Whenever scientists want to dismiss a claim about nature, they insist on a 'what must happen' if that claim is true. This thing that 'must happen' is often a stupid thing that cannot happen. Then they do an experiment to test whether this stupid thing 'happens', which, of course will return null! Then the conclude that the original claim is falsified! They do the opposite when they want to affirm a claim! They test 'predictions' that actually donnot necessarily follow from the theory, or sometimes those that don't follow at all! I will illustrate this using the famous Michelson Morley Experiment that is said to have disproved Luminiferous Aether.

Now understand that luminiferous aether is like water. Light wave will be like water waves but in the luminiferous aether.

Premise: if luminiferous aether exists, then one should be able to measure the speed of light that varies depending on your speed relative to aether, even if you carried out the experiment in the underground! By this premise alone, you should be able to conclude that either the physicist is disingenuous or does not understand a very preliminary fact about waves or both!

Fact 1:
If a wave passes through a barrier, then the medium undulation in which constitute the wave must also pass through the barrier.

Fact 2: If a wave cannot pass through a barrier, then neither can the medium undulations in which constitute the wave can pass.

These two simple facts are those those that the bozos who were experimenting about aether seems not to have understood! To understand it, begine this way: consider water in a basin, or any other water tight container. Can there be a water wave outside that container? Or I may ask: can the wave penetrate through the container if the water itself cannot? Of course the answer is a no! But more accurately, a small wave will escape the wall as a sound wave, but much of the energy will remain within the container. The wave is something done by the water itself, not something that somehow exists on its own, like a ghost that somehow incarnates in the water. It is this latter thinking that bars physicist from understanding our universe!

Now get to the next step. If you carry the container, can you 'leave behind' the wave while taking the water? Of course no, for the reasons similar to those above. At no point can the container fails to 'carry the wave' if it carries the water. Finaly, now immerse the container in an ocean and ask the same questions. You find that it makes no difference. Yes, there will be a small wave that escapes the walls of the container but much of the wave inside the container will remain in the container, bouncing back and forth. At no point can waves simply ease through the walls as if the wall doesn't exist.

Now lets twist the reasoning a bit. Can a wave fail to cross a barrier and yet the medium passes through it? Note that this requires even more magics! What is it that can stop sound from passing through a wall without stopping the air itself? To allow the air, the 'wall' must be a 'sieve' of some sort. But the holes through which the water escapes across the barrier will, of course also allow the sound to pass through simply because the sound is the undulation of the air and will do so even as the air passes through the wall.

So we arrive at the conclusion that at no point can an opaque object (which doesn't allow ligh to pass through) can somehow allow aether to pass through. There is simply no way of 'stopping the wave' without 'stopping the medium'. It is harder to stop a sound from passing across a given region than to stop the air itself! Try it, and you will see it!

These arguments summary exposes physicists in question as incompetent and thus incapable of carrying out the experiment to determine the existence of aether! So their conclusion is null and void. Their conclusions are a simple results of failure to understand waves!

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  • https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/28/Sagnac_in...

    In sagnac experiment, they now expected aether to be fully dragged, just because it seemed so in the M-M experiment. But as you can see, the sagnac experiment has light moving unimpeded all the way round a circuit! So, as we saw, there is nothing that should impede aether as well, and again, we expect just what the experiment shows. The Sagnac experiment is not the same as MM experiment! In the latter, an opaque object blocked the light, and so it blocked the aether too!

    In the so called 'starlight aberration experiment', there is nothing that blocks the light on its way to earth, of course. So movement of the earth does not lead to dragging of aether.

    So in conclusion, there is no experiment that we cannot explain if we insist on the common sensical notion that a transparent object doesn't drag aether while an opaque one does dragg it. The explanation as to why this is the case is, as we have seen, straight foward!!
  • Of course such basic misunderstandings opens up a can of worms that spills over to discredit almost every other similar experiment. We can simply dismiss all of them as to stem from the same misunderstanding. This applies both to the famous fizeau experiment and the sagnac experiment.

    In Fesau experiment, they expected the water (a transparent medium) to either drag the aether full or to not drag it at all!! When they found that it seems to only drag it partially, they were surprised!! This should amaze you!!! Water is transparent, yes, but not '100% transparent' as you can tell when it reflects some of the light. So water blocks the light partially and therefore, as we have seen, it must similarly block the aether partially. So the results of Fiseau experiment is what any reasonable person, who understands waves expects!

    It is the erroneous reasoning in the fiseau experiment that lead the physicists directly to the erroneous reasoning in the M-M experiment. Specifically, they said that either all mediums equally drag the aether or they don't. Water donnot drag the aether, therefore the earth doesn't. Surprisingly, the transparency differences did not come to their minds!
  • So in a nut shell, physicist were expecting an opaque object in the underground to to nevertheless allow the aether to pass through it completely unimpeded!! Think of a wall that blocks the sound without blocking the air! That one requires a miracle!! The air passing through the wall will take the sound with it simply because the sound is nothing but an undultion of the very air.

    To stop the sound (create acousacoustic version of 'opaque'), we must create a vacuum in between the wall. But this also stops the air. Every time air can pass through a barrier, it automatically creats a chance for the sound to pass as well.

    So only a transparent object can allow aether to pass through.
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