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At present, there are two photon belts that are approaching our planet. The
first photon belt was emitted from the nova explosion also known as 1987A. The
neutron star that resulted from this nova is called Avalus. This first photon
belt is now located some 2,353 parsecs from the Earth's south pole. The locatio
of this first photon belt is 202 degrees South South East and 90 degrees
East North East with an Elevation of 90 degrees. This neutron star (Avalus) is
located at 42 degrees 45' North 85 degrees 30' East. The distance was measured
when the space telescope was on Caledonia 2 Hrs 59' AM (GMT) Dec. 6, 1996. This
photon belt is pin wheeled in shape and it is scheduled to encounter planet
Earth at 11:45 PM (GMT) on December 31, 1996. This first photon
belt carries an enormous amount of gamma radiation as well as large amounts of
anti-matter particles.

The second photon belt is the one that we are most familiar with. It is the one
known to us as the Pleiadean photon belt. This photon belt is much larger and
more powerful than the first one and it is presently shaped like a large snake.
The photon belt can only be detected by potent multiphase color spectrographs.
At present the edge of this second photon belt can be seen in the
vicinity of the star Menkalinan in the Constellation of Pegasus with a location
of 302 degrees West South West. The Photon Belt from the neutron star (Avalus)
can be faintly seen through a large optical telescope.

When the first photon belt from the neutron star (Avalus) encounters our solar
system it will drill a h*** into the larger Pleiadean photon belt. This activit
will mostly dissipate the first belt's energies. Because of a change in
Jupiter's magnetic fields caused by last year's collision of the
Shoemaker-Levy comet with Jupiter, Jupiter as well as Saturn will be able to us
their magnetic fields to deflect most of the dangerous radiation from Earth's
atmosphere. We will enter the energy stream from the break up of the first
photon belt at approximately the same time as our solar system encounters it
[11:45 PM (GMT)]. The effect will be red skies (from the dissipating
energy of the first photon belt) followed by about three hours of darkness-a
side effect from this encounter is that the speed of light may be temporarily
reduced to some 153,000 kilometers per second with the strongest effect noticed
around Mount Ararat). The cause of the first blackouts will not be
electromagnetic in origin and hence not affect batteries. Also, its effect will
not be experienced world-wide due to its lesser amount of energy and the fact
that it has a pinwheel shape. The initial effects of the first photon belt will
last till January 7, 1996.

The second (Pleiadean) photon belt will encounter our planet some three hours
after we experienced the first photon belt. The second (Pleiadean) photon belt
will commence with a great flash of light and will effect us on a world-wide
basis. Its immediate effect will be to throw the planet into its final Schuman
cycle of 13, reverse the internal polarities of the Earth's magnetic
fields, and alter the biosphere. For us humans, it will lead to the light
required to initiate the process for full consciousness. By the seventh of
January, we will be in the 24 hour brightness of the second (Pleiadean) photon
belt. This brightness will last until our exit from the second (Pleiadean)
photon belt occurs on December 21, 2012.

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Common Questions and Answers
The Ground Crew Project

1. Why are we having a mass landing?

By the end of this month, we will have the arrival of the photon belts. The
first photon belt is scheduled to arrive on December 31st and the second
photon belt is due a few days later. These photon belts will lead us, planet
Earth and its biosphere to graduation into full consciousness. When we are
in full consciousness, we will have supernatural powers that could easily be
misused and lead to a world-wide catastrophe. As a result, the landings of
the Angels and the Galactic Federation are mainly to mid-wife us through this
vast change in our consciousness and to escort us to a new reality. They will
provide us with counselors, training, materials, and equipment to make our
transition into the photon belt a gentle and comfortable experience.

2. When will the landings occur?

The landings should occur by the 17th of December. The reason is that the
Galactic Federation needs about 18 to 20 days to prepare us for the arrival
of the second photon belt.

3. What is the photon belt?

The photon belt is an interdimensional belt of light particles (photons),
anti-matter particles, and various other types of space radiation such as
gamma radiation. The major belt is shaped like a huge snake. It operates on
a 25,000 year cycle. The important point for us is that it is the means that
we will be receiving a high frequency interdimensional light that will return
us to full consciousness.

4. How will we survive the photon belt?

The photon belt will prevent the operation of all electricity and temporarily
give us a brief taste of an Arctic chill. However, the mass landings will get
us through all difficulties since the Galactic Federation will bring us food
processors as well as special processors for shelter and clothing. They will
also give us photon generators for power and special flying scooters for our
transportation requirements.

5. What will happen to our planet when the photon belt arrives?

Our planet will be graduated into full consciousness and become more
incredibly green and vibrant. In addition, it will be returned in the next
few years to its original pristine state.

6. What will happen to our government?

The present surface governments of this planet will cease to exist after the
mass landings are completed. The Galactic Federation has decided that these
governments are illegal and will be disbanded minutes after the mass landings
are fully completed with the Angelic Hierarchy taking over all immediate
government functions.

7. What will happen to our families?

Our families will be reunited within one to three days after the landings if
they are apart when the mass landings begin. It is a prime directive of the
training and preparation process that all families are together at this
crucial time.

8. What will happen to our plants and animals?

Our plants and animals will become more vibrant and loving. In addition, we
will be able to telepathetically communicate with them.

9. What will happen to our vehicles?

Our vehicles will all be vaporized within the first day after the mass
landings are completed. They will be replaced with a special flying scooter
personalized for our use.

10. What will happen to our food?

We will all be given food processors which can replicate all types of food
that we presently eat. Moreover, this food will have the proper amounts of
vitamins, minerals and enzymes to give us our required nutritional regimen.

11. What will happen to our electric power system?

Electricity as we know it will cease after the coming of the photon belt. We
will have special photon energy generators and new household equipment to take
care of our needs.

12. What will happen to our jobs?

Your present jobs will disappear. You will be in full consciousness after the
coming of the photon belt and will be doing the true soul reason for your
coming to this world. In other words, you will be out of the amnesia zone that
you are presently in.

13. What will happen to your homes?

You will be moved to previously prepared subterranean worlds where special
holograms and other marvelous technologies will exactly replicate the surface
world. This relocation is being done to return the planet to its pristine
state. In other words, you will be moved into a place that is as good as, or
better than the residence you now presently enjoy.

14. What will happen to our economic system?

It will cease to exist within days of the completion of the mass landings.

15. What will happen to our bodies?

We will be moved into a semi-etheric body with a 12 stranded RNA/DNA within
the first hour after the arrival of the photon belt. This change will move us
into full consciousness and all of the amazing inherited psychic abilities
that come with it.

16. What will the ETs look like?

The first ETs to land will look just like us only some will be taller than
most Earth humans. Within a week, we will see the other sentient beings from
our galaxy and they will in most cases closely resemble the characters from
the famous bar scene from the first Star Wars movie.

17. What will happen to the IRS?

The IRS will be abolished when the US government is dissolved after the
landings are completed.

18. I know what it is like to be here now in this world. What would it be like
to be here in this world after the mass landings and the photon belt?

Our world will be in full consciousness and in the 24-hour daylight of the
photon belt for about 16 years. There will be no night time. It will be a
golden age for us and this planet. On December 21, 2012, our solar system will
be moved closer to the Sirius star system and returned to a normal 24 hour
day and night cycle. It is a time for all of us to realize those roles for
which we originally came to this most beautiful and magnificent planet.

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