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The Information @ present...Distance - 14.0646 UARadius 24000KMsDay Length - 1,314,900.00 DaysTemperature - 42 Kelvin, -231 Celcius, -383.8 Fahrenheit.On September 7th, 2012 @ 13:04:54 UTC - Actual closest pass.Distance - 1.4636 AURadius 24000KMsDay Length - 1,314,900.00 DaysTemperature - 104 Kelvin, -169 Celcius, -272.2 FahrenheitNibiru will be 1.4636 AU from Earth (AU = 150 000 000 KMs).This means that 1.4636 X 150,000,000 = 219,540,000 KMs from Earth on closest approach Sept. 7th, 2012 @ 13:04:54 UTC.On December 21st, 2012 @ 11:11:54 UTC - This is not Our most Dire Threat but It has been sold to Us as that.Distance - 2.7950 AURadius 24000KMsDay Length - 1,314,900.00 DaysTemperature - 114 Kelvin, -159 Celcius, -254.2 FahrenheitOn April 27th, 2013 from 21:04:54 UTC, We will have another very close pass as Nibiru begins its trip back into the nether reaches of Our Solar System on It's approximate 3600 Year Orbit.Distance - 1.5720 AURadius 24000KMsDay Length - 1,314,900.00 DaysTemperature - 101 Kelvin, - 172 Celcius, -277.6 Fahrenheithe Inbounder's Eliptical Orbit FiguresPeriod > 3600SemiMajorAxis > 236Inclination > -145Ascending Node > 194.5Eccentricity > 0.9917ArgOfPericenter > 270MeanAnomaly > 220.0Epoch/Cyclic Age of Object (Cycle equaling 26,000 Years) > 630033.0 Epochs/16,380,858,000 YearsAlbedo > 0.9Earth EquivalentsNibiruan Year (Note: Every 4 Years We have a Leap Year therefore .25 X 4 Equals Our Leap day every 4 Years calculated into the following figure) = 3600 X 365.25 = 1 314 900 Days. That means that 1,314,900 of Our Days equals 1 of their Years.Now lets say these ETS (For example - Annunaki/Igiggi/Nibiruans) as a People live similar lives to Us in the span of their Years - Say to an Age of 70 - Well You can easily do the Math in a roundabout way and come to the conclusion that these are incredibly Ancient Beings - AT LEAST...70 X 3600 = 252,000 Years on Average if 70 is the Typical Value. Greater Lifepans equals even greater total Years to Us obviously.More to follow as I receive additional Information...Peace, Light, Life, Love, Unity and Harmony.Namaste,Mercuriel
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