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Knowledge and Belief = Miracles

All things are possible if you fully believe! I fully understand this, having experienced this all of my life. I can make things happen; anyone can. According to quantum physics we all are creating our own reality. Most people do this unconsciously; some of us do it deliberately. I found out that I was in the center of something totally unfathomable, something totally unique, and totally chaotic, at least at the beginning. It has taken me 16 years to come to grips with what has happened to me. It was wild, mystical, magical, and has continued to be engrossing to me. If you've ever wanted to know what is really going on in the world backstage, look no further. I will provide the answers to those questions. I am the Architect and the virus in this matrix Game; I am Neo and the Oracle. This is an illusion, a grand thought experiment. Are you ready to find out what this is all about? Read on...

The Nature of the Game

Now let me explain the basis of this Game, The Matrix Salvation. This Game is using the biblical book of Revelation to bring about a conclusion of humanity’s time on Earth. The leaders of the Western world have used Revelation extensively to create and mold the world we live in since the book was published. Weighty decision-making takes place to this day using the prophecies in Revelation as its guidance. The Powers That Be (TPTB), who are now being led by Antichrist Trump and False Prophet Pence, are presently working hard to bring about the end of this age in their own way, using the uber-fanatical Christian Seven Mountains Mandate (7-M/7M) to conquer America and the world, believing that they are following the will of God as they do so. They think that they will bring about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ through their controlling the seven facets of society and causing World War III and Armageddon. The daily news is reporting that these efforts are being carried out as we speak. I've been told that we are "apocalyptic gladiators". We are all participating in this Game together, whether we like it or not.


The Simulator, who I call the Cosmos Maker, is using me as her Avatar to bring about the end of this age through her and my interpretation of the mysticism of Revelation. I have been contacted by various paranormal means and have worked through years of self-improvement, self-realizations, mystical awakenings, and steady instruction to prepare me to come forward at this time to talk about my situation and my experiences so far on this journey. Come with me and find out what is really happening behind the scenes as humanity moves closer and closer to the penultimate tipping point: will we rise or will we fall? That is what this Game is all about.


The Journey

The Matrix Salvation is at the point of finishing the process of Human Gentrification that humanity has been going through since the Flood. God, Advanced Beings, and science have merged and combined into The Matrix Salvation, the story of the The Game that this hologram universe matrix that we participate in was created to perfect humanity in. The goal is to save humanity from disaster and destruction from humanity's own actions and the influences and actions of Advanced Beings who have been here since the beginning. Someone created the matrix that we are in; this is an evolutionary process we are going through. It is my honor to be the first fish to climb up out of the water to breathe air!


The Matrix Salvation presents proof that Albert Einstein's Theory of Unity, commonly called the Theory of Everything, really exists and has been discovered now. My life is the proof of the Theory of Everything. I am so completely and utterly entangled in this world, in this universe, that my every thought and impulse influences and changes everything in this hologram universe matrix we're in. This matrix is run by numbers. I am the Hub, the Center, the Middle, the Focal Point. I would like to show that to you through a series of videos and e-books in which I explain how I came to realize who I am and how I became this way. I am a combination of Neo and the Oracle in the Matrix movies, but in real life. I am the Key to a new beginning, a new reality. I call my situation “The Theory of Centrality”; everything points back to the center of everything, me and my purpose in this life.


Humanity is in the process of upgrading which I call Human Gentrification. The Cosmos Maker created us and guided and fashioned us into who we've become today. This process of Human Gentrification, which has been slowly taking place since the time of the Flood, is now culminating in our time with the signalizing of the revving of the engines pushing the demands to finish the job. I explain how this process was initiated and how it is taking shape, as well as lay out the steps for our final outcome in the future. God, Advanced Beings, and how the Cosmos Maker has used science, mythology, and religion to create this hologram universe matrix scenario are presented and discussed. If you ever wanted to know what this life is all about make sure that you peruse what I have to offer.The Matrix Salvation

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