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There Are 144,000 Light-Workers Called Eagles Connected To The Ashtar Command. This Is The Minimum Number Of Souls Required For The Ascension Process. These Eagles Are A Group Of Souls Who Do Not Identify With Any Particular Planet. They Know They Are One With All. They Are The Light-Workers Who Serve As Cosmic Midwives In The Ascension Process: The Birthing Of Humanity From Dense Physical Into Etheric Bodies Of Light Capable Of Ascending With The Earth Into The Fifth Dimension.

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Pleiadian Message from The Galactic Federation http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Ashatur#g/c/266661DF53D3BFE3

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  • Greetings ;)
  • Just to say hello! Love & Blessings!
  • My friend, I am an eagle, too.
    Thank you for your friendship.

  • dear brother,sending you many greetings for today,i have an image for you,hope you like it,have a very blessed day,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)

  • Ty great post on Telos ;) awakening those memories here ;)

  • dear Galactic Evolved Consciousness,thankyou for the lovely image of craft in the cloud cover,and the web link on telos,lemuria etc,i had read info about telos before,but not the huge detail of content as the link you posted on my page,also from the beginning of 2008,it eas like a switch was plugged into me,and the constant channell would not stop,until i had written a manuscript of a spiritual family,blended with information of content of earths first surface settlement,among other structure information etc,it ended up taking over 8months to type on an old type writer,and caused me to be physically drained of energy,i have the manuscript put away for safe keeping,it even has the heights mentioned,and its dictation editing refers to the tall lemurians,(who are referred to as guardians)and they wore a specially designed medallion around there necks to distinguish the elder ranking,we are in very exciting earth times indeed,to see the return of the unified light again,read my quotation on my page,which is part of the wisdom contained,and given to me,have a very blessed day,and a very blessed weekend,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)

  • Hi there ;) 144 Points lighting up on the Earth
    144 triangles 18 hexagrams
  • dear brother,sending you many rays of light and blessings for today,have a very blessed one,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)

  • hello and welcome!

    I read in your profile information about the 144.ooo lightworkers,i also know that the bible also mention this number,their will be 144.ooo chosen from the earth.
    So this has to do with ascension i believe.

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