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February 3

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I am a starseed from Rigel. I have dabbled/studied quantum physics/mechanics, Kabbalah (mystical Judaism), ancient civilizations who have had reportedly alien contacts, modern-day alien encounters (I saw a UFO as a child), metaphysics, different religions, including Judaism, the occult (lightly, Western magickal theories and practices; with the "k" in there it usually means sexual magic), the fortune-telling arts, homosexuality, finance (all areas), the paranormal, especially psi experiences (I had a life-changing experience), the Bible, end-time eschatology (the Christian apocalyptic theories), and SEX. I'm very sure that I'm leaving out something.

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My 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Kraz, was my favorite teacher. She was very interesting, and she really cared about us. I'll never forget her!

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Marquesa posted videos
Nov 2, 2020
Marquesa posted a blog post
Knowledge and Belief = MiraclesAll things are possible if you fully believe! I fully understand this, having experienced this all of my life. I can make things happen; anyone can. According to quantum physics we all are creating our own reality.…
Jun 19, 2017
Marquesa posted a blog post
Like everyone else on all sides of the political spectrum here in America and around the world I was in a deep state of shock on 11/9/16 with the result that Donald John Trump had won the electoral college votes. It looked like Trump was shocked…
Nov 24, 2016
Marquesa replied to 0vptjzb9vrc3v's discussion What is your view on cigarette smoking?
"I am a smoker, off and on. I also smoke marijuana. Whether I smoke cigarettes or not, I am able to connect to and speak freely with my spiritual guide. My guide doesn't not judge me or tell me that I need to stop smoking. In fact, when I smoke…"
Mar 21, 2012

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rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
 In today’s news, there was a significant earthquake in China, right around “that” depth, and a most unnatural sky along with it. WTH? It’s non-stop murder and intrigue on the political trail. Trump voters are cleaning up across the nation. There is…
29 minutes ago
Justin89636 left a comment on Comment Wall
"Good speech by Nigel. He knows what's going on just like the rest of us and I think he might know what is coming soon to."
1 hour ago
Justin89636 left a comment on Comment Wall
"From what has been said a lot of these so called elites are gonna try and take the easy way out once their corruption is fully exposed."
1 hour ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"And here is another fine speech at CPAC, recently, by the indefatigable Nigel Farage, who has been going to that conservative conference for the past 10 years and makes pertainent comments, about how it's international appeal is growing...

And a…"
1 hour ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Yes and regarding the death of Lord Jacob Rothschild, a gentle reminder that on the 7th Feb, upon this very thread I did state the following:-

Some people are of the opinion, that the so-called "elites" have special access to exotic healing…"
1 hour ago
Justin89636 left a comment on Comment Wall
"Woah I see one of the Rothschild's died. Welp cant say he will be missed lol."
2 hours ago
Agarther Z left a comment on Comment Wall
"yes AE, even he can't cheat death LOL"
2 hours ago
AlternateEarth left a comment on Comment Wall
"Hooray-Rothchild is dead! I saw a pic of him recently poking King Charles in the chest in a public forum"
3 hours ago