The OM Crystal of Shasta & Gateway of OM

"Greetings beloved! I am Metatron, Lord of Light. And so again we speak of Shasta.
Indeed its importance is tantamount to the expansion of the Crystalline Field.
Masters the Solstice of June 21, 2010 is an incredible gateway, and this Solstice
may be termed the 'Gateway of OM'. For at this time, the Cosmic Council of Light,
the Ascended Masters will gather at the multi-dimensional etheric portal of Mt Shasta
and cluster in enclave around the heralded Master Atlantean Crystal of Om located
beneath the masiff of Mt Shasta. The beloved Sainte Germaine along with The Cosmic-Council
of Light and the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance will host the opening of an extraordinary
portal during the Solstice Phase.

The Cosmic Council gather within Shasta on June 19th and remain thru June 23rd.
Sainte Germaine and the heralded Council will generate and faciliate a wave of
the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE frequency of OM that will be transmitted to all powernodes
on the planet via the OM Crystal of Multidimensionality. This energy is a sacred
and potent beacon of energized hope and encouragement for humanity and for the

We encourage all of you to tune in to this wave, this magnificent energy during
the'Gateway of OM'. Meditate in mass, gather where you may. Take part and you will
indeed receive an incredible download of energy sent from the Cosmic Council of
Light, and this will fortify you, one and all.

Dear Ones, this is the most potent solstice expereinced on you planet in aeons.
And for this reason the Council of Light will employ this energy to shower you in
LOVE and HOPE. It is a demonstration thatyou arenot alone, and despite what you
may see in the turmoil of 3d around you, the Ascension is in place and on track.
By participating in the Wave, you will not only be transformed, you will amplify
the OM Wave as it spreads across your sacred Earth. All thru the OM!

The Om Crystal

Masters, we tell you that far beneath the expanded massif of the mega portal of
Mt Shasta, stands an amazing crystal of Atlantis, a crystal of Arcturian origin.
It glows in a silveresque hue of argentum, emitting the frequency of crystalline
platinum and etheric gold. It once stood in the great Temple of One on the Atlantean
Isle of Poseida, and was formally called the Crystal of Om. The Atlantean scientist-
priest, the Atla-Ra referred to it as the Crystal of Multidimensionality. Indeed,
this sentient crystal is omnipotent in its frequency and holds within its structural
alloy of platinum, gold and hyper-quartz , the ability to fold, concentrate and
amplify that which you term light, space and time.

The Platinum Ray

The Om Crystal draws to itself and emits what is termed the Platinum Ray, an omnipotent
energetic beam of multidimensional resonance. The Platinum Ray is essential to the
balance of the coming Ascension. It holds within it what may be termed the code
of Universal Law, of the Cosmic Axiom. It holds within its frequency Universal Truth,
multidimensional Truth that expands and migrates into every aspect of the Cosmos.
It has the nurturing feel of the femine frequency, yet it is in fact the optimal
balance of both the female and male vibrancy. The Platinum Ray is one of unity
and balance that in fact lessens the differential between left and right aspects
of the brain. It unifies consciousness and helps create a great synchronicity of
mind within duality.

The magnificent crystal of Om is one of nine enormous and potent Templic crystals
that were saved from the deluge of Atlantis before the fall and crash of the crystalline
spherical satellite, termed the second moon of Atlantis. The Crystal of Om was and
is the most complex of all of the Atlantean Crystals, second only to the great crystalline
satellite in its omnipotent capabilities and technical intricacy. Indeed it was
the most prized and first of the magnicient Templic crystals to be sought and relocated
in the chaotic final days of Atlantis.

The Crystal of OM

The crystal masters of Arcturius constructed and fashioned the Om crystal in an
alchemical process that involves a liquid conglomerate of synthesized quartz and
diamond, termed hyper-quartz, amalgamated into a silvery clear alloy with crystalline
platinum, gold and mercury. The living composite was fused with life force and manifested
into a stunning geometric form, whose crystalline structure encompassed the golden
spiral of all within the Metatronic Cosmos. Accordingly it is in harmonic oscillation
with every dimension, every universe, and every parallel in the Cosmos. It operates
both in carbon-based life systems and in bio plasmic systems, tying together and
existing as both matter and anti-matter. It has 144 facets fashioned in equitable
concave and convex indentures around the circumference of its cylindrical length.
Its dual points are angled at precisely 51.6 degrees. Indeed this specific angle
is significant, and was utilized in the construct of the Great Pyramid. This pyramid
indeed represents the a frequency of the earth plane, intended to be a representation
of the spherical Earth, the height corresponding to the radius joining the center
of the Earth to the North Pole and the perimeter corresponding to the Earth's circumference
at the Equator.

The number 144 is a very complex frequency as well, it represents the code within
the golden spiral of all the geometrical base units, termed atoms, in your universe.
Your universal matrix contains within it, a living geometric constant that has
always been, it expands and contracts both in matter and antimatter in regular measures.
The very geometry produces a distinct tonal quality , which is tuned by the mathematical
proportions of all celestial spheres.

The Golden Phi

The golden ratio is a constant ratio that offers the key to the Cosmos, it contains
within it the vibratory resonance of all matter, and indeed propels the doorway
into parallel dimensions and planes of anti matter. Your own scientist have proven,
seen and experienced, that the developing in a fractal manner of the golden phi
spiral is a geometric pattern that is repeated at every scale, from a cell to
a star. Simply put, the golden ratio is where the ratio of the small to the large
is equal to the ratio of the large to the whole, so it is in your universe. As above
so below applies. It offers many doorways that have not yet been explored by your
current level of knowledge.

The great crystal of Om, beneath the matrix portal of Shasta, incorporates the
golden mean,and the universal frequency. It does so by the resonance of its intricate
faceting and angular design. It exist in the now and is contained within that termed
the past and the future. Can you imagine that? It does so to a large degree, from
your reference, by its utilization of the golden mean and its frequential pulse.
Now, the earth plane, your planet as you know it is a specific focal vector for
consciousness. At your level you think your planet is divided into areas of land
and water, continents and oceans. The awareness faculties of humankind, indeed
your consciousness, are tuned into frequencies of perception that give you that
impression. But from a Metatronic perspective, your planet is also faceted into
frameworks of time and probability areas, termed parallels. So all time, all parallels
co exist in greater reality. As such all of your epochs, all of your time eras,
all of your many civilizations co-exist at once. Indeed, from this extraordinary
panorama, time is simultaneous, so all eras of earth history are embedded in time
and clearly exist in the eternal NOW along with your current time vector. Within
the golden mean, within what you term portals there are certain bleed-throughs,
certain apertures that allow for movement. The Om Crystal is capable of tapping
into these and harnessing their utility.

In the truest sense, your now, your present moment is a psychological platform.
This is true whether you can grasp the concept or not, and we realize it is an enormous
leap of understanding. Accept it as an axiom, and indeed so doing will assist you
in managing the understanding of your true multidimensional nature.

The Crystalline Network

So clearly was the Om Crystal among the most complex in its construct and utility
of all the magnificent Temple Crystals in Atlantis. This is not to say that the
other Atlantean crystals are not of enormous capability, complexity and purpose,
indeed they are, for the magnificent Emerald Crystal of Healing located beneath
Mt Maga in Arkansas serves as the manifold Crystal, that activates the initial
surge of all of the Mega-Nine Crystals of Atlantis.

We have told you that nine utilitarian Atlantean Temple crystals, stunning specimens
of Arcturian and Sirian construct, were transported through the hyper dimensional
capacity of the inner earth tunnel system and relocated to specifically chosen areasin
thefinal days of Atlantis.

We have also told you that the Blue Crystal of Knowledge, located in the Crystal
Vortex of Arkansas, would be the first activated. Indeed it has been rebooted,
and surged into the first tier step-up on the frequencial triple date portal of
the 8-8-8 . It now is in network thru the Emerlad manifold. Four more of these
came on line on the 9-9-9, September 9th, 2009. These are the Om Crystal of Multidimensionality
in Shasta, the Emerald Crystal of Healing in Arkansas, the Golden Crystal of Healing
& Regeneration in Brazil, and the Sun-Moon Crystal at Lake Titicaca.
All of these will be involved in the OM Wave of the June 2010 Solstice, and will
transmit hope, love and strength to all that tune in during the 5 Days of OM, June

Indeed, what may be termed the new Crystalline Network is tuned to the Soltice
of OM and will inkind provide further activation of the 144 Grid .

The Master Atlantean Crystals, as we have told you, activate as follows, and increase
every year in function on the Triple Date Portals and Solstices.

Arkansas :
Blue Crystal of Knowledge 8-8-8
Emerald Crystal of Healing 9-9-9
Platinum Crystal of Communication 11-11-11

Bimini Bank:

The Ruby Fire Crystal of Energy 12-12-12


Gold Crystal of Healing Regeneration 9-9-9 (Mineas Gerais)
Violet Crystal of Sound 10-10-10 (Bahia)

Mount Shasta:

Om Crystal of Multidimensionality 9-9-9
Tiajuanaco-Lake Titicaca, Bolivia:
Sun-Moon Crystal of Light 9-9-9
Crystal of Thoth 12-12-12

These crystals are of tantamount importance to the Crystalline Transition of the
Grid and Planet. They serve as the blueprintof thenew Earth and each serves a
succinct role in the Mer-Ka-Na of humanity These have been reprogrammed to assist
in this transformation. And indeed many of you areproactively involved in this process.
Dear Ones, the Law of One is returning, and this time the crystals will not be misused.

The Atlantean Temple of ONE in Atlantis

Now, near the Temple of One was what may be termed a center for advanced learnings,
an exclusive university of sorts, for the select of the initiates of the scientist
priest. It was called Atla-Ruum. Ruum is a word from the sacred frequencial semantic
of the Atlantean Golden race, a term meaning 'Mystery Initiate School'. The tonal
qualities of this term will open memories of many of you who were among the Poseidans,
especially those of you who were among the Atla-Ra. This wisdom school taught advanced
mathematics, physics, sacred geometry, hyper dimensional geometry, crystalline chemistry,
alchemistry, energy dynamics as well as the disciplines of astral travel and achievement
of multidimensionality. Most of the faculty were of the Golden Race, yet included
Ascended Masters such as Thoth, and Masters from the Pleades, Arcturius, Andromeda
and Sirius A and B. The Golden Race were tall beings, ranging in height from 9 to
12 feet by todays measurement. They were direct descendants of the Pleiadean Masters,
and were very gentle, peaceful beings of an extremely high intelligence and resonance.
The Temple of One itself was located on a granitic mound located at the northern
portion of Poseida in the sanctuary of the scientist priest, the Atla-Ra. The Temple
of One was built to a very unique dynamic of sacred geometry, and the location was
carefully and specifically chosen for its natural energy field, and celestial grid
alignments. The Om Crystal was situated in the center of the amazing Temple. It
did not set on a base, indeed both ends of the Om Crystal are angled into points.
It was held in suspension within a series of spinning rings that spherically surrounded
it. These were of a metallic alloy, which condensed an antigravity field that suspended
the crystal. The entire apparatus could be angled for specific celestial alignments.
The crystal itself attracted and emitted the plasmic anti gravitational plasma field.
Sound, pure tones were used to both activate desired aspects of the Crystal as well
as to calibrate the requisite density of the plasma. Differing tones and their correlating
plasmic densities created specific oscillating colors within the antigravitational
field. The crystal itself glowed in a silver hue that at certain angles and intensities
changed to a white platinum violet shade.

The Atla-Ra adepts were able to utilize the Om Crystal for what is termed dimensional
travel and time-travel. It served as a celestial cosmic port. Indeed it will amplify
the ability of humans to seek travel in the astral and well beyond. Mount Shasta
is already quite prolific in that capacity. Indeed the Om Crystal will exponentially
increase that potential for all who seek such experience there.

Base Twelve Mathematics

While the cylindrical body of the crystal has 144 altering convex and concave facets,
the two points are different. The base point has 1728 facets and the upper point
12 facets. Thus the sequence of 12 , 12 squared and 12 to the third power, as
Atlantis and the Atla-Ra used the base 12 system of mathematics.

It may surprise you to know that the conversion to base ten mathematics, which occurred
in most societies after the fall of Atlantis, was chosen because humans count with
their ten fingers! The exceptions were the Sumerians and Mayans who used base 60
and base 20 respectively. It is interesting to note that human's still measure
time within the duodecimal remnants of the Atlantean Base 12. Do you not count hours
in phases of 12, as well as the months of the year?

We will tell you that in the future mankind will change the base system of mathematics
to more closely align to the changing cycles of time. We have told you previously
that time sequence is speeding up due to the altered ratio of inner core counter-spin
to the earth's rotation. The time unit cycles occur more rapidly now, and are no
longer in alignment. Your cycles are faster, but your measurement has not shifted
as yet.
Now, as we have spoken about time cycle acceleration and the need to convert to
a base twelve duodecimal mathematical system, the channel has queried as to the
current validity of the triple number dates, which we have told you before are numerical
portals that activate the major dodecahedronal facets of the 144 grid.

Activation of the 144 Crystalline Grid

Before we answer, let us review the activation process of the 144-Crystalline grid.
The grid is a complex geometry, the double penta-dodecahedron, which by specific
design includes 144 pentagonal and triangular facets in a symmetrical crystalline
matrix. The double penta dodecahedron is stellated, which means that each of the
major twelve facets are raised in the center to form five sided pyramids. Thus
there are 12 pentagonal pyramids. Each facet in counted both on the base and pyramidally
raised portion. So if you consider that each pentagonal surface contains 5 isosceles
triangles and one pentagon, you have 72 facets. Additionally, each of the twelve
stellated aspects have 5 triangles and one five sided pyramid, thus you, combine
the surface and stellated portions to achieve the Master Number frequencial of the
twelve squared-144. Do you understand?

Now the aspects of the triple dates, is quite interesting. After the millennia,
there is a unique sequence of dates that occur from 2001 to 2012. The triple dates
are numerical frequencies that uniquely occur in this abbreviated format, occur
sequentially for twelve years as :

· 1 January 2001, 1-1-1
· 2 February 2002, 2-2-2
· 3 March 2003, 3-3-3
· 4 April, 2004, 4-4-4
· 5 May, 2005, 5-5-5
· 6 June 2006, 6-6-6
· 7 July, 2007, 7-7-7
· 8 August, 2008, 8-8-8
· 9 September, 2009, 9-9-9
· 10 October 2010, 10-10-10
· 11 November, 2011, 11-11-11
· 12 December 2012, 12-12-12

The grid significance is that the frequency of each triple date portal is designed
to be the 'activation trigger' of one of the 12 major dodecahedrons surface base
plates of the grid. Accordingly this axiom infers that the 144-Crystalline grid
is launched into functionality by one twelfth each year from 1 January 2001 up
through 12 December, 2012 when it achieves full programming input. In the interim
between 13 December and 20 December, it integrates full programming, and reboots
into full launch on the winter solstice of December 21, 2012, the heralded and prophesied
Ascension. In aspect, a key piece of what takes place on the triple frequencial
portal dates is around the 'human - grid' alignment to the Crystalline 144 grid.
That is why these dates are being recognized by empaths as important dates for
spiritual alignment gatherings across the planet. Indeed it is not specific astrological
alignments that specialize the triple date portals rather it is the vibrancy of
the numbers themselves that correlate to the 144 grid.

This kinetic is also impelling the renewed 12-strand helix of the Sun Disc to furbish
a design schematic into the 144 grid, that provides, what may be termed the DNA
programming of the pentagonal facets of the double penta dodecahedron.
Now, we have not forgotten the question raised by the channel, as to the current
validity of the triple number dates, when talking into account the acceleration
of time cycles and the need for a base 12 duodecimal measurement of mathematics.
The answer is this, your measurement of the annual solar return is already in an
approximate base 12, twelve-month system. And the count of the triple days is a
12 count, there are twelve of them. So in brief, yes the triple day portals are
indeed valid.

The Speed of Light is Increasing

But we will add the caveat, that the full throttling of the 144 grid itself, on
December 21st, 2012, will in fact increase the disparity , the difference between
the quickening time unit cycles and your measurement of them. For not only will
the new grid, upon its completion accent the time sequence ratio between the inner
spin and outer rotational spin of the planet, it will also enable a greater velocity
of light to bath the planet. Light will increase from its current approximated speed
of 186,000 mps to well over 210,000 mps.

Part of this light acceleration will be contributed by the activation of the Atlantean
crystals. Particularly will the Om Crystal of Shasta and the Sun-Moon Crystal of
Light of Titicaca effect light velocity. Both of these were initially activated
in 2009. When all of these crystals are activated and networked in 2012, the effect
will be prolific. We tell you that this cycle will not reach its pinnacle until
your year of 2020, because certain of the crystals activated in the twelfth phase
of the 12-12-12, specifically the Fire Crystal of Bimini, will require up to eight
years to fully activate.

The Crystal Network will serve as patterned modulators projecting the DNA for and
of the Ascension on Earth, by connecting all dimensions with the new paradigm of
Integral Wholeness and Crystalline Consciousness. Indeed this will be the blueprint
that the enlighted human may integrate within thru the Mer-Ka-Na light body.
Now we will add, that while there were nine omnipotent crystals relocated from Atlantis,
there are others that were already in specific locations, and did not require movement.
These have been in a state of semi dormancy and some in states of disfunction. These
will come into full power in 2012, triggered by the rebooting of the Crystalline
Network. Now these, with the exception of the crystalline units in Roslyn, Sri
Lanka and Tibet, are not as large, technically complex or omnipotent as the nine
originally located on Poseida. The major of these are located as follows:

· Tibet
· Lake Baikal, Russia
· Roslyn Scotland
· Araphat Turkey
· Giza
· Montserrat Spain
· Sri Lanka
· Bali
· South Pole
· North Pole
· Hawaii
· Japan

There are also secondary, or what may be termed satellite crystals in many other
locations including, Tasmania, New Zealand, Glastonbury, Argentina, Canada, Himalayas,
Tanzania, France, Greece, Capetown, Chile, Arizona, Easter Island, Moscow and Greenland.
To name a few. These are less in size dimension and capacity yet none the less
are connected to the major crystals and an intricate part of the network. These
receive energy from, and are somewhat dependent on the axialtonal radionic frequency
broadcast from the major crystalline units.

Mega-9 Function & Further Activation of the Crystal of Om :

In a manner of speaking, these great crystals are akin to your computer systems,
of course exponentially far more complex and potent, but there are certain similarities
in their function. The great crystals will each go through something similar to
a reprogramming and rebooting. This process of programming and reboot, are specific
to the increase of frequency and dimensional access of the earth matrix. It is not
occurring to the aspects of the crystals and their higher networking that exist
in other aspects of multidimensionality you see. In a sense what is occurring is
a reformatting for the changing earth matrix. The earth is coming into Crystalline-Function,
as the electromagnetic gridis reduced in prominence. The Crytsalline Energy begins
at the dimension of 5, the EM Grid in essesnce does not function above the polarity/duality
dimension of 3.

The new moon of August 30, 2008 began the formatting and programming of the Om
Crystal. It launched into 25 percent power on the triple date portal of 9-9-9.And
begans a forward thrust again in 2010, beginning in June and extending to the 10-10-10.

On the June Solstice of 2010 The Om Crystal will host, within the complex massif
of Mt Shasta, the Cosmic Council of Light. An incredible crystalline light will
be emitted from Mt Shasta, via the OM Crystal toward the multidimensional merging
of higher crystalline dimensions onto the Earth-Plane with specific emphasis on
sending a wave of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE throughout all dimensions.
The initial trigger impulse will occur thru the Emerald Crytsal of Healing in Mt
Maga, via the Crytsal Vortex,and extend directly to Mt Shasta to the OM Crystal
on June 19th. The OM Crystal will then surge with energy emanations to all multi-dimensional
powernodes on the planet , surrounded by the Cosmic Council of Light.
The benevolent Masters of the Ashtar and Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance will assist in
the transmission.

What in essence will occur is a wave of support will be given to boost humanities
evoltion into the Unconditional Love (Crystalline Transformation energy, of non
duality wholeness, merging from dimensions 5 thru 12.
It is not for mankind to align or anchor the crystal per se, rather to align themselves
to the energy of the crystal through the process of visualization and the sending
of the vibration of love.

Tapping into the Crystal of Om

Now many of you may ask what is the effect the Om Crystal, indeed the Ascension
itself, will have on me? How will the change from the 3rd to the 5th dimension effect
me? The effect will be one of a sense of unity. There will not be a tangible sense
of differentiation between the planar frequencies of the 3rd and 5th dimensions.
It will rather be a blending. You will have a greater sense of well-being, a feeling
of being more supported, and indeed of supportiveness within the self. Is this
notrequired now, more than ever?

By 'tapping' into the Om crystal, and the OM Wave of June 2010 Solstice, you will
feel a greater sense of balance; you will feel more joined to aspects of your multidimensionality,
and indeed within physicality. The mind will access more freely its own compartmental
aspects as the dimensions become melded. There will be less of doubt, less of feeling
lost and fragmented, less of the internal questioning of what is right and what
is not. The mind will become unified, more integral.

There will be less polarity per se, within duality. But it does not mean no duality,
no polarity. Those that say the Ascension will end wars, will end hunger, will end
fighting and greed, no that is not the case. But Dear Ones, all of those will lessen
to visible degrees, the arc swing of duality extremes will be shorter. The pendulous
movement between extremes will somewhat vacillate. Choices will be clearer, pathways
more succinct. The way of impeccability for each of you that choose to tap into
the Om, to actively and fervently seek your own Ascension, will be more obvious
to you than it is currently. In a sense a new paradigm, a new system of Knowingness
will become available to you and will offer itself to all that seek it.

The effect then, is that you will find it easier to be fully present within the
NOW. And always, the NOW, the eternal moment of the present NOW is the fulcrum of
power. It may seem to be paradoxical from a 3rd dimensional perspective that by
merging the many facets of multidimensional aspect, one is afforded greater focus
within duality. But it is so. It is so because it is the wholeness of multidimensionality
that brings the integral nature of your true self, and within that wholeness is
ones true causal self and therein exist more clearly Universal Truth. Within the
Now of multidimensional time and geometric consciousness you are more creative,
and you are more empowered and less at effect. In that geometric field you are
not at the effect of untoward issues, of stress, of problems. You are in the field
of solution, of resolution, you see. You are at the control panel of your experiences.
Is there work to be done? Yes, of course. But tuning into the Om, into the higher
dimensions, into multidimensionality offers the tools of mastery. Many of you have
the notion that the soul is at 'rest' on the other side of what you term, the veil.
Your epitaphs are inscribed with 'Rest In Peace'. Dear Ones, there is peace, but
it comes through work. Ascension to the celestial realm, Jacobs Ladder, in your
metaphor, is not static! Dear Ones, you are either moving up or you are sliding
down, its one or the other. By design consciousness swims upstream, or it gets
moved downstream by the current. Consciousness is not stationary! And so, we offer
no hope for the lethargic, so you see your pillowed concept of eternal rest is somewhat
erroneous. However, through traveling within yourself, you will discover the unity
of your consciousness within higher layers of consciousnesses. You will discover
that multi-dimensional love and energy charges consciousness with dynamic exquisite
energy and movement to all things. This will invigorate the SELF; it will not lead
you to want to sleep on the proverbial marbled steps of Heavens Gate. It will, instead,
inspire you to take a better hand in the job of creation. For indeed there are 'energy
packets' that offer extraordinary impetus to you as you ascend to each new level.
Consciousness is ever expanding, and so at every level, there is still another one
higher to ascend into. And while from your 3rd dimensional stance within duality
this may appear burdensome, it is not. That could not be further from the truth.
Growth in consciousness is in fact embellished in vital streams of vigorous joy,
such is the nature of consciousness, such is the complexion and disposition of
'First Cause'.

Indeed there are points of review, points of recharging, but these are not stagnant,
indeed there is great activity and profound validity within them.
Dear Ones, the great crystal of Om, of Multidimensionality offers an incredible
energy, that will have myriad effects on the Crystalline Grid and on the Ascension
itself. The ability to 'tap - in ' to its energy will depend to a large degree on
the light quotient of each individual. Its initial effects will be subtle, and graduate
each year. It will indeed be in full motion by the 12-12-12.

What will occur on June 19-23 is a gift, and is offered in LOVE, via the Cosmic
Council of Light. Masters, go to a sacred place and meditate and you will indeed
feel the Wave of OM . And remember, themost sacred of all sites, you carry with is your heart!

I am Metatron, and you are Beloved! "
And so it is.

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or reprinted without expressed permission from
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email :Tyberonn@hotmail.
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  • Greetings Commodore Heru Paule,
    Thanks a lot to bring this awesome information !
    You know, this had been already given two years ago and I am very lucky to keep again in its whole text and read each detail at home.
    Unfortunately you have difficuties to read french but try and see and visit this site "" where Mother Mary told us she will speak to each of us from July 17th to September 29th. Another event will happen between August 7th and August 18th, and this has been called the Cosmic Cross !Moreover this date, July 17th, will be the next and important revelation given by Lord Metatron upon the new metatronic Keys. The first five are : OD ER IM IS AL and any of us have to say them inwardly with this invocation : " I am greeting the Christ Light in Unity and in Truth !"
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