television that scientists had discovered that there were a great many planets with earth like conditions all abound. He did that in front of the nation with such joy and anticipation, that it was contagious. He most probably opened up a lot of people to new thoughts and possibilities :-)

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