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The Five Steps to Spirituality – Part 2

This is William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council’s, second step of the Five Steps to Spirituality.

The Council: If you take these five steps and apply them to your life, much spiritual growth can be accomplished. In fact, one can accomplish a degree of spirituality that most have only dreamed of.

The second step is: Never own anything. This does not mean that you cannot buy a new home or a new car or new clothing or jewelry or what have you. This is meant in the sense of possessing these things. You may not look upon these things as "This is mine." All the goods of the material manifestation, all the riches of the world, belong to the Divine Source and are only loaned to you for your use and your spiritual growth. This does not mean that those who have much must sell these things off or rid themselves of them. You have a right to have these things. You must remember that you are to use these things in your spiritual growth that they are only on loan to you and that they truly belong to the Divine Source. If you realize that you do not own these things, you can be more at peace with yourself because you will have no need to worry about losing them since they belong to someone else. You must turn over all that you think you own, such as property, cars, home, furniture, turn them over to the Infinite Father. Remember, they are only yours to use. He is loaning them to you.

Have you ever noticed some people who are very possessive of their material things? An example: A woman may own a very beautiful figurine or statue. She adores this and thinks it is very precious, and then a day comes by, and someone accidentally knocks the figurine or statue over and breaks it. Upon this, the woman looks at the shattered pieces and feels so disheartened. Her sadness and resentment make her unhappy. She is the type of woman who could very easily lose five years of her life over fretting at the loss of something that never belonged to her; yet she chose to possess it; she thought that it was hers. Now, we have just said that the lady could very well lose five years of her life over such a thing. We did not mean this literally. It is our way of saying that such a woman could very easily become so upset and irritated that onlookers could very well assume that this broken figurine represented five years taken from her life. Remember, all the materials, beauty and wealth and conveniences of the world are yours to have, to use. They are not yours to own but to have and use. Never own anything and that way nothing can ever be taken from you. All those things that you have, give over to your Divine Source. Realize that they are on loan to you and you will never have to fear losing them. With this attitude they will keep them more securely in your possession, than if you try to own them yourself.

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