MEN Represents The Evolution Of Individual Consciousness Into Planetary Mind


This Process Is Symbolized By The Eagle, Whose Vision Calls To Memory Your Part In The Activation Of The Planetary Miracle. MEN's Vibration Is The Root Tone Of Compassion. Hold Yourself In The Translucent Center Of Planetary Mind, Suspended In The Center Of The Earth's Crystalline Core. This Sacred Core Runs Through You And The Center Of All Creation, Calling Your Light Body To Wakefulness:

"Through You, Gaia, I Am Also Transformed! I Awaken As The Return Of Divine Love And Light. We Are All One! Gaia, As You Awaken, I Heal Myself. As I Awaken, You Are Healed, Our Petals Opening Ecstatically Into The New Sun Of Flowers."

MEN Asks A Question Of The Universal Quest:

"What Is The Secret Of The Grail, And Whom Does It Serve?"

The Answer Reveals:

"The Earth And I Are One--And So Serve All!"

Such Mythic Experiences Are As Close As Your Next Heartbeat, And You Can Discover Them Through Meditation And Prayer. MEN Is The Beginning Of Planetary Ascension, The Doorway To The Great Change In Collective Mind. It Is The Third Directional Guardian Of The Stellar Brain, The Flow Of Consciousness Of All That Is In This World.

You Are A Member Of One Global Family, A Planetary Server And Transformer. MEN Asks You To Join In Lifting The Collective Mind. It Is Up To Each One Of Us To Hold A Positive Vision And Affirmation, For The Means By Which This Miracle Will Occur Is Through Changes In The One Affecting The Greater Whole.

Imagine The Profound Impact Your Loving Thoughts Have On Planetary Mind. You Do Make A Difference! As You Connect Individually With The Larger Crystal Grid Network, Your Power Is Multiplied Exponentially. This Galactic Grid Is Also Known As The Mayan Cobweb. (For More On The Crystal Grid, See "Akbal" And "Caban.")

By Simply Embodying Light And Love, You Become The One Who Creates The Miracle On Earth. As You Dive Into The Oneness And Experience The Collective Mind, Deep Feelings Awaken. And As You Process Your Part Of The Global pain, limitation, Self-doubt, separation, fear And suffering, You Bring To Light The Consciousness Of The Collective, Filling It With Hope. Freed Of judgment, Your Tears Awaken You To True Compassion And Service.

To The Maya, MEN Represents The Eagle, The One Who Soars In Conscious Flight Above The Earth, The One Whose Vision Sees Far Beyond The Mind Of Humanity. MEN Is The Compassion Of All Hearts Linked As One. MEN Is The Essence Of Dawn--Clear, Fresh, And Newly Charged To Fulfill Your Most Cherished Dreams. With Unconditional Love, MEN Pierces The Depths Of Collective hopelessness And Lifts Mass Consciousness. It Urges The Alliance Of The Faithful Of The Stars To Serve Through Their Remembrance Of The Light.

Each Of Us Is A Visible Pillar Of The Etheric Temples Now Grounding Themselves On Earth. All Beings Help In The Healing And Lifting Of Planetary Mind. MEN Is The Keeper Of The Temple Of The One Family, Here To Make Places For Goddesses and Gods To Walk The Earth Again. MEN Is The Keeper Of Sound, Light, And Color Initiations. Through The Power Of Song And Sound, You Can Assist In Restoring The Vibratory Pattern Of Perfection. By Harmonizing Sound And Presence, You Are Sung By The One In The Song Of Creation. MEN's Song Calls To The Creatures Of Air, Land, And Sea. Harmonize With This New Music. Discover And Sound Your Own Solar Note To Help Ground The New Golden Octave And Frequency On Earth.

The Greatest Gift You Can Offer to The Planet Is Simply to Be The Love. Believe In Yourself And Your Dreams And Visions! Remember Your Special Gifts, Your Path Of Service On Earth, Your Promise To Serve The Light. Everything You Are Connects To The Greater Whole. You Are Starseeded! You Have The Vision Of The Eagle. Believe In Your Dreams. You Are The Hope And Vision Revealed. (See Also "Caban.")

The Number For MEN Is Fifteen, Representing The Fulfillment Of Individual Self And The Foundation For Universal Self That Brings You Into Harmony With Global
Consciousness. The Color For MEN Is Soft Lavender. This Ray Of MEN
Symbolizes The Violet Flame That Transforms All Life. To Reignite The
Flame Of Compassion And Remember Your Purpose As A Planetary Server,
Focus On Lavender.

All text is from the book "The Mayan Oracle: Return Path To The Stars" (pp 237-9).

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  • dear brother,excellent post,my mayan glyph and date of birth is the BLUE SELF-EXISTING EAGLE,so i can relate very well to your posting,are you also a BLUE-SELF-EXISTING EAGLE?(yes) i would say so,mayan astronomy has never been in error,quite accurate,many blessings eve(solaena)

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